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Sept. 1, 2006

Ultradent’s Unicore Post & Drill System

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The Unicore Post & Drill System combines highly translucent, esthetic, radiopaque fiber posts with a versatile and high-strength drill, which has the ability to place and remove pre-existing fiber posts and Thermafil® carriers. The posts incorporate pre-stressed fibers and a non-violated core to result in a remarkably strong post. The drill includes a refined, heat-generating tip to move quickly through gutta percha or Thermafil. The posts and drill are packaged in ISO-standard color-coded packs for easy identification. The convenient packaging simplifies the setup, procedure, and cleanup.

For more information, call John Bernhard at (801) 553-4580. To order, call 800-496-8337 or visit

DentalEZ® reintroduces Classique™ diamond bur line

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DentalEZ Group’s StarDental® brand is reintroducing its Classique diamond burs during the 2006 ADA Meeting. The entire collection of 26 of the company’s best-selling burs includes assorted shapes and diameters designed to deliver maximum cutting speed, accuracy, and the following features and benefits - two layers of diamonds for rapid removal of tooth structure and longer bur life; manufactured with natural diamond grit for better esthetics and better bond than synthetic diamonds; their hardened steel shanks are made from the highest quality stainless steel, which delivers less run-out for greater stability at higher speeds. Classique diamonds are available in packs of five.

For more information, call (866) DTE-INFO and press “2” for DentalEZ Customer Service or visit

New Glu/Sense™ no-drip dentin desensitizer

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Centrix introduces Glu/Sense, the first no-drip HEMA/glutaraldehyde dentin desensitizer for use under restorations or any time dentin is exposed. It is easier and faster to use and provides more control and accuracy than the competition. An innovative new delivery system features a syringe with a foam-tipped needle for faster, easier direct placement. Glu/Sense is the only glutaraldehyde desensitizer in a gel formula that will not spill or drip onto sensitive tissue.

Glu/Sense will not interfere with bonding agents, requires only one coat, promotes adhesion, and minimizes microleakage. It is universally compatible and works with all materials and dentin bonding systems. When used under restorations, Glu/Sense reduces the chance of postoperative pain; it may also be used to treat hypersensitive dentin even when no final restoration is to be placed.

Glu/Sense is available in a kit containing six 1 ml syringes with 60 SofNeedle Tips. For more information, call (800) 235-5862 or visit

Silk Line soft denture relining material

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A new generation of soft denture relining material is now available through J. Morita USA. Silk Line is silicone-based and has no odor or taste. It offers strong adhesion, exceptional durability, and high resistance to tear, abrasion, and discoloration. Capable of withstanding wear up to two years, it is preferred especially when the primary concerns are comfort and durability. Silk Line offers remarkable consistency, making trimming and polishing simple. The cartridge dispensing system provides easy handling and direct application to the denture base. Silk Line cures intraorally in only four minutes. For more information, call 888-JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your local dealer.

Personalized stem cell storage

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BioEden, Inc. offers the first service of its kind in the world - a processing and storage facility for children’s primary teeth stem cells. As a viable, ethical, and morally non-controversial alternative to the use of embryonic stem cells, primary teeth stem cells can meet the future demands of personalized medicine, where treatment is customized for each individual.

BioEden is not a public cell bank. It isolates and stores cells for return to the original donor only, thus ensuring cells are compatible with the recipient. This eliminates worry about communicable diseases, tissue rejection, or immunosuppressive therapy.

BioEden seeks to partner with dental professionals to provide this valuable service to their clients. Participating dentists receive a unique identification number that can be used by their patients who purchase the banking services, as well as processing kits and a $50 processing fee for each tooth processed. Participating patients receive up to six months of free storage.

For more details, visit or e-mail [email protected]..

Ceramco PFZ Press porcelain for zirconia

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Dentsply introduces Ceramco® PFZ Press porcelain for zirconia - for easy all-ceramic margins you can etch and bond. Now you can get all-ceramic margins for increased esthetics and accuracy, and these pressed margins allow for etching and bonding of the margin area if desired. Ceramco PFZ Press and Ceramco PFZ porcelains for zirconia provide great esthetics, are leucite-free for better wear, and have a natural fluorescence patients expect. Available in 16 A-D shades, it is great for single-unit anterior and posterior crowns and multi-unit bridges up to 47 mm with Cercon® frames.

