TRIOS digital impression solution now with implant scanning

Aug. 20, 2012
Dentists can now use 3Shape’s TRIOS® digital impression solution for their implant abutment cases.
Copenhagen — 3Shape, a technology leader in 3-D scanning and CAD/CAM software for dental applications, announces its latest breakthrough innovations for implant work. With 3Shape TRIOS®, dentists can now capture single implant positions using autoclavable scan bodies supporting a wide range of implant systems.

Implant cases made easy for dentists
For dentists, digital impression-taking with 3Shape TRIOS has many advantages. The straightforward workflow replaces conventional implant impression-taking that can be time-consuming, error-prone, and cumbersome. Furthermore, with TRIOS digital impressions, dentists can save time and money by skipping the extra steps involving custom tray production, shipping, and handling by the lab.

“Scanning with 3Shape TRIOS makes implant cases easy," said Dr. Simon Kold, Herning Implant Center. "It allows me to capture not only the implant positions, but also the soft-tissue. By adding scans of the soft tissue emergence profile, I can give my lab detailed information that allows them to optimize the fit and esthetic qualities of the customized abutment and final restoration. This is great for clinical and esthetic results while boosting patient satisfaction."

New implant service opportunities for labs
With TRIOS, labs can receive the digital impression minutes after scanning and immediately start designing the digital implant model, the customized abutment, and the crown. The TRIOS digital implant impression, 3Shape’s Model Builder, and its Abutment Designer software come together in a fully integrated workflow.

3Shape’s Model Builder CAD/CAM software allows labs to design digital models for implant cases. Based on the software’s implant position detection, users can virtually add interfaces for implant analogs, including glue-in analogs, directly in the model design.

3Shape TRIOS is currently available in Europe and is expected to be launched in North America and other selected markets within a few weeks.

To learn more, visit 3Shape.