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Jan. 1, 2005

GingiBraid+ retraction cords combine best of two worlds

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New, absorbent GingiBraid+ retraction cords combine the best of two worlds in tissue management: effortless placement and manipulation that knitted cords provide, and excellent mechanical retraction featuring a non-collapsing structure that braided cords provide. The patented engineering process allows an instantaneous transformation in the properties and handling upon contact of blood, saliva, or any medicament. The cord is flexible, making placement simple while the unyielding construction prevents tissue “cave-in.” Upon removing GingiBraid+, a clean crevice around the margin is created enabling your impression material to quickly displace moisture and capture beautiful detail. Call DUX Dental for details at (800) 833-8267 or visit

To place an order, call your favorite dental dealer.

ÆLITE™ composite system by BISCO

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BISCO announces its new ÆLITE composite line, incorporating light-cured, resin-based dental restorative materials providing exceptional esthetics for all classes of direct restorations. The ÆLITE Composite System contains both hybrid and nanofil composites, offering both strength and polishability for all clinical situations. An easy-to-understand system with a short learning curve, clinicians can create esthetic, multi-shade restorations, or use one shade for universal restorations. Designed to correspond with the VITA® shade guide, clinicians can fabricate life-like restorations exhibiting superior polishability, optimal handling, and long-term durability. ÆLITE Composites are available in 4 gm syringes or 0.25 gm unit-dose tips.

To order or for more information, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

Embrace™ WetBond™ universal resin cement

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Pulpdent Corporation’s Embrace WetBond universal resin cement is a dual-cure, one-step material that bonds chemically and micromechanically to tooth structure and all restorative materials. The cement is unique for its ability to bond in a slightly moist field, integrate with the tooth, and seal against washout and marginal leakage. It is self-etching to dentin and self-adhesive. No bonding agents are required. It is fluoride-releasing.

The cement is indicated for PFM, gold, CEREC, and reinforced all-porcelain restorations; inlays; and gold, metal, titanium, and fiber posts.

Embrace WetBond is formulated with an advanced, hydrophilic, Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.) that is unique to Embrace technology. After curing, the cement is impervious to water and creates an excellent marginal seal.

For further information, contact Pulpdent at (800) 343-4342.

IntelliClean system debuts

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In an alliance of two major oral care brands, Royal Philips Electronics and Procter & Gamble announced the launch of the IntelliClean System from Sonicare and Crest, the first integrated power toothbrush and liquid toothpaste dispensing system designed for a deep clean that’s one step closer to the results of daily flossing.

The combination of Sonicare’s patented technology and high-speed bristle motion coupled with specially formulated Crest liquid toothpaste creates a dynamic fluid cleaning action that drives the cleaning ingredients interproximally and into the sulcus.

The new system creates an opportunity for dental professionals and their patients to take the next step in a proactive approach to improved oral health.

For more information, call (425) 396-2000 or visit; or call P&G at (513) 983-1100 or visit

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces Brite Gold™ XH high-gold ceramic alloy

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces Brite Gold® XH, a high gold ceramic alloy that supports a wide range of indications and provides a golden yellow color for outstanding esthetic results. This extra-hard palladium-, silver-, and zinc-free alloy does not require pickling after oxidation and is suitable for use with conventional feldspar ceramics. Its biocompatibility has been independently confirmed and documented with a biocertificate.

With a demonstrated high temperature strength and a high modulus of elasticity, Brite Gold XH is indicated for inlays, onlays, partial and full-coverage crowns, telescope and conus crowns, posts, and short and long-span bridges. Frameworks demonstrate an accurate and predictable fit after every porcelain firing cycle and facilitate ease-of-use in the laboratory.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail [email protected].

ParaPost® FiberLux esthetic post system from Coltène/Whaledent

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces ParaPost Fiber Lux, a translucent esthetic post system that provides the ability to use self-, dual-, or light-cured materials for fast, on-command cementation. Made of translucent fiber resin material, the ParaPost Fiber Lux reflects the natural hues of the tooth, and eliminates shadows through composite restorations and at the gingival/crown interface. The post’s double-undercut, rounded head design reduces stress points and locks in composite core materials. Uni-directional fibers give it excellent strength characteristics. Its parallel-sided passive design evenly distributes functional forces, providing protection against dentin failure. The posts are used with standard ParaPost drills and are color-coded with easy-to-remove bands. They are available in six sizes - 3, 4, 4.5, 5, 5.5, and 6, minimizing the amount of dentin that needs to be removed.

For additional information, call (800) 221-3046.

Nobel Biocare launches bridge Procera™ scanner

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Nobel Biocare, introduces its new NOBELESTHETICS® offering of crowns, bridges, and abutments. Building upon the success of individually designed dental prosthetics with the Procera system, the long-awaited launch includes two-to-four-unit ceramic bridges for natural teeth and implants, a new CAD/CAM-based scanner, and a new dental ceramic porcelain system. They meet rising patient requests for metal-free, esthetic treatments.

To support the increasing demand, the company also opened its first Nobel Biocare Ceramic Training Center in Stockholm. NOBELESTHETICS is a complete esthetic solution for all indications, encompassing all Nobel Biocare brands for both natural and implant-secured teeth. They have the advantage of being tissue-friendly as well as showing superior esthetics.

To find out more, visit or e-mail Robert Gottlander at [email protected].