For more information, call (800) 786-0085, or visit

Award-winning kit available from 3i

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The 3i Patient Awareness And Education Kit was created for dental implant clinicians and their staffs to assist them in raising patient awareness about the benefits of dental implant therapy. Items in the kit include five DVDs with presentation folios, one package of patient care cards, one flipchart and seven brochures (one package of 25 each) on a variety of topics. Additional patient-education items available include a multilingual educational DVD in eight languages, a waiting room poster, multilingual educational brochures, and models for LOCATOR and single/multiple teeth replacement.

3i’s sales reps are available to demonstrate the use of these tools for patient consultation. For more information, call (800) 342-5454 or visit

Alginmax - new package and features

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Alginmax, a hydrocolloid chromatic alginate offered by LeoneAmerica, a division of American Tooth Industries, is formulated to have 120 hours of dimensional stability if correctly stored. The dust-free product formulation is cadmium-free and lead-free with a shelf freshness life extended to six years. A sky-blue final set color allows for an easier reading of the margins. The unique material allows for a recovery from deformation higher than the required ISO standard. It has excellent biocompatibility, chromatic indication of the working phases for easy and precise results - regardless of water temperature - and contains no red dye or gluten products.

For more information, call LeoneAmerica at (800) 242-9986, e-mail [email protected], or visit

New self-treatment therapies relieve pain

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Chronic pain, an increasing occupational health hazard for dental operators, can now be significantly alleviated or eliminated using the self-treatment techniques revealed in Chairside Stretching & Trigger Point Therapy, a new instructional DVD kit from Posturedontics®. Developed for clinicians so they can easily incorporate them into their workday while gloved and seated chairside, these therapies can prevent, reduce, and even eliminate painful muscle imbalances, ischemia, and trigger points that frequently develop in dentistry. The instructional AGE/PACE-approved DVD guides clinicians through 19 seated stretches that target injury-prone areas unique to dental professionals.

The therapy kit includes a 30-minute instructional DVD or VHS, the Back-nobber Self-Massage Tool, 19 illustrated exercises, laminated wall charts, and an instruction booklet. Enter discount code DEM-CS to receive the special reader price of $99.95 (regularly $119.95) when ordering online at, or mention the code when ordering at (503) 291-5121.

SAPPHIRE™ Chariside Whitening System

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SAPPHIRE Chairside Whitening Gel has been specially developed to work with the SAPPHIRE Light for optimum whitening. Both arches brighten up to 10 shades while virtually eliminating sensitivity with the newly formulated SAPPHIRE Desensitizing Enhancer. SAPPHIRE Whitening Gel is a crucial component of the SAPPHIRE Plasma Arc Curing and Whitening Light system - a most beneficial, cost-effective piece of equipment. Although the light works well with all bleaching gels, results are optimum with SAPPHIRE Whitening Gel, which can bleach teeth in as little as 30 minutes.

For more information, call (800) 433-6628 or visit

Premier Solo sterile diamonds

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Premier Dental Products Company announces the addition of 33 new Solo diamonds including CAD/CAM shapes, ultra-fine finishing diamonds, and fast-reduction spirals. The Premier Solo diamond is a sterile, single-patient use friction-grip bur suitable for complete rotary crown and bridge, operative, and finishing procedures. Available in four grits and many popular short-shank styles, they are made with natural diamond crystals for fast, aggressive cutting. Each Solo shape comes packaged in a dispenser box of 25 individual, clearly marked, sterile pouches.

Most shapes are available for less than $1.50 each through your dealer, and additional savings are available with a six-plus-one-free offer from Premier. For samples, dentists should e-mail their mailing addresses to [email protected].

Resiment® Ready-Mix®

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Resiment Ready-Mix is a filled composite resin, now available in a dual-syringe automix delivery system. It has the same chemistry as the two-syringe Resiment system, and is available with or without fluoride. It is a permanent auto-curing, filled, multi-purpose resin cement with a three-minute working time. The kit contains a 10 g dual syringe and 15 automix tips. Resiment Ready-Mix is available from your dental dealer, or call J.L. Blosser, Inc. at (800) 200-3594 for a list of dealers.

Safe faces - close up!

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Crosstex IC Protective Eyewear are high-impact and scratch resistant, distortion-free, anti-fog, anti-static, and no-glare. They provide maximum UV protection and have telescoping arms, brow guards, and lightweight frames. Crosstex Face Shields are anti-fog and anti-static inside and out. The lightweight 1.5-inch foam headband has top air vents and holds the shield a comfortable distance from the face. The ultrasonically welded shields have no sharp staples, no staple holes, and have latex-free elastic.

