Evolution Dental Science offers AvaDent digital denture

Oct. 1, 2012
AvaDent brings CAD/CAM technology to the removable dental industry.

BUFFALO, New York--Evolution Dental Science has announced the addition of the AvaDent digital denture as a product offering.

The AvaDent brings CAD/CAM technology to the removable dental industry. Each AvaDent denture is created through computer models with digital records. The software technology behind this creates the optimal denture set-up and occlusion. Once the digital files are completed the denture is computer milled and processed.

Features and benefits of AvaDent include:

* Reduces the number of dental visits; most dentures can be completed within two visits
* Digitally designed and milled for a fit to help remove inaccuracies
* Creates a permanent digital record for patient security and retention
* Uses standard clinical procedures; no computer skills required
* Uses biohygenic base material to reduce bacteria build-up

The digital manufacturing process reduces the process time for patients and dentists and increases patient satisfaction through better fit, function, and esthetics.

For more information, visit www.evolutiondental.net or call (716) 839-8008.

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