A-dec optimizes limited space with new Slimline cabinetry

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A-dec now offers Preference Slimline, a complete line of space-saving cabinetry that makes the most of small spaces. Preference Slimline allows treatment rooms with limited space to incorporate cabinetry where traditional cabinets won’t fit. At only 9.5 inches (241 mm) deep, Preference Slimline cabinetry saves floor space, yet still offers enough room to accommodate utilities, emergency supplies, and small cassettes and equipment. Upper storage units are deep enough to accommodate smaller cassettes and offer an innovative, sliding track-mount that improves flat-panel monitor positioning.

Preference Slimline also seamlessly integrates with A-dec 500® 12 o’clock and side delivery systems to eliminate the clutter of bulky umbilicals and floor boxes that often accompany wall-mounted systems. It allows the dental team to move about more freely and provides more accommodation for larger equipment such as lasers and air abrasion units.

For more information, visit www.a-dec.com or call (800) 547-1883.

New “pressed to” option from MicroDental

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MicroDental introduces MicroDental P2C-Pressed to Captek, the newest addition to MicroDental’s “pressed to” offerings. MicroDental P2C unites the highly desirable gold properties of Captek with its incomparable porcelain expertise. MicroDental P2C is indicated for full coverage crowns and bridges up to 18 mm with no more than two consecutive pontics in a row. As the leaders in pressed restorations, MicroDental technicians utilize all aspects of their extensive training with other pressed systems to maximize both the beauty and function necessary for successful P2C cases.

For more details, call (800) 229-0936.

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces IPS e.max®

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. announces the next generation of all-ceramic materials - IPS e.max. IPS e.max encompasses both pressable and CAD/CAM technologies for fabricating esthetic and strong metal-free restorations. Complex multi-indication cases can be completed with just one restorative system.

The new system includes IPS e.max CAD, which are high-strength, pre-crystalized glass ceramic blocks for single-unit copings for anterior restorations. When higher strength is required, IPS e.max ZirCAD also can be processed efficiently with CAD/CAM technology. When pressable fabrication techniques are warranted, IPS e.max Press offers ideal fit, form, function, and optical properties for anterior crown copings and anterior bridges. For press-to-zirconia techniques, IPS e.max ZirPress maximizes the marginal integrity of the restorations.

Unifying the IPS e.max components is the IPS e.max Ceram layering ceramic, which is compatible with all of the IPS e.max substructures. Its nano-fluorapatite glass ceramic formula provides an opalescence, translucency, and brightness that enables the creation of life-like restorations, regardless of fabrication technique.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail to [email protected].

New blue shade CompCore AF Dual Cure

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Premier introduces a new blue shade CompCore AF Dual Cure core build-up to provide excellent contrast. CompCore owes its outstanding physical properties to Premier’s patented hyperbranched technology, which significantly reduces shrinkage, and improves strength and performance, including easy stacking on the tooth - without slumping. With a hard set, CompCore offers ideal trimming.

The SyringeMix kit contains two automix dual-barrel 9 gm syringes of CompCore AF Dual-Cure, 15 automix dual-barrel syringe mix tips, and 15 intraoral syringe tips. They are available in blue refill as well as in white and natural shades. A free 4.5 gm trial (A3) is attached to each kit ($24 U.S. retail value). To order, call your authorized Premier dealer. For more information, visit www.premusa.com.

New plunger system added to Miltex biopsy punch

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Miltex releases its newest addition to the Miltex® Sterile Disposable Biopsy Punch product offering - the Sterile Disposable Biopsy Punch with plunger system. The new punch with patent pending internal plunger system addresses the challenge of removing a skin specimen when it becomes lodged inside the metal lumen of the punch. The internal plunger operates in a manner similar to a retractable pen, providing the user with effortless ejection of a lodged skin specimen, without the “crush” artifact. The new product is available in sizes 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, and 2.0 mm. They are color-coded by size, and are packaged in boxes of 25.

For more information and a free sample, an in-office demonstration, or to place an order, call your authorized Miltex dealer, call Miltex at (866) 854-8300, or visit www.miltex.com.

Versatile new implant with variable positioning option

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IMTEC Corporation introduces ENDURE, an internal hex implant system. The simplicity of the ENDURE system allows it to be placed as a one- or a two-stage implant. ENDURE may be used for crowns, bridges, and dentures. Advantages of the ENDURE system include variable implant positioning for natural, complementary dentition. All prosthetic components for the ENDURE system are universally compatible with all lengths and both diameter sizes. ENDURE is available in 3.5 mm and 4.3 mm diameters, and lengths of 11, 14, and 17 mm. For more details, call IMTEC Corporation at (800) 879-9799 or visit www.imtec.com.

New Inlay/Onlay Styx replacement tips

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Inlay/Onlay Styx tips by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc., are interchangeable with the Veneer Styx veneer positioning tips, and are ideal for seating inlays, onlays, and posterior ceramic crowns during both try-in and cementation. Designed to fit any occlusal groove, the Inlay/Onlay Styx tip holds the restoration securely within the tooth during try-in, while the contacts are checked with floss. The Inlay/Onlay Styx tip enables you to seat restorations with a gentle and even distribution of pressure while enhancing your vision during placement. The tips of the Inlay/Onlay Styx rotate for approaching the restoration from different angles, maintaining clear visibility and accessibility for the light source.

For more details, call (877) 3-VENEER or visit www.cosmeticinnovations.com.

BisCover™ Low Viscosity (LV) brush-on polish

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Bisco, Inc. releases BisCover LV, a new low-viscosity, light-cured, brush-on liquid polish and esthetic sealant. The light-cured resin formulation is used to seal restorations while leaving a smooth polished/glazed surface. BisCover LV cures without a sticky oxygen-inhibited layer, and it may reduce or eliminate the need for manual polishing. It is recommended for use both intra- and extraorally on direct and indirect composites, provisionals, acrylic appliances, and resin-modified glass ionomers. BisCover LV cures to a hard, smooth-polished surface, eliminating patient discomfort often resulting from manual polishing techniques. BisCover LV is sold individually in a 5 ml bottle or as a kit.

To order or to find out more, call (800) 247-3368 or visit www.bisco.com.