Scientific summary of Lava™ crowns and bridges

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3M ESPE announces the availability of “A Collection of Scientific Results” Lava All-Ceramic System for Lava Crowns & Bridges, a comprehensive, easy-to-read source of clinical and scientific data about the popular and widely used CAD/CAM system. Since 3M ESPE first introduced Lava Crowns & Bridges in 2001, the system consistently has met the high demands of both dentists and patients with respect to esthetics and durability. Now, clinicians and laboratory owners can easily access the most important studies from industry experts that document Lava Crowns & Bridges’ performance. This collection, available free of charge in a convenient, pocket-edition booklet and online at, contains a summary of collected scientific publications and third-party endorsements relative to Lava Crowns & Bridges.

For more information, visit

PerioGlas® Synthetic Bone Graft Material

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Sunstar Butler announces the availability of an easy-to-use 0.5 cc syringe for dispensing PerioGlas Synthetic Bone Graft Material, a unique bioactive bone grafting particulate.

Proven in more than 700,000 cases worldwide, PerioGlas is safe and biocompatible and bonds to both bone and soft tissue. PerioGlas is clinically shown to regenerate bone as fast and as dense as demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft. PerioGlas also exhibits an antimicrobial effect on oral microorganisms.

PerioGlas is indicated for a variety of osseous defects, including ridge augmentation, sinus elevation, extraction sites, cystectomies and apicoectomies, and periodontal and peri-implant defects.

For more information, call (800) JBUTLER (528-8537) or visit

New insurance coding manual 2005

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This new coding handbook contains all ADA codes for the CDT-2005 plus detailed information to help get patients’ claims paid. It is the fifth comprehensive manual of its type published by Stepping Stones to Success. It contains specific, code-by-code guidelines describing how carriers will process claims, industry tips, when and how to use attachments, and even code-specific, “by report” narrative working. Under the provision set by HIPAA, all dental offices and insurance carriers must use the current version of dental procedure codes found in this Dental Insurance Coding Handbook-2005 Updated for CDT - 2005. It was written by Carol Tekavec, RDH, insurance columnist for Dental Economics and speaker for the ADA Seminar Series.

For more information or to read an excerpt, go to or call (800) 548-2164. The manual sells for $97 plus $8 shipping.

New Cerasorb® - bone regeneration product

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Cerasorb DENTAL, the first pure phase beta-tricalcium phosphate product approved by the FDA, is now available in the United States. The product is engineered for optimal porosity, purity, and fast resorption for many bone grafting indications. As a synthetic material, Cerasorb is cost-effective compared to biologically-derived products and it does not have concerns of tissue reaction. It provides the optimal environment for the growth of osteoblasts and new bone matrix.

Cerasorb has been used successfully in hundreds of patients to fill extraction sites, correct bony defects and trifurcations, augment alveolar, mandibular, and maxillary ridges, and to repair a wide range of defects.

Cerasorb comes in three different granular sizes for maximum clinical flexibility. The granules have an open, interconnecting microporosity and special structure that result in complete resorption over time. It is available in five vial packages of 0.5 gm, 1.0 gm, and 2.0 gm as well as introductory sample packs to meet diverse patient needs at a reasonable price versus most biologically derived bone graft materials.

To order, call Curasan, Inc., at (919) 941-9770. For product information, contact Linda Bogart, Curasan, Inc., 4825 Creekstone Drive, Durham, N.C. 27703, call (919) 459-2622, or e-mail [email protected].

Consistently accurate impressions

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Create the best impressions of your career, and guarantee your patients a flawless restoration by using QUAD-TRAY® Xtreme Technique Trial Pack with AFFINITY by CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® . It contains everything you need to create consistently accurate and detailed impressions every time. The trial pack includes the redesigned, inflexible aluminum QUAD-TRAY Xtreme, a dual-arch tray with a wide arch and low sidewalls, AFFINITY Light Body HF, a wash material with ideal flow to guarantee outstanding detail, and AFFINITY InFlex, an ultra-rigid tray material providing inflexible support.

For more information or to buy direct, call (800) 265-3444.

New “Bleached-White” shade

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In response to the popularity of tooth whitening, Motloid introduces Bleached-White tooth acrylic shade to its Coldpac lineup. Coldpac is the standard in the industry, the staple used by many leading prosthodontists, labs, GPs, and schools for more than 50 years. Coldpac produces true tooth-shade veneers, jacket crowns, and bridges. The high-density, fracture resistance, and quality ensure desirable hardness and workability that yields esthetic, color-stable, and functionally durable surfaces.

Coldpac is offered in 13 Nu-Hue and 14 Vita® shades, dark and light incisal, and clear. It is available in convenient dental office and lab kits as well as individual one-, two-, four-, eight-, and 16-ounce bottles of powder and monomer.

For more information, call (800) 662-5021 or visit

Cool Temp® Natural from Coltène/Whaledent

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Coltène/Whaledent Inc. introduces Cool Temp Natural, an automix temporary crown and bridge material which contains fluorescent properties. The simple, time-saving automix delivery system eliminates mess while providing a consistently homogeneous mix.

Cool Temp Natural temporaries are ready to be removed from the mouth in 65 to 80 seconds, versus up to four minutes for other leading brands, and its final cure time is up to 43 percent faster. The material is offered in Truer Vita shades A1, A2, and A3.5. Its low curing temperature won’t irritate or damage pulp, and low shrinkage results in less distortion. It has excellent strength and esthetics, and corrections can be easily made with composite.

