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E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center for Restorative Dentistry launched

June 20, 2013
Center aims to enhance ease of use in digital restoration technology.
RICHARDSON, Texas--D4D Technologies, developer of digital technologies for dentistry, and Henry Schein have announced the new E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center.

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The center aims to enhance the ease of use in digital dental restorations for the benefit of patient and practitioner.

The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center will be launched at the Henry Schein Business of Dentistry Conference in Las Vegas from August 8-10, 2013. The conference will be the largest in the six-year history of the event, hosting 1,200 dental industry professionals – up from 800 in 2012. The NEVO Scanner and Design Center will be shipped to customers in North America by September.

Available exclusively in the U.S., Canada, Australia, and New Zealand from Henry Schein, the E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center represents a new level of precision, proficiency and productivity.

The NEVO Scanner technology is based upon years of experience with powder-free image capture in the intraoral environment, and uses E4D's patent-pending blue laser technology. This technology provides quality of data capture, video-rate speed, and ease of use.

The new E4D NEVO Design Center is a powerful laptop computer that uses high-speed Thunderbolt technology with the NEVO Scanner to provide energy and double the bandwidth of USB 3 connections. This results in fast processing and alignment of scans. Plug-and-play convenience gives offices the flexibility to customize their E4D NEVO configuration, thereby helping enhance the restorative workflow across the practice.

"The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center represents what we call the 'Natural EVOlution' of digital dentistry," said Mark Quadling, CEO of D4D Technologies.

"We've combined the latest technologies to create an even easier-to-use restoration experience. With NEVO, we believe doctors have the potential to further improve the quality, fit, and predictability of restorations, affording the patient a great outcome and strengthening the practitioner's clinical offering."

For example, the NEVO Scanner employs blue laser technology that features an improved ability to capture the fine details that allow for more precise and accurate prosthetics. The solid-state NEVO Scanner incorporates many other advances to help ensure an intraoral scanning experience.

These advances include fog-free scanning, ergonomic design for easy positioning, removable tips for infection control, active heat dissipation for full arch scanning, color-coded feedback to operator, and adjustable field of view.

The new system features a laptop-based E4D NEVO Design Center, which gives the practitioner increased flexibility and portability. Dentists can easily move the E4D NEVO Design Center from operatory to operatory, or even among multiple offices, all while wirelessly connected to the milling center for productivity and patient service.

"Henry Schein is proud to be the exclusive partner of D4D in bringing this exciting new technology to market," said Tim Sullivan, president, Henry Schein North American Dental Group.

"We believe in a patient-centric approach to clinical care, and the new E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center greatly enhances the benefits of digital dentistry for the patient, which in turn will enhance the practice of our customers. We fully expect that the E4D NEVO system will drive increased demand for digital dentistry, for the new user as well as for those customers who upgrade their systems."

The E4D NEVO Scanner and Design Center will be featured Aug. 8-10, 2013, at the E4D Business of Dentistry conference in Las Vegas, Nev., (http://www.businessofdentistry.com/e4d), and is expected to be available in September 2013.

For more information, visit www.e4d.com.

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