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March 1, 2006

Kerr TempBond® cements now available in automix syringes

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Kerr Corporation announces the availability of the market-leading TempBond family of cements in new, convenient auto-mix syringes. Joining a complete line-up of formulations and delivery systems - including convenient, single-patient Unidose® packets and easy-to-mix tubes - TempBond now offers the easiest way ever to experience the TempBond difference.

Available in TempBond Original, TempBond NE™, and TempBond Clear™, the TempBond family of temporary cements offers the perfect formulation for every clinical situation. For more information, visit, call your Kerr dealer, or call (800)KERR-123.

ContactWedge elastic interdental wedges

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Danville Materials introduces ContactWedges - latex-free, elastic interdental wedges - ideal for use with Contact Matrix or any sectional matrix system. The ContactWedge applies uniform gentle force around the entire cervical area to ensure a complete seal. Other wedges apply force at one point, which can still allow gaps. Placement is easy - the ContactWedge is stretched with ring placement pliers and slipped easily into tight contacts.

For more information about ContactWedge, call (800) 827-7940 or visit

ViziLite® Plus oral lesion identification and marking system

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The newest tool in the fight against oral disease is the ViziLite Plus oral lesion identification and marking system from Zila Pharmaceuticals. It combines the oral screening technology of ViziLite, an advanced chemiluminescent light technology to help detect oral abnormalities, with TBlue630™, a marking system using Zila® Tolonium Chloride (ZTC™), the only patented pharmaceutical-grade form of toluidine blue that has been cleared by the FDA for use in marking lesions identified during a ViziLite examination.

ViziLite Plus makes oral screening more comprehensive than ever before, and is indicated for use in individuals at increased risk of oral cancer. If ViziLite reveals an abnormality, TBlue630 can be used to mark suspicious lesions for further evaluation.

For more details, call (866) 945-2776 or e-mail [email protected].

3M ESPE’s best just got better!

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Featuring the same highly regarded physical properties and excellent clinical performance as its original nanocomposite offering, 3M ESPE now introduces Filtek™ Supreme Plus Universal Restorative - showcasing an optimized shading system which delivers highly esthetic results that more accurately match natural tooth color.

The new nanocomposite restorative makes excellent esthetic results even easier to obtain, and also features one additional shade - Clear Translucent (CT) - allowing dentists to add depth to lighter, multi-shade restorations.

The nanosized filler particles used in Filtek Supreme Plus universal restorative allow for the polishability and polish retention typical of a microfill, yet also provide the excellent handling, strength, and wear properties that are needed for universal indications. The new restorative now is available in 35 shades and four opacities - dentin, enamel, body, and translucent.

For more information, call (800) 634-2249.

Periodontitis - treat the cause; not just the symptoms

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It is widely accepted that a definite group of highly pathogenic bacteria is the primary cause of progressive periodontal disease. Mechanical debridement is, by itself, often ineffective in eliminating certain tissue-invasive periodontal pathogens. A treatment with antibiotics may be necessary to eradicate these bacteria and to prevent the progression of the disease. Marker pathogen analyses with micro-IDent® and micro-IDent®plus provide information as to which disease-causing bacteria are present and in what amount.

Using this information, the clinician can decide if an antibiotic treatment is indicated and, most importantly, which antibiotic will demonstrate optimal efficacy. Microbiological testing serves as an indispensable prerequisite for the planning and optimization of periodontal therapy. Furthermore, periodontitis has a hereditary component. In patients with a genetically determined susceptibility, the disease progresses considerably faster than in other patients. The GenoType® PST®plus test can be easily performed to identify these susceptible individuals. These patients who are PST positive will require supportive maintenance programs designed specifically for their needs. Individualized periodontal therapy can be surprisingly simple. Find out what the most current diagnostics can do for you in your day-to-day practice.

Advanced Dental Diagnostics (ADDX) can provide more details and sampling sets free of charge. Call toll-free (866) 810-6090 or e-mail [email protected].

