Lab Whitepaper

Perfecting dental treatments via 3-D printed models and removable dies

June 25, 2014
Forward-thinking dental professionals, clinicians, and laboratories are actively pursuing emerging digital dentistry technologies and realizing the benefits.

The art and science of dentistry have evolved significantly over the past few years as clinical and laboratory workflows have progressed from an analogous, manual manipulation of materials, to a systematic, digitally verifiable process.

Today, these digital processes are being embraced as a means of elevating the total quality of dental offerings so that patients may benefit from enhanced treatment procedures; clinicians can treat patients faster, more smoothly, and with greater consistency; and dental labs can provide dependably superior products. The case study presented herein illustrates the ease of utilizing consistent and reproducible 3-D printed verification protocols as a means of ensuring the success of the restorative treatment plan.

In this white paper from Stratasys, Avi Cohen, Director of Global Dental for Stratasys, explains how advancements in digital dental technologies have yielded new, high-quality materials that are industrially prefabricated, tested and controlled, as well as a standardized process for the creation of exacting treatment solutions, both of which help dental professionals construct dental devices of higher quality and consistency.

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