Next Lone Star Dental introduces SensorStik™

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We all know the benefits of switching to digital radiography - faster X-rays, no chemicals, less cost, and superior diagnosis. Nevertheless, after the installation, the staff can be resistant to learning how to use a new set of positioning devices. As a result, your investment sits in a drawer unused because it was “too difficult.”

Enter SensorStik. This revolutionary product allows your staff to use posterior, anterior, and bitewing ring-type holders most offices already have. With SensorStik, digital radiography positioning will be almost instantly understandable, and economical. Don’t return your equipment. Learn to use it, with SensorStik.

For more information, call Lone Star Dental Corp. at (800) 333-9744 or visit

Prelude self-etch bonding system

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Danville’s Prelude is a highly versatile self-etch adhesive system that’s fast and easy to use. Many competitive systems require multiple applications and the visual judging of surface appearance, which makes consistent results problematic. Prelude requires only one 10-second application per bottle. Prelude self-etch also is indicated for use on uncut enamel. Most self-etch systems do not give adequate bond strengths to uncut enamel.

Prelude bonding agent may be used by itself as a total-etch adhesive. This simplifies inventory and eliminates learning additional techniques for a number of products. After etching, Prelude is applied in the same manner for 10 seconds. Prelude dual-cure activator allows maximum bond strength to both dual-cure and self-cure composites.

For more information, call Danville at (800) 827-7940.

Benefits to patients and practice

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OralHealthRx™ is a new dentifrice designed to benefit patients’ oral health and general health. OralHealthRx contains safe ingredients to kill bacteria, stimulate and activate oral macrophages, and prevent caries.

Delivered in attractive and easy-to-use packaging, it is a pleasant-tasting, refreshing gel with high patient acceptance. Since oral health is directly related to general health, this is the first line of defense for general health. Patients benefit, and because OralHealthRx is only sold through oral health or medical professionals, practices benefit as well.

For more product information, visit Purchase product at the Web site or call (775) 888-6788.

Advantalock partial locks in place

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The Advantalock partial was designed to finally provide partial denture patients with excellent retention, security, and esthetics. The Advantalock partial is a two-piece partial. It works by placing the base assembly in the mouth, then attaching the Advantalock clip onto the base assembly. The base assembly and the Advantalock clip will lock together securely. Once the two pieces are engaged, the partial cannot be removed from the mouth unless the Advantalock clip is removed first. The Advantalock partial engages the undercuts in the guide plane areas, which are normally blocked out in a conventional partial denture.

For more information, call Orange County Cosmetic Dental Lab at (800) 696-7165 or visit

New Arestin® Web site provides 24/7 access

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OraPharma, Inc., a specialty pharmaceutical company and manufacturer of Arestin (minocycline HCL 1 mg microspheres), recently launched its redesigned Web site, The site now provides dental professionals and patients alike with easier, 24/7 access to the most up-to-date information on periodontal disease.

For dental professionals, provides in-depth clinical information on Arestin. New navigation capabilities enable viewers to find useful Arestin and periodontal topics including streaming video demonstration instructions, benefits of microsphere technology, in-depth clinical and safety profile, and more. For patients conducting health-related research online, OraPharma designed the site to provide easy access to periodontal disease diagnosis and treatment information, as well as an oral health self-evaluation with just a few mouse clicks.

For more information, visit

Best-Bite now offers quality impression materials

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The best price available for a complete line of super-hydrophilic impression material is from Best-Bite. They feature unparalleled accuracy, superior detail, and fast set time (2.5 minutes). Best-Bite offers standard auto-mix cartridges including extra-light, light, medium, and heavy viscosities. Get the industry’s best volume-pricing discounts even on single-pack purchases. Two cartridges with eight mixing tips are only $22.50! Call for your risk-free trial today.