For more details, call (800) 221-3046 or visit

New BioPure™ MTAD™ root canal cleanser

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental launches new BioPure MTAD Antibacterial Root Canal Cleanser. This patent-pending irrigant marks a significant advancement in endodontic therapy. BioPure MTAD Cleanser is an antimicrobial solution designed to chemically clean and disinfect the root canal system following endodontic instrumentation. It is proven to remove the bacteria-laden smear layer which obscures dentinal tubules, and kill Enterococcus faecalis, the most resistant bacterial strain found in the root canal system.

Irrigants such as distilled water and sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) leave the smear layer intact. Another commonly used irrigant, EDTA, removes the smear layer, but erodes the orifices of dentinal tubules in the process and has little or no antibacterial effect.

Used after the root canal cleaning and shaping process, BioPure MTAD Cleanser kills the E. faecalis other antibacterial solutions leave behind. It also removes the smear layer more effectively, erodes less dentinal structure than EDTA, and is easily dispensed with a disposable syringe.

For more information or to order a starter kit, call your Tulsa Dental representative at (800) 662-1202 or visit

New dental laser report

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The 2004 edition (published November 2004) of Dental Applications of Advanced Lasers, or DAAL, is now available from JGM Associates, Inc. DAAL describes in detail lasers intended for dental applications, and includes descriptions of product performance, features, and accessories. Laser list price information also is included.

DAAL also provides tutorial sections for the non-laser-technical reader, so readers can better appreciate recent advancements in dental laser technology and applications. DAAL is recommended reading by the Academy of Laser Dentistry.

DAAL-2004 sells for $100, plus shipping. This price includes a searchable PDF version on CD-ROM (with color photos of commercially available products), and a one-year subscription to DAAL Update online newsletter. A table of contents, sample passages, and ordering details are provided at

Discus Turbo™ premium burs

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Discus Dental, Inc., introduces Discus Turbo premium burs, its comprehensive line of performance-engineered diamond rotary instruments.

Discus Turbo diamonds are manufactured with state-of-the-art diamond bonding technology. The precise, single-layering of diamonds achieves superior retention of individual particles on both the tips and edges of the bur, minimizing clogging and creating a faster, cooler cut. This process provides significantly increased the life of the burs. The Turbo’s vibration-dampening layer effectively cushions the head of the instrument and prevents the “chatter” sometimes experienced with other instruments. Discus Turbo Diamonds are available in six different grits from super-coarse to ultra-fine.

For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

Express directly into the canal

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Essential Dental Systems announces the only patented titanium- and lanthanide-reinforced composite resin post cement, Flexi-Flow Auto and Flexi-Flow Auto E. While other cements rely on cohesive resistance, the power of Flexi-Flow stems from its ability to form an unsurpassed post-to-dentin interface for superior stability and retention.

Both materials are self-cured fluoridated composite cements. Flexi-Flow chemically bonds with composite core buildup materials - no need for removal of excess flash. The automix tip produces a consistent fusion of base and catalyst, eliminating guesswork and waste. It hardens in four minutes, saving valuable chair time. Flexi-Flow Auto is available in gray to show contrast from dentin, while Flexi-Flow Auto E is available in shade Vita A2 for esthetic core restorations. Both are radiopaque for clear X-ray viewing, compatible with all core build-up materials, especially Ti-Core, and produces an insoluble bond for lasting strength while providing the only documented 10-plus year fluoride release.

Flexi-Flow Auto is priced at $94.99, and Flexi-Flow Auto E is $100. You receive two dual-chambered auto-mix syringes containing 4.5 gm base, 4.5 gm catalyst, 20 automix tips, and 20 intraoral tips. Call your dental dealer to order, and visit for more information.

Patient privacy and security is assured

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The final HIPAA mandate, which requires secure electronic communication between dentists and patients takes effect in less than three months. Einstein Dental, a dental Web development company, has created a solution to this challenge with the release of Secure Med Mail. The Secure Med Mail system allows dentists to create a secure e-mail address for each patient so they can communicate electronically while remaining in a secure, virtual private network. This ensures HIPAA compliancy and the safe transmission and storage of any electronic correspondence. Properly integrated, Secure Med Mail is a complete and stable patient-communication and data-management tool that is very easy to use.

For more information, call Einstein Dental at (800) 572-3243 or visit

New technology for producing diamond instruments

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Garrison Dental Solutions has introduced its new G-Force line of dental diamonds, produced with an entirely new manufacturing process. The process, called DiamondOne, applies crystals in a uniform layer onto the cutting head. This permits more crystals to simultaneously contact the tooth surface, allowing the diamond to cut faster and last significantly longer than traditional diamonds. Additionally, optimized spacing between crystals exposes more of the cutting edge of each crystal, and improves debris removal and heat dissipation.

Garrison offers an unconditional money back guarantee. For more information, call (888) 437-0032 or visit

Quality and convenience with Pristine materials

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Pristine Operatory dental stones and polishing abrasives are designed for convenience in today’s dental office. Packaging in a stackable pail with roller handle and re-closeable lid eliminates the necessity of lifting heavy boxes to fill plaster bins. The addition of a scoop in each container allows the user to dispense product directly from the new flip-top pail. In addition to a quality product and convenient packaging, Pristine Operatory gypsum products have a fresh, clean scent. This aids in masking odors picked up by impression materials, which can be transferred to working models.

