Universal resin restoratives for optimal results

Nov. 11, 2021
GC America has created one of the strongest bonding agents on the market today, says Dr. Howard Glazer. Here's why you should try it out in your practice.

I recently discussed G2-Bond Universal with Dr. Howard Glazer, one of the strongest bonding agents on the market today. He asks our colleagues not think of it as a step back due to the fact it's a two-step system. "It's a dual technology that gives you high bond strength not only to the tooth but to the restorative material as well," he said, and it's designed to be highly efficient.

G2-Bond allows dentists to achieve so much. It has a precise dispensing system, a clever design, good bond strength, is compatible with other GC products, and allows you complete control over the procedure. 

We've both used it in our practices and we share here the advantages we've experienced, including one of the most important: patient satisfaction.

Visit gcamerica.com for more information and to learn why it might be a great fit for your practice.


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