For more information, call (888) 865-7335 or visit

Trident introduces “Press To” technology

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“Press To” technology from Trident provides another great improvement to Captek Crowns and Bridges. This wear-kind ceramic material is pressed to Captek’s high noble framework. The advantage of this technique is to create an accurately fitting pressed ceramic margin with an ideally contoured anatomical shape. This combination aids in a translucent margin that eliminates dark lines at the gumline. “Press to” Captek offers the proven reliability of Captek for the ultimate crown and bridge restoration. For more information, call Trident Dental Laboratories at (800) 221-4831 or visit

Magic FoamCord™ - gingival retraction without the cord

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Coltène/Whaledent, Inc. introduces Magic FoamCord, the first expanding PVS material designed for easy and fast retraction of the sulcus without the potentially traumatic and time-consuming packing of retraction cord. Benefits include a nontraumatic method of temporary gingival retraction, no special training or technique required, easy and fast application directly to the sulcus without pressure or packing and, it is comfortable to the patient. It contains no hemostatic chemicals that may contaminate the impression site, so there is no need for extensive rinsing. Use Magic FoamCord with the exclusive Comprecap Anatomic cotton compression caps for outstanding tissue retraction.

For more details, call (800) 221-3046 or visit

Free audio CD - “High Tech/High Touch: Made Simple”

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CareCredit® is offering a new educational audio compact disc titled, “High Tech/High Touch: Made Simple” featuring Dr. Larry Emmott. In addition to being a practicing dentist in Phoenix, Ariz., Dr. Larry Emmott is considered the leading dental technology authority in the country. As a popular, respected speaker, he has addressed hundreds of professional groups and has been featured at ADA Technology Day both as a keynote and wrap-up speaker. He also is a technology columnist, produces a monthly newsletter titled Emmott on Technology, and hosts the popular “Technology On The Rocks” seminar.

In the new audio CD, Dr. Emmott unravels the mystery of creating a practice that utilizes technology to drive efficiency and greater communication for the practice team while creating a high-touch, personal experience for patients. He details how to build the right foundation for computer integration, reviews software needs and options, and illustrates how to achieve a “paperless” office environment. Dr. Emmott also explains how the investment in computer integration not only provides a healthy monetary return on investment, but also allows time savings for staff members, increase efficiency, and refocus energy on their patients.

For more information or to request a free CD, call (800) 300-3046 ext. 4519.

Henry Schein Benzo-Jel now available in seven flavors

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Henry Schein Benzo-Jel, a 20% benzocaine gel, is a fast-acting topical anesthetic for temporary pain relief during local anesthetic injections, periodontal curettage, impression-taking, and other procedures. It prevents excessive salivation and leaves no bitter aftertaste. The one-ounce jars are available in seven flavors including new raspberry, banana, cherry, mint bubble gum, piña colada, and strawberry.

For more information call (800) 372-4346 or visit

GripLite™ probes and explorers

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Miltex, Inc. announces the addition of GripLite probes and explorers to the GripLite family. GripLite hygiene hand instruments are designed with the hygienist in mind. Featuring a soft, comfortable grip on a resin handle, GripLite instruments are one of the lightest and most ergonomic instruments on the market. The ultra-lightweight, wider-diameter handle helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue, while the ergonomically designed grips provide excellent tactile feel. GripLite instruments have a unique anti-roll feature that prevents instruments from rolling when placed on trays. Color-coding identifies each instrument family, while a color-code ring allows for instrument personalization.

GripLite instruments are backed by a guarantee against material defects and workmanship. The only instrument of its kind featuring a combination of the above attributes, GripLite hygiene hand instruments offer the best choice in the hand instrument market.

For more information, an in-office demonstration, or to place an order, contact your local distributor or call (866) 854-8300, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Crosstex face shields

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See the big picture and notice the fine details that distinguish Crosstex Face Shields. Just like dentistry, the best designs transparently improve function, comfort, and esthetics. Crosstex Face Shields are anti-fog treated on both sides, and have a 1½ inch foam headband that is less confining than other shields, and keeps the shield off the face for improved air flow and comfort. The latex-free headband is ultrasonically welded to the shield, not stapled.

Face shields protect the eyes and face from injury and also reduce direct contact from the spray and spatter of dental aerosols. Less outer contamination of masks may also extend mask use-life. For more information, call (888) CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

Dr. Lorin Berland launches

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Technology, education, and communication are very important to dentistry. combines all of these to help millions of the dentally challenged get assistance for all of their denture needs. In just a short time, with more than 5,000 visits per month, is informing denture patients the modern way. The site addresses various topics from new denture teeth, implants, and the importance of oral cancer screening. The “Find a Denture Doctor” section is a referral feature that gives potential patients an easy way to find a denture dentist. It costs only $120 to be listed for an entire year on the most informative Web site on dentures. We have the patients; all they need now are the dentists to treat them.

For more information, visit, call Leslie at (214) 999-0110, or e-mail [email protected].