For more information, call Garreco, Inc., at (800) 334-1443 or e-mail [email protected].


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PROSPEC MI Paste is a specified tooth treatment delivering bio-available calcium and phosphate to teeth. It replaces lost minerals, improves the protective qualities of saliva, improves fluoride uptake, and reduces sensitivity. PROSPEC MI Paste also offers an additional treatment for salivary dysfunction, sensitivity, erosion, excessive caries, and unhealthy enamel.

Teeth need calcium, phosphate, and fluoride. Healthy saliva contains these minerals, and in conjunction with certain salivary proteins is able to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate to the tooth surface during the demineralization/remineralization process. PROSPEC MI Paste contains Recaldent® , developed to deliver bio-available calcium and phosphate when and where they are needed most. PROSPEC MI Paste is a water-based, sugar-free paste, available in melon, mint, strawberry, tutti frutti, and vanilla.

For more information, visit

Patient education - replacing the asymptomatic amalgam

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This collection of 18 high-resolution photographs presents close-up views of old alloy restorations, followed by photographs revealing what was discovered after the restorations were removed.

Author and lecturer Dr. Martin Goldstein contends that aging baby-boomers comprise the largest component of many practices. This means large numbers of patients are presenting with entire quadrants of old alloy restorations that are beginning to break down. Some patients have difficulty understanding why a practitioner would recommend replacement of a restoration that was not sensitive. To help address this problem, the presentation graphically shows how subtle signs around old restorations may be the precursor of serious problems. It explains the difference between fractures that can be treated with a simple bonded restoration, and those that require a crown or even extraction.

The series can be used in conjunction with an intraoral camera, allowing a comparison between the patient’s own restorations and the featured cases.

To learn more about this collection along with a suggested script, visit

World-class clinicians discuss dentin hypersensitivity

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GlaxoSmithKline, maker of Sensodyne® toothpaste, announces that dental professionals can now obtain from, using access code SE04F, a free copy of Current Perspectives on Dentin Hypersensitivity - a continuing-education program based on the 2002 FDI World Dental Congress symposium. The comprehensive course features a diverse panel of world-recognized clinicians and provides guidelines for diagnosing and managing dentin hypersensitivity, a condition that goes largely undiagnosed and affects one in five adults in the United States. Up to four hours of CE credit are available through the University of Louisville School of Dentistry, an ADA CERP recognized provider as approved by the ADA. This program is made possible through an educational grant from GlaxoSmithKline.

To access or download the journal in English or Spanish, or to obtain a copy of the virtual symposium on CD-ROM free of charge, visit and enter SE04F when prompted for the access code.

Gebauer launches Pain Ease® instant anesthetic

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Gebauer Company introduces Pain Ease, a new-generation, nonflammable, instant topical anesthetic skin refrigerant for use on skin, minor open wounds, and mucous membranes. The aerosol spray delivery system is available in Mist or Medium Stream.

Pain Ease temporarily controls pain associated with injections, starting IVs, venipuncture, minor surgical procedures, suturing minor wounds, and minor sports injuries. The Medium Stream Spray also can be used as a counterirritant in the management of myofascial pain, restricted motion, and muscle tension.

For more information, visit

New WET’n’DRY hydrophilic impression material

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WET’n’DRY, a new hydrophilic impression material from Holmes Dental Company, offers several important advantages. WET’n’DRY displaces moisture, resulting in a superior bubble-free and void-free impression - where it counts - at the margin. It works in both wet and dry fields, is fast-setting, has outstanding dimensional stability, and will result in a highly detailed impression. WET’n’DRY is a virtual “how-to” in preventing remakes.

WET’n’DRY is available in four viscosities - monophase, light, medium, and heavy. For more information, call (800) 322-5577 or visit

New diamond files prevent tissue trauma

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G. Hartzell & Son announces its new “DIAMOND FILES” #DF1 and #DF2. Designed for use in furcations, these files are coated - at the request of practitioners - only half way around the surface of the files to prevent tissue trauma from the back side of the files during use. Also, the file tips are rigid in design and have rounded tips to additionally prevent trauma. They feature G. Hartzell & Son’s exclusive new lightweight “A” handle.

For more information, call (800) 950-2206.

New PowerTemp non-eugenol temporary cement

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PowerTemp, by J. Morita USA, is a cartridge-based, user-friendly temporary cement for temporary crowns or bridges, as well as trial cementing of permanent restorations. PowerTemp demonstrates a powerful bond to crown and bridge materials and provides an effective marginal seal, yet remains easy to remove. Its paste-to-paste formula is dispensed through an auto-mix delivery system and can be used with a conventional dispensing gun and mixing tips for a direct, nearly effortless application. PowerTemp will not inhibit the curing of resin-based materials. It sets intraorally within two to three minutes. Its neutral color offers exceptional esthetics. Each box includes a 50 ml cartridge and 10 mixing tips.

For more information, call 888-JMORITA (566-7482), your local dealer, or visit at

New bonding agent offers speed and strength

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J. Morita USA unveils One-Up Bond F Plus, a progressive alternative among the light-cured, self-etching bonding agents. One-Up Bond F Plus delivers excellent bonding performance to enamel and dentin in a new, easy-to-use delivery system. The patented MAC-10 adhesive monomer gives this agent its strength, while a low film thickness of only 10 microns eliminates postoperative sensitivity. One-Up Bond F Plus requires a quick, single-step application, with no etching, no rinsing, and no drying. During mixing and polymerization, confirmation of each step is indicated visually by a color change. Mixing errors and guesswork are decreased dramatically, resulting in a successful bonding procedure. It also is fluoride-releasing.

