Whip Mix launches new line of dental burnout ovens

Nov. 28, 2012
Ne oven is a sleek, lower profile line of Jelrus Burnout Ovens
Louisville, KY – Whip Mix is offering a new sleek, lower profile line of Jelrus Burnout Ovens. The line features both an Infinity and PDQ model, which come in large and medium sizes.
The Jelrus Infinity has multiple stage burnout capability, with up to four different stages and 30 program slots. The Jelrus PDQ has a fully automatic single-phase, single-program capability. Both the Infinity and PDQ offer the highest accuracy with even heat distribution, and programs that are adjustable while in process. For more information on the new line of Jelrus Burnout Ovens, visit whipmix.com or contact your Whip Mix representative. RELATED: Whip Mix hosts "Survive or Thrive" Digital Forum for lab owners RELATED: Whip Mix introduces MainStay articulator system RELATED: Whip Mix announces company staff changes