Crosstex mask/shield combination comes in colors, and ASTM primary and high-level protection. Both air filtration and eye protection is in one product. Order through your dental dealer. For more information, call 888-CROSSTEX (276-7783) or visit

Zekrya Gingival Protector from Zenith Dental

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The Zekrya (zeck-re-a) Gingival Protector provides protection for the patient and convenience for the dentist. It is used to retract soft tissue as it protects the gingiva from rotary instruments during cutting and finishing. It features an exclusive crescent-shaped tip on an adjustable ball joint that is attached to a metal handle. The tip can be rotated to an exact angle that matches the tooth’s facial surface to achieve gingival fit. The Zekrya Gingival Protector is ideal for veneer preparations, finishing porcelain or resin veneer margins, Class V subgingival caries removal, checking marginal fit of crown, and checking loose bridges.

Metal protector tips are autoclavable to prevent cross-contamination. Tips come in two sizes to fit all teeth. Order from your dental dealer. For more information, call (800) 662-6383, or visit

Kerr makes strong impression with new products

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The Kerr Corporation announces the availability of the Kerr Volume Mixer for impression materials, and two exciting additions to the Kerr impression material family: Take 1 Tray material in Volume delivery, and StandOut Medium in Volume and cartridge delivery. The Volume Mixer, specifically designed for easy extrusion of higher-viscosity tray materials, is the fastest, easiest-to-use automated mixing system available. Designed to work with Kerr products such as AlgiNot, Take 1, and StandOut - all available in Volume delivery - the Volume Mixer delivers Kerr’s best materials in a flash - saving time, mess, and extra effort.

Kerr brands are available from your dental distributor. For more details, visit, contact your local Kerr representative, or call (800)KERR-123 (537-7123).

GRINrx™ Pre-White - universal prewhitener for professional bleaching

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The GRINrx Corporation launches GRINrx Pre-White - the world’s first, universal pre-treatment for all professional dental whitening procedures. As a swab-on, pre-procedural enhancer, it is designed to work in combination with any existing chairside or take-home whitening system to improve the bleaching effects, make teeth sparkling clean and, most important, eliminate tooth sensitivity.

Developed by Dr. Martin S. Giniger, GRINrx Pre-White makes current teeth bleaching solutions more effective, more efficient, and less painful for patients. GRINrx Pre-White will initially be available in a 14-swab pack, for $75 per pack. Each pack is expected to serve two to four patients depending on the severity of tooth stain accumulation and method of treatment. GRINrx products are exclusively distributed by Becker-Parkin Dental Supply Co.

For more details, visit or call (888) 474-6798.

Miltex releases new Silicone Mirror Handles

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Available in seven different animated colors and an assorted pack, the new mirror handles allow dental professionals to color code by procedure and organize for easier personal identification. The aluminum interior makes the handles lightweight, and the protective silicone exterior is autoclavable. The ergonomically soft and comfortable silicone grips enhance tactile sensitivity while reducing hand and wrist fatigue. Silicone Mirror Handles are available in a cone socket configuration, and come in packs of seven in seven different colors. An assorted pack also is available and contains one of each color.

For more information or to place an order, contact your dental dealer, call (866) 854-8300, or visit

RelyX™ Fiber Post joins 3M ESPE RelyX family

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3M ESPE introduces the RelyX Fiber Post, a strong and durable glass fiber reinforced post partnered with proven RelyX Unicem Self-Adhesive Universal Resin Cement and the innovative RelyX Unicem Aplicap™ Elongation Tip for an easier technique and long-lasting restorations. The RelyX Unicem “system approach” offers a total cementation solution, ensuring clinical success and satisfaction for both dental professional and patient.

Fiber posts boast several advantages, including enhanced esthetics and firm retention in combination with adhesive cementation. Fiber posts also eliminate the risk of corrosion that may occur with metal. Clinical research confirms that the elasticity of the RelyX fiber post is similar to human dentin, which means a lower risk of root fracture due to the “wedge effect.” The post exerts greater fatigue resistance than other leading fiber posts.

Call (800) 634-2249 or visit

The right choice for esthetics - Synergy® D6

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Coltène/Whaledent introduces Synergy D6, an ultra-esthetic, nano hybrid composite featuring self-blending Duo shades. Six dentin and two enamel shades are all that are needed to create durable, undetectable restorations. The Synergy D6 Duo Shade concept combines two Vita™ Classic shades to equal one self-blending Duo shade. The need for a large, multi-shade composite inventory is eliminated. All Synergy D6 shade guide tabs are manufactured of actual Synergy D6 composite. As a result, your restoration is guaranteed to match the shade guide. Formulated with a balanced distribution of fillers and resin particles, Synergy D6 is nonsticky, nonslumping, and highly polishable.