For more information, call (888) JMORITA (566-7482), call your dental dealer, or visit

K-Stat Hemostatic Gel

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K-Stat Laboratories introduces its new, innovative, professional hemostatic solution, K-Stat Hemostatic Gel. K-Stat Hemostatic Gel is an outstanding advance in blood coagulation dental products. The patent-pending formula contains vitamin K to coagulate blood, zinc to control bacteria, and aloe vera to soothe gingival tissue after trauma. It enhances restorative, periodontal, and oral surgery procedures by controlling hemorrhage that may interfere with sensitive dental techniques. It has a smooth-flowing texture, will not stain or affect composite material or blanche gingival tissue, and is pleasantly flavored. K-Stat Hemostatic Gel is easy to use: all that is necessary is to apply it to bleeding tissue, wait 30 seconds, then dab off or rinse. To order, call (702) 262-1044, order online at, or call your dental supplier.

Etch, prime, bond, and cement in one step

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Kerr Corporation announces Maxcem, a new dual-cure, paste-to-paste resin cement that truly is a one-step, self-etch, self-adhering resin cement, packaged in a dual syringe with automix tip. Maxcem’s proprietary initiator system offers an efficient dark cure mechanism, superior adhesion, and a level of color stability not found in today’s resin cements. This material bonds to all dental substrates including dentin, enamel, metal alloys, porcelain, and advanced ceramic systems. Indications include crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and posts (not recommended for veneers).

For more information, call your Kerr dealer, visit, or call (800) KERR-123 (537-7123).

The innovative endoHandle by Logan Dental

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The endoHandle is an endodontic tool designed to improve visibility and access in treating posterior teeth. The patented locking chamber of the endoHandle securely holds a standard Hedstrom or K-type file. The file shank is angled like an endodontic explorer with dental pliers to create a whole new instrument. It combines improved ergonomics of the familiar pen-grasp while increasing leverage for efficient filing preparation. K-type files locate hard-to-find canals and perform initial instrumentation. Hedstrom-type files not only clear away paste, gutta-percha, and broken instruments, but also are effective in removing pulp tissue and additional shaping of the canal. For further information or to order, visit or call (866) 952-0519.

How to reward your dental team

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Learn when and how to reward your staff. Understand why saying “thanks” can mean more than dangling a financial carrot. This book is full of checklists and questionnaires to help you determine what rewards are best suited for each of your team members.

You will understand when to use non-financial vs. financial rewards, when to use group vs. individual rewards, plus how important it is to set performance goals so you know when to give a reward. You will learn the difference between rewarding employees for outstanding performance vs. paying them a bonus for simply doing their jobs.

For more information, call McKenzie Management & Associates at (877) 777-6151 or visit

Metalor Solaro Special alloy

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Metalor Dental USA, a division of The Metalor Group headquartered in Switzerland, launches Solaro Special, a mid-range gold Crown & Bridge alloy. Solaro Special can be successfully applied for conventional crowns and bridges, inlays, onlays, milling work, or cast partial denture frames.

Solaro Special has been used in European dental labs for years and is now available in the United States. At 50 percent gold and no platinum, the costs are lower, but the alloy still qualifies for High Noble status, and contains 5 percent palladium and 36 percent silver. This low-density alloy gives the lab a greater number of copings per weight of alloy. Solaro Special is a ranked “extra hard,” providing the desired confidence in long-span bridges, however, contains less copper (8.6 percent) than other extra-hard alloys.

Solaro Special is offered in a full troy ounce (31.1 gm) pack. For the launch period, Metalor also will offer a free lab consumable to a first-time buyer of Solaro Special. For more details or a free alloy chart illustrating the full product details, call (800) 554-5504 or e-mail [email protected].

New DEFEND® “Breathe E-Z” masks

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Mydent International introduces the DEFEND “Breathe E-Z” Pleated Ear-Loop Mask. The DEFEND “Breathe E-Z” mask is cool-breathing and made with three-ply, non-woven polyester material with a soft inner liner. Soft rounded ear loops hold the mask in place comfortably. The mask also is fiberglass- and latex-free, and rated 99 percent+ BFE, 99 percent+ PFE, and is packaged in boxes of 50.

Until March 31, 2005, the DEFEND “Breathe E-Z” mask can be purchased for just $3.99 per box, with a 10-box minimum order (suggested retail price is $4.95 per box).

For more information, call (800) 275-0020 or visit

New DEFEND® VPS Putty Fast Set impression material

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Mydent International introduces DEFEND VPS Putty Fast Set. The vinyl polysiloxane material is reliable, easy to use, and accurate. It offers excellent detail reproduction and tear strength. The VPS Putty Fast Set has a working time of one minute and an intraoral setting time of two minutes. The firm set also is ideal for putty wash technique. It offers clinicians a high-quality, economical alternative to original manufacturer-supplied material.

DEFEND VPS Putty Fast Set is available in a two-jar unit containing a total of 610 ml of product, and is available through authorized dealers. For more information, call (800) 275-0020 or visit

Mydent International introduces new mask with shield

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Mydent International introduces the DEFEND® MK-1011 Pleated Ear-Loop Mask with Shield. The shield is optically clear and protects against splashing. The mask is made of a soft, non-woven polyester material that is fluid-resistant, and is fiberglass- and latex-free. The mask is rated 99+ percent BFE and 99+ percent PFE.

