Design your next smile with a touch

Aug. 13, 2012
Patients say it looks like magic.

The Smile Guide Touch is the next step in the evolution of the smile guide concept. Created by American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists member Dr. David L. Traub, the Guide is a unique, interactive, intuitive, and effective program that takes advantage of the technology of the iPad.

Traub, who began working on products for dentists about 20 years ago and is the author of the tutorial, “The Digital Dentist,” decided that an interactive tablet app was the way to go.

“With the app, patients can see the change happen right in front of them,” Traub said. Smile Guide Touch, which has 240 smile versions, allows a dentist to show changes in both the length of the lateral incisors and shapes of the six anterior teeth with the simple press of a button, he said.

The app takes smile guides to a whole new level, making it quick, easy, and fun to incorporate patients' visions into their ideal smile designs. Simply touch the screen to change incisal edge shapes and smile line contour. Watch the teeth morph in front of your eyes.

The app improves communication among the dentist, patient, and lab. Dentists and patients can work together to decide on the correct shape of the teeth—the “prescription for a smile." Patients say it looks like magic. The Smile Guide Touch offers chairside ease of use with wireless printable prescription and email capability. Dentists will wonder how they ever lived without it.

Since it's recent introduction, many dentists are already using Smile Guide Touch, which costs $99 and is available in the Apple Store. For more information and video demonstration go to

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