Synergy D6 is available from your dental dealer. Visit for more information.

Ansell’s new Micro-Touch® Affinity®neoprene gloves

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Ansell Healthcare Products, LLC launches the Micro-Touch Affinity glove. Made of 100 percent polychloroprene (neoprene), the Micro-Touch Affinity is a latex-free, powder-free examination glove. It provides the fit, comfort, tactile sensitivity, and stretch ability that the health care professional looks for without the allergen risks associated with natural rubber latex.

Its polymer coating provides excellent dry- and damp-hand donability, and textured fingertips make for better grip in wet and dry procedures. The ambidextrous gloves are available in extra-small through extra-large sizes.

For more information, visit

New PeerlessPost by SybronEndo

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SybronEndo introduces a totally customizable fiber post. Retention, strength, and flexibility are all characteristics of a reliable fiber post. PeerlessPost has all that and more. Adjustable on both ends, the PeerlessPost boasts 64 different options within four post sizes. Both the coronal and apical aspects of the post are segmented to easily and accurately adjust for every patient. Its unique “keystone” segment design prevents rotation and dislodgement. Built-in undercuts along the length of the post increase surface area and improve retention. Offered in .04 and .06 taper, the PeerlessPost fits directly into tapered root canals without additional prep work. Optional matching drills can be used to further refine the preparation. PeerlessPost is esthetic, radiopaque, and fully customizable.

To experience the PeerlessPost, call (800) 346-3636 or visit

OptiDisc - the visible advantage in finishing and polishing

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Kerr OptiDisc is a three-step finishing and polishing disc system used to produce a natural, high gloss shine in convex surfaces of composite fillings as well as other restorative surfaces. These flexible discs are translucent for optimal viewing of the work area and contain a color-coded ring to indicate grit size. OptiDisc features a patented retention system, which prevents metal traces on the composite surface. For more information, call (800) Kerr -123 or visit

Pulpdent Embrace products contain no Bisphenol A

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There is renewed concern over the potential health hazards of Bisphenol A (BPA), a common additive to plastics and a by-product of the chemical Bis-GMA, which is an ingredient in many dental resins and pit-and-fissure sealants. BPA has been known to be a synthetic mimic of the female estrogen hormone. Pulpdent EMBRACE Pit and Fissure Sealant and WetBond resins contain no BPA. While the BPA controversy is likely to continue, concerned practitioners have the alternative to use Embrace WetBond Pit and Fissure Sealant and other Embrace resins without fear of exposing patients to BPA.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

Block-Out by Ultra Bond® Plus replaces opaquers under veneers

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Traditionally, masking tetracycline and other dark stains meant the painful removal of sensitive tooth structure. Now, Den-Mat Corporation has developed Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus, a new supplemental product to Ultra Bond Plus, so that dentists can bond and mask severe stains on all veneers in the most minimally invasive, painless, and permanent way. The new masking agent simplifies the placing of thin veneers over teeth of different shades, and does away with extra steps to achieve color uniformity. Two systems in one, Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus eliminates the need to apply special opaquers or premix with catalysts. By syringing the product into LUMINEERS, the process is faster, easier, and better.

For more information, call (800) 445-0345 or visit

COSMECORE® Self-Cure buildup material

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Cosmedent introduces COSMECORE Self-Cure, a new self-cure core buildup material to compliment its dual-cure version. The material allows a working time of one minute and a total set time of four minutes from the start of the mix. Like the popular dual-cure version, COSMECORE Self-Cure preps like dentin and will not slump. The automix tip ensures a consistent mix every time. Two shades are available: a blue color core material for buildups under metal crowns, and an A2 (white) shade for esthetic restorations. Additional benefits include the material’s high compressive strength as well as the fact that it will not gouge when you are preparing the tooth. Whether practitioners prefer a self- or dual-cure buildup material, COSMECORE will be a welcome addition to their armamentarium.

For more information, call (800) 621-6729 or visit

Grip Deep Extracting Forceps

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Miltex Inc. releases its new Grip Deep Extracting Forceps, made from the finest quality German stainless steel. It has tapered, serrated beaks, which are designed for subgingival access to the tooth and maximum grip. This helps aid in atraumatic tooth removal and reduces the risk of fracturing the crown and root structure, or causing trauma to the surrounding hard and soft tissues. The Grip Deep forceps have a take-apart feature that aids in cleaning and sterilization. There is no worry about debris and other material being baked onto the hinge.

For additional information, an in-office demonstration, or to place an order, call your local dealer, (866) 854-8300, or visit