Packaged in boxes of 50, the mask with shield is available through authorized dealers. For more information, call (800) 275-0020 or visit

PERIDEX® Chlorhexidine Gluconate 0.12% oral rinse

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PERIDEX is indicated for use between dental visits as part of a professional program for the treatment of gingivitis as characterized by redness and swelling of the gingivae, including bleeding on probing. In addition, swelling and bleeding of the gingivae can affect the accuracy of impressions taken during crown and bridge procedures. The new 4-ounce bottle can be dispensed directly from the dental office providing the convenience and flexibility to allow patients to begin using the medication immediately. PERIDEX is now available to the dental profession exclusively from OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals in 16-ounce bottles, half-gallon pump bottles, and the new 4-ounce bottle.

For more information, call OMNII at (800) 445-3386.

Benefits to patients and practice

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OralHealthRx is a new dentifrice designed to benefit patients’ oral health and general health. OralHealthRx contains safe ingredients to kill bacteria, stimulate and activate oral macrophages, and prevent caries. Delivered in attractive and easy-to-use packaging, it is a pleasant-tasting, refreshing gel with very high patient acceptance. Since oral health is directly related to general health, this the first line of defense for general health. Patients benefit, and because OralHealthRx is only sold through oral health or medical professionals, practices benefit as well.

For more product information, visit Purchase product at the Web site or call (775) 888-6788.

Eighteen 99-cent diamonds

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Parkell introduces five new diamonds, bringing its total offering to 18 different shapes and grits.

The diamonds are built on a stainless-steel, friction-grip shaft. Though intended primarily as single-use disposables, they can be sterilized for multiple uses. Each bur comes sealed in an individual, see-through envelope.

The 99-cent diamonds may be ordered in quantities of 50 of one diamond, or 100 assorted diamonds. Any dentist who is not satisfied after trying a single diamond can call the company toll-free any time within a month. Parkell will have the balance picked up at its expense and issue a full refund.

For more information, visit or call (800) 243-7446.

The Peak Personnel System™ - designed for dentistry

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The Peak Personnel System is the most comprehensive customized program designed exclusively for dentistry. The System is unique because it offers forms, tips, and techniques that are specific to dentistry. This System helps to build and strengthen your personnel practices in a legally responsible manner.

The convenient CD-ROM contains more than 50 staff management forms to make your life easier while providing frontline protection from employment-related litigation. Some of the forms included are a customized dental staff application (with a skills evaluation), offer of employment, performance review, and resignation documentation. All forms are in PDF format - just click and print.

For more information, visit or call (888) 477-7325.

“Present-a-Case” lifelike diagnostic wax-ups

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Precision Ceramics introduces a new, specially formulated diagnostic wax that simulates porcelain in appearance and translucency, allowing patients to literally see their new smiles. “Present-a-Case” uses a special tissue-pink presentation stone and lifelike pink wax in combination with the diagnostic wax, allowing you to fabricate a presentation tool that can improve patient satisfaction, case acceptance, and improve doctor-lab communication, while providing a perfect platform for fabricating provisional restorations.

For more information, call Mark Jackson at Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory at (800) 223-6322 or e-mail [email protected].

“Nano-Gold” technology improves biocompatibilty

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Precision Ceramics Dental Laboratory has announced that all porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations will receive an electrolysis 24k gold treatment. This improves biocompatibility and reduces the likelihood of bacterial colonization. The laboratory is using the latest nano-particle technology, whereby a dual-electrode, temperature-controlled anodization cell synthesizes 24k-gold nano particles of different symmetries to create a deep gold color, micro mechanical retention, and improve biologic characteristics.

Precision Ceramics offers the world’s first and only unconditional lifetime guarantee on every restoration and prosthesis.

For more details, call Mark Jackson at (800) 223-6322 or e-mail [email protected].

Great White™ Ultra

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SS White® introduces a carbide bur that offers a fast and smooth cutting alternative to diamonds for crown and bridge preparations. Specifically designed for crown preparations, Great White Ultra operates in a different way than a diamond because of its special blade design and carbide construction. Its dentated design cuts superbly through mixed substrates including existing amalgam and composite restorations. Unlike many diamonds, which can require multiple instruments to complete a crown preparation, the new bur allows you to complete the bulk reduction task and the placement of a smooth margin with a single instrument. Available in popular shapes and sizes, Great White Ultra is the ultimate alternative to diamonds for crown preparation.

For more information, call (800) 535-2877 or visit

Convenient dispensing of topical anesthetic

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Sultan Dental Products introduces a fast, easy, mess-free way to dispense topical anesthetic - innovative, unit-dose Topex® HandiCaine Stix. Each sealed container contains 0.4 gm of cherry-flavored 20% benzocaine gel, along with a disposable cotton-swab applicator. It is ideal for set-up trays and same-patient reuse with no risk of cross-contamination.

Topex HandiCaine Stix offer an additional practice advantage - dental professionals can offer the product for take-home use to relieve residual discomfort from various procedures, prosthetic or orthodontic appliances, or mouth ulcers.

