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Oct. 22, 2012

We’ve all been in a similar scenario. A patient needs crowns on Nos. 7 and 8 and has existing crowns on Nos. 9 and 10. (Of course, we’d love to get the patient four new restorations, but insurance and cost limitations always affect someone’s decision about his or her oral health.) Shade matching in this scenario could be a nightmare. How about the patient who comes in with a really difficult shade? The variation from cervical to incisal can make it hard to get a precise shade match.

Whether you’re into CAD/CAM and enjoy staining your own crowns, or you use a quality lab, patients are looking for that perfect smile, and matching shades has never been more important, or easier!

The Vita Easyshade makes getting that perfect shade easy! This compact little device can accurately match a shade in any lighting conditions. Use it to match natural teeth, check existing restorations, and track bleaching progress, all with one click!

The device uses the Classic Vita shades along with the Vita 3D Master shades. The wide range of Vita shades means a precise shade match in a matter of seconds. Now that’s total shade control!

By the time I walk the patient up to the front of the office, I forget the shade. So the feature I love the most about Easyshade is that it remembers up to 25 shades. I’m telling you, it’s a dental assistant’s dream!

As dental assistants, we are the epitome of multitaskers. Dentistry has evolved into the digital age, and, depending on the state, our job descriptions have grown to encompass a broad range of duties. For me, whatever makes my job easier, less stressful, and absolutely spot-on gets my vote!

Call your Patterson rep today and ask to see this amazing little invention!

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Tija Hunter, CDA, EFDA, is a 1981 graduate of the Missouri College, and has more than 30 years of chairside experience. She is currently the office manager/chairside assistant to Dr. Eric Hurtte of O’Fallon Mo. She is a member of the ADAA, founder of the Dental Assistants Study Club of St. Louis, director of the Dental Careers Institute, and an independent consultant specializing in assistant training, team building, office organization, and CEREC assistant training. She can be reached at [email protected], or find her on Facebook.