New therapy for prevention of alveolar ridge atrophy

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Ultradent announces the international release of RootReplica, the newest and safest way to preserve the alveolar bone after an extraction. RootReplica is a patented system designed to prevent atrophy of the alveolar crest. After a tooth is extracted, the alveolus is immediately closed with a custom-made replica of the extracted tooth root. After insertion, the stable form of RootReplica supports the surrounding tissue and alveolar bone providing immediate wound closure and hemostasis, while preventing bacterial colonization using an integrated membrane. It also is an innovative prevention therapy that immediately treats the extraction wound site, builds the bony structure during the following months, and preserves the natural bone structure - making future restorations possible.

RootReplica is made from pure-phase, beta tricalcium phosphate. The material is biocompatible and completely resorbed after implantation. RootReplica is done chairside in less than 10 minutes. It is CE-approved and pending FDA approval.

For more information, call (800) 552-5512 or visit at

BioHorizons introduces Maximus™ OS for denture stabilization

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Maximus OS is a 3mm diameter, one-piece titanium alloy implant with an integrated ball attachment abutment. It is indicated for long-term denture stabilization in both the maxilla and mandible. It bridges the gap between more expensive two-piece implant systems and small-diameter “minis” which had their genesis as transitional implants.

Each Maximus OS is shipped with a complete ball attachment set at no extra cost, providing the restoring doctor everything necessary for chairside pick-up of an existing denture.

For more information, call (888) 246-8338 or visit

GuttaFlow® flowable gutta percha - no heating required!

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces Hygenic GuttaFlow, the first flowable gutta percha obturation system that combines gutta-percha and sealer in one material. This self-curing, injectable system works at room temperature, ensuring an excellent seal without the shrinkage that can occur with heated obturation systems. With excellent flow and sealing properties, condensation is not required. GuttaFlow comes in single unit-dose capsules that deliver a consistent dosage and minimize contamination. It also is radiopaque, and can be removed easily should re-treatment or post placement become necessary. Faster, easier, and more economical than heated injectible obturation systems, GuttaFlow also is biocompatible and dimensionally stable, providing a safe, reliable, and timesaving root canal obturation system.

For more information, call (800) 221-3046.

TRU-IMAGE intraoral dental film

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TRU-IMAGE intraoral films are now available in both D speed and E speed formats. TRU-IMAGE D speed films provide excellent image quality along with short exposure times to help eliminate patient motion. The faster E speed films deliver superior image contrast and clarity while exposing patients and staff to a lower level of radiation exposure. All TRU-IMAGE films are available in polysoft packets to maximize patient comfort during X-ray procedures. A variety of sizes are available to easily accommodate the complete range of mouth sizes from adult to children.

For more information and a free sample pack, call PMI at (800) 771-8366. Dealer inquiries welcome.

Zenith/DMG Vitique esthetic cementation kit

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Zenith Dental and DMG announce the introduction of Vitique - the most esthetically complete cementation kit on the market. Its flexibility and shade variety offers a pallet of options with Vitique’s cement and matching try-in pastes. Vitique takes the guesswork out of esthetic restorations with its Color Command™ technology. Thanks to its unique proprietary formulation, Vitique’s eight try-in and permanent cement shades are perfectly matched. Vitique’s application for light-cure use is precise. It features a specially designed “ribbon” tip for fast, precise, and complete placement on veneers. Vitique’s dual-cure version for inlays/onlays and full coverage can be applied with Zenith/DMG’s innovative Cata-Lock™ syringe available in high and low viscosities, attaches to any of the light-cure cement pastes, and creates an automix syringe allowing for ultimate control and placement.

For more details, call (800) 662-6383 visit or

GC America launches GC TiON™

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The GC TiON in-office tooth whitening system features an exclusive, titanium dioxide photocatalyst that allows the dental professional to offer patients significantly superior whitening with a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide. The lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide means less patient sensitivity. GC TiON’s highly effective whitening equates to less time in the dental chair for patients.

By incorporating the new photocatalyst formulation, GC TiON achieves a dramatic and more efficient whitening effect. GC TiON is light-activated, maximizing the whitening effect of the hydrogen peroxide. Because of its greater efficiency, GC TiON uses a lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide (compared to most other in-office whitening products) thereby lowering patient sensitivity and increasing safety. It also is pH-balanced, making it less likely to demineralize teeth. GC TiON Take Home maintains natural tooth translucency. The kit includes GC TiON take-home whitening gel, MI Paste, GC TiON prophy paste, and two sheets of special custom tray material. Patients are instructed to use GC TiON Take Home for 2 to 10 hours per day during a 7- to 10-day period. Patients can wear the tray all night long, while sleeping.