The product is available in boxes of 24 (Item No. 31023) and 120 (Item No. 31024) units. For more information or to order, call your dental dealer, (800) 238-6739, or visit

New Topex® White Care� post-whitening desensitizer

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Sultan Dental Products introduces Topex White Care post-whitening desensitizer gel with Xylitol. It is a 1.1% neutral sodium fluoride gel containing 0.5% fluoride ion (5,000 ppm), and a gentle dentifrice containing no color additives. Great for patients with intolerance to acidic fluorides, it aids in preventing hypersensitivity and caries, yet is gentle enough to use with porcelain, bridges, crowns, and composites. It also is recommended for patients with reduced salivary flow or systemic disease. It can be used in place of regular toothpaste, and its Soothing Raspberry flavor is accepted by all patients. Each 2-ounce tube stores upright for easy dispensing. Twelve tubes per case. Ask for item No. 30221.

To place an order or for more information, call your dental dealer, call (800) 238-6739, or visit

Temrex publishes new catalog

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In celebration of its 80th anniversary, Temrex Corporation has published a new product catalog. The attractive four-color, 12-page catalog presents 35 product types, many of which offer a variety of size, shade, strength, or delivery system -132 items in all.

Two Tables of Contents make this catalog easy to use. One lists products alphabetically, the other lists them in four categories - crown and bridge procedure, cavity prep and filling, whitening, and miscellaneous. For each product, the catalog not only identifies the item number and pack, but briefly describes its uses, features, and benefits.

For a copy of the new catalog, call (800) 645-1226 or visit

New infant tooth gel with Xylitol

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Xlear, Inc. has expanded its Spry Dental Defense System product line with the release of Spry Infant Tooth Gel, an all-natural gel for application on the teeth and gums of infants and toddlers. The gel is sweetened with 100 percent xylitol, helping to reduce cavities by as much as 80 percent and encourage remineralization.

Xylitol-rich products enhance dental health by creating an unfriendly environment for cavity-causing bacteria, losing their ability to stick to each other as well as to the teeth. As a result, there is less dental plaque build-up on the teeth and, the bacteria cannot produce the usual amounts of acid, therefore decreasing the acidity of any remaining plaque.

For more information, visit or call (877) 599-5327.

Honigum now available in automix dispensing system

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Zenith Dental, exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributors of quality DMG restorative materials, announce the release of Honigum impression material in new 50 ml automix cartridges. Honigum has been available only in 390 ml cartridges designed for use in the MixStar dynamic mixing machine.

Honigum is a proprietary formulation with a unique active wax matrix, which allows the material to adjust its viscosity based on pressure. Honigum starts out with a slump-free starting thickness for easy dispensing. As it is used, the material lowers its viscosity under pressure to capture unsurpassed detail. Honigum has a quick snap set that prevents distortion. The mild honey aroma is pleasing to patients and staff.

Honigum is hydrophilic and easily displaces blood and saliva, then holds its ground against seepage into the site following placement.

Honigum Heavy, Mono (medium) and QuadFast Heavy are available in both the 390 ml cartridge and the new 50 ml automix cartridge, utilizing the common type 50 automix dispensers. Honigum Light and QuadFast Light come in 25 ml cartridges for the type 25 automix dispensers.

For more information call (800) 662-6383 or visit

O-Bite VPS bite registration material - hardest, fastest, easiest!

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Zenith Dental and DMG introduces new O-Bite VPS bite registration material. This new formulation offers optimal advantages for the clinician and patient. The 50 ml automix cartridges are dispensed with the type 50, 1:1 automix dispensing gun, guaranteeing a consistent mix every time. The dentist will appreciate the ample working time, while the patient will appreciate how fast the material sets.

O-Bite vinyl polysiloxane material tested to be one of the hardest VPS bite registration materials on the market. It measured a shore-A hardness of greater than 93. Its superior hardness ensures against breakage when removed from the mouth, or when trimmed and transported to the dental lab. Its stability also is a benefit to the lab when mounted on models, ensuring predictability and confidence for both the clinician and the lab technician.

O-Bite can be easily trimmed with a scalpel, and the bite impressions can be disinfected. O-Bite has a fresh fruity orange aroma, and is available in 50 ml cartridge, four-pack refills through your dental dealer.

For more information, call (800) 662-6383 or visit

New TempoCem Smartmix from Zenith and DMG

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Zenith Dental introduces TempoCem with eugenol in the double-barreled Smartmix syringe. TempoCem is a zinc oxide/eugenol temporary cement designed for use with all types of provisionals. The eugenol provides a “sedative” effect on the pulp, reducing sensitivity in some patients. It is an easy, reliable, temporary cement offering optimal adhesion and superior resistance to the forces of mastication.

TempoCem and TempoCem NE (non-eugenol) also are available in automix cartridges. Both formulations have earned four stars from REALITY in 2004.

Smartmix packaging includes two 11 gm double-barreled syringes, and 10 Smartmix tips. For more information, call (800) 662-6383, or visit

Two new Puros® allograft products from Zimmer Dental

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Zimmer Dental Inc. announces two new Puros allograft products - Puros cortical particulate allograft, and Puros corticocancellous block allograft. These two new products, in addition to Puros cancellous particulate allograft, present a family of products that can be used together or separately for every bone grafting need.

The Puros family of bone grafting products provides a safe, effective, and predictable clinical outcome for patients requiring bony enhancement of the mandible and maxilla in a timely manner. Puros allograft products are sterilized using the Tutoplast® process. While preserving the valuable collagen matrix and minerals, the Tutoplast process removes unwanted materials such as fats, cells, and antigens, and inactivates pathogens.

