Zimmer Noble Replace Abutment Es2

Customized abutments for competitive implants offered

June 17, 2013
Abutments available from Zimmer Dental.

Zimmer Dental, a provider of dental oral rehabilitation products and a subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings, has announced availability of Zimmer Zfx CAD/CAM Abutments in titanium.

The abutments are compatible with the NobelReplace, Replace Select, and NobelSpeedy Replace implant systems from Nobel Biocare. A partnership with Zfx GmbH, has propelled Zimmer Dental into the CAD/CAM market, offering the Zfx Dental CAD/CAM System, CAD/CAM crown and bridge restorations, and competing implant abutments. For flexibility and convenience, labs and clinicians can acquire the new Zfx manufactured, Nobel compatible abutments by either fully outsourcing the design to Zimmer Dental’s team of experienced technicians or designing the abutments and final restorations themselves on the Zfx Dental CAD System and transmitting the data electronically to the Zfx milling center for final production. In both instances, the patient receives a abutment, manufactured with validated processes and verified against engineering requirements to help ensure quality and fit.Zimmer Dental will continue to expand the production capabilities of its Zfx milling center in Carlsbad, Calif., broadening its CAD/CAM portfolio to include abutments and devices compatible with other implant brands in addition to its line of Zimmer Dental implants. Zimmer Dental now distributes Zfx open platform laboratory scanners, CAD software, and custom-milled components in the U.S. and in select global markets. For operation and simplicity, components of the Zfx system are linked together by a workflow that integrates the digitized patient data and facilitates the flow of information to a Zfx milling center. The end goal: enhanced efficiency between the clinician and lab, and satisfied patients with individualized esthetic restorations on their implants and natural teeth. For more information, call (800) 854-7019 or (760) 929-4300, or visit www.zimmerdental.com. To comment on this product, go to http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com.