For more information, visit or call (800) 323-7063.

Henry Schein pre-bent needle tips

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Sullivan-Schein introduces the Henry Schein brand of pre-bent multipurpose dispensing tips. The bendable needle tips have a Luer-lock design, and allow easy access for material placement including cavity liners, composites, cements, sealants, and etchants. Each color-coded, universal tip is available in 18- to 25-gauge sizes. They are available in 20- and 100-unit quantities. The Henry Schein brand is distributed exclusively by Sullivan-Schein.

For more details, call (800) 372-4346 or visit

Amelogen® Plus Micro-hybrid composite system

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Ultradent’s new micro-hybrid composite system, Amelogen Plus, is an effective, easy way to create natural-looking restorations. Amelogen Plus possesses a balance of both strength and esthetics. The 0.7μu particle size provides wear-resistance and polishability, making this simple composite system the perfect material for both posterior and anterior restorations. It has been created with an intuitive, easy-to-use shade system that allows dentists to choose a one, two, or multiple-shade layering technique.

It is available in 14 shades: seven dentin and seven enamel. By combining this range of shades, dentists are able to replicate the tooth’s original depth of color. The composite emulates the fluorescence of the natural tooth, displays exceptional handling, optical and polishing characteristics, and is 76 percent filled by weight.

For more information, call (800) 552-5512 or visit

Put an end to composite stick and pull-back!

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With Dr. Ronald Jordan’s original concepts with new advances in materials, the new Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Series features eight instruments to guarantee perfect placement and enhanced handling - and all without composite pull-back. Designed with innovative, non-slip handles for predictable placement and enhanced tactile control, as well as high-grade stainless steel tips coated with titanium nitride, the new instruments offer improved strength and outstanding flexibility ensuring a non-stick, smooth surface for easy composite placement. Available individually or as a set, the new Dr. Ronald Jordan Composite Series will dramatically enhance efficiency in both anterior and posterior restorations.

For more information or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444 or visit

NTI Plus™ marketing kit

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Keller Laboratories now offers a free NTI Plus marketing kit to make it easy for doctors to incorporate the NTI Plus into their practices.

Each free kit includes an NTI Plus sample, three personalized marketing posters, and two different NTI Plus patient brochures, one highlighting protection and the other highlighting migraine prevention. NTI Plus is the smaller, more comfortable alternative to traditional bite guards.

For more information or to order, call (866) 535-5371 or visit

In-office training curriculum

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The Colorado School of Dental Assisting (CSDA) in-office course was created in response to the demand for a more efficient process of training staff in-house. The course is 75 percent student-directed, and 25 percent auxilliary staff-directed. It is not necessary for the dentist to partake in the educational process.

The program consists of a 30-day, easy-to-follow curriculum, introducing dental assisting concepts in a sequential pattern. With reading and exercise assignments every week, the new employee can acquire knowledge in the dental field while working in the office. Hands-on exercises are assigned to advance a proactive approach to their training. G. Peter Najim, D.D.S., and Zoë C. Najim, M.S., (in teaching) designed the curriculum, which is taught from a dentist’s perspective using learning tools and activities especially formulated for training in a dental office.

The cost is $350, and includes the textbook and CD. For more details or to order, call (800) 509-2864, e-mail [email protected], or visit

New Micro-Touch® ErgoGrip™ hand-specific exam gloves

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Ansell Healthcare Products LLC launches its newly developed hand-specific (left/right fitted) Micro-Touch ErgoGrip, a powder-free latex examination glove with a smooth, anti-slip finish that provides excellent tactile sensitivity similar to that of surgical gloves. Its polymer coating provides easy donning for dry or damp hands. Hand-specific gloves also may lower the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome. Their economical price benefits users who change gloves continuously as well as those who perform procedures not requiring sterile surgical gloves. Micro-Touch ErgoGrip exam gloves are available in sizes 6.5 to 8.5 and are packaged 50 pairs per box; 10 boxes per case.

For more information on Ansell’s complete line of exam gloves, visit