The new Puros block allograft eliminates the need for a secondary surgical procedure to harvest an autogenous bone block, thereby saving operating room time and costs, reducing pain and morbidity, and shortening the rehabilitation time for the patient.

The new Puros cortical particulate allograft can be used where space maintenance and volume enhancement are desired, including sinus elevations, extraction sockets, and ridge augmentations. It regenerates and remodels into vital, vascularized bone.

For more information, call (800) 854-7019.

Want to be more health conscious?

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“Conversations On Health & Wellness” offers readers an in-depth look into the lives, lessons, and philosophies of a collection of men and women who have a real handle on health and wellness.

Anastasia Turchetta is a featured author and has been a practicing clinical hygienist for 16 years. She has written numerous articles and is active in many professional organizations. She also is president of Strategic Hygiene, which incorporates assisted hygiene into dental practices. Also featured in the collection of interviews are Drs. John Gray, Earl Mindell, and Norman Rosenthal. Fourteen other dynamic professionals offer cutting-edge lessons for an abundantly healthy life. Reserve your copy today.

Call Anastasia L. Turchetta at (252) 202-9319, e-mail [email protected], or visit

Athletic Sports mouthguards from Cooley & Cooley Ltd.

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Create a new service for your patients who need athletic mouthguard protection without the use of the laboratory. Only one appointment procedure is needed with this sturdy and colorful boil-and-bite product. Mouthguards are available in adult and youth sizes, five team colors as well as clear, and with or without a helmet strap.

Sports season is year ’round! There is nothing better than a dentist-fitted mouthguard to protect your patients’ greatest asset - their smiles.

For more details, visit, e-mail [email protected]>, call (800)215-4487, or your dealer. Mention item 4000-44.

CosmeCore® resin core material for high-strength build-ups

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CosmeCore is a new dual-cure, automix, resin core material from Cosmedent, Inc., developed for high strength in core build-ups. Easy to use, CosmeCore eliminates hand-mixing, has excellent flowability with no slumping, and preps like tooth structure. CosmeCore is available in three versatile shades - A2, white, and blue - to either match tooth color or shaded to easily differentiate core material from tooth structure.

Advantages include high strength to ensure a long-lasting result, clean cutting and easy preparation, radiopaque to distinguish from tooth structure, exceptional handling properties, and, it’s economical - one core build-up pays for the whole tube.

CosmeCore is available in 50 gm. cartridges. For information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

da vinci™ veneer cementation system

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Based on feedback from TV shows “Extreme Makeover” and “The Swan,” patients overwhelmingly prefer whiter smiles. The new da vinci cementation system for porcelain veneers has been co-developed by da Vinci Dental Studios and Cosmedent, Inc., to meet the demand for increasingly whiter porcelain veneers. The shades offered in the kit reflect this trend - Bright, Brighter, Brightest, and Ludicrous Bright.

Using the chemistry of the Number 1 rated Insure resin cements from Cosmedent, the da vinci cementation kit contains four progressively whiter resin cements, three tone-down cements used to reduce whiteness, plus three color modifiers. For Insure users, the tone-down colors are equivalent to clear, yellow-red light, and yellow-red universal. A separate kit of water-soluble da vinci Try-in Gels also is available.

The da vinci cements will produce excellent results with da vinci or any other porcelain veneers. For more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

Nothing this hard flows this easily!

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Now you can have the convenience of an automix without compromising strength, esthetics, or long-term success. EDS introduces Ti-Core® Auto E. It is a dual-cure composite core build-up material containing the same rock-solid strength of Ti-Core while providing the only documented 10-plus year fluoride release. The dual-cure formula speeds procedures while ensuring depth-of-cure. Ti-Core Auto E is available in shade Vita A2 for truly esthetic core restorations.

The auto-mix system saves time and produces a consistent fusion of base and catalyst for precise application and shortened chair time. Ti-Core Auto E is the only lanthanide-reinforced core material available in an automix system.

Attractively priced at $106, you receive two auto-mix syringes containing 4.5 gm base, 4.5 gm catalyst, 20 auto-mix tips, and 20 intraoral tips. Call your dental dealer to order. For more information, visit

Simply Sharp - for your hand instruments

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American Eagle Instruments® presents Simply Sharp. Simply Sharp is a wear-resistant stone made of ceramic sapphire - the second hardest naturally occurring element - which requires no lubrication. The Simply Sharp stone offers both an extra-fine surface on one side and a coarse grit on the other. Grit size of approximately 2,000 restore instruments to sharpness quickly with minimal projections. This fine grit extends the life of your instruments by producing a sharp edge while removing a minimal amount of material. Care is easy - wash with a gentle cleanser, rinse, and sterilize.

To place your order, call (800) 551-5172 and request product code AESACC/F. Also available as a sharpening kit (AESACC/FK), complete with 10x loupe and sharpening test stick.

New Septodont Siraject aspirating syringes in two sizes

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Siraject aspirating syringes are lightweight, durable, and feature a permanent hub design, which means no more lost hubs. Best of all, Siraject comes in two sizes to fit your specific injection style.

Siraject Petite is designed for smaller-handed dentists and hygienists. Its compact design provides a smaller thumb ring and shorter plunger length, making it easier to control and more comfortable when aspirating.

Siraject Standard is equipped with a larger thumb ring and regular plunger length. The new syringes are compatible with 1.7 ml and 1.8 ml cartridges. For more information, call Septodont Inc. at (800) 872-8305.