Oral Balance® Dry Mouth Moisturizing LIQUID

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Laclede Incorporated introduces Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing LIQUID. This new oral lubricant features Biotene’s unique salivary antibacterial enzyme system to quickly and effectively soothe and moisten dry mouth, while protecting dry oral tissue. The breakthrough liquid spray formulation makes application easy and convenient for any patient. Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing LIQUID contains five moisturizers, eight amino acids, and milk proteins to recreate the natural protection found in the mouth. Clinically proven to reduce the effects of dry mouth, it offers a neutral, pleasant flavor, and provides up to eight hours of comfort. Infuse moisture back into the mouth with the all-new Oral Balance Dry Mouth Moisturizing LIQUID, the world’s most recognized and recommended dry mouth treatment.

For more information, call (800) 922-5856 or visit

Stop bleeding fast!

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Whether doing extractions or gum graft surgery, bleeding in the mouth is a common problem for general dentists and specialists. For immediate bleeding control, many dentists are turning to BloodSTOP™ EX hemostatic gauze by LifeScience PLUS. Less expensive and easier to use than other products, BloodSTOP and BloodSTOP EX stops bleeding instantly and creates a protective barrier. BloodSTOP EX works by speeding coagulation and expanding to form an odorless and tasteless gel that adheres to the surface and seals the wound. Made from biologically inert, natural regenerated cellulose, BloodSTOP interacts with platelets and fibrin to form a gelatinous clear shield. BloodSTOP controls bleeding 80 percent faster than traditional cotton gauze and pressure techniques. Easily removable with water or saline, BloodSTOP can be cut to fit; multiple layers will handle heavier bleeding. It also is transparent, making it simple to monitor the healing process. BloodSTOP can be used safely on smokers and hemophiliacs as well as patients taking anticoagulation medications.

For more information, call your dental dealer or LifeScience PLUS at (877) 587-5433, or visit

Ivoclar Vivadent Systemp®.c&b plus

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. releases Systemp.c&b plus, a self-curing composite material for the fabrication of temporary crowns and bridges. It offers easy handling, great physical properties, and low exothermic reaction. Systemp.c&b plus is available in five shades - Bleach XL, A1, A2, A3, A3.5 - to provide esthetic matching of the provisional to the natural teeth. It also may be used for inlays and onlays, and worn for weeks with confidence. Systemp.c&b plus also is suitable as a relining material for prefabricated polycarbonate crowns.

Systemp.c&b plus takes the place of Systemp.c&b with improvements in material stability, lower polymerization shrinkage, and lower temperature increase during curing to ensure the safety of the pulp and soft tissues.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send e-mail to [email protected].

Foundation™ bone-filling augmentation material

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Foundation is a revolutionary new bone regeneration material for use after teeth extractions. Collagen-based, Foundation provides improved support for implants, bridges, and dentures. Immediately following an extraction, Foundation is placed into the socket. The surrounding cells and capillaries gradually infiltrate Foundation. As the extraction socket heals, it is filled with new augmented bone. Foundation also prevents deformity and resorption of alveolar bone; studies have demonstrated the preservation of the width and height of the alveolar ridge. Foundation is shaped in “bullet” form for easy placement. It is available in both small and medium sizes.

For more information, call 888-JMORITA (566-7482) or contact your dealer.

Gun Dispenser Rack

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The Dispenser Rack, developed by Chipman Dental Products, is designed to hold impression material guns used during restorative procedures. The acrylic plastic rack is compact, sturdy, and lightweight. It is designed to take up minimal space while keeping the guns in a readily available position for fast, convenient use. The Dispenser Rack also incorporates a convenient holder to provide easy access for additional dispenser gun tips. The Dispenser Rack is available is two configurations to hold either four ($49.95) or five ($59.95) dispenser guns.

For more information, call Chipman Dental Products at (800) 814-7537 or visit

New ComfortView™ lip and cheek retractor by Premier

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ComfortView is an innovative lip and cheek retractor that provides even retraction of the lips and cheeks for buccal and gingival access at the same time. The hands-free, two-in-one cheek and lip retractor offers maximum visibility and access to the working area without a second pair of hands or additional instruments. Anatomic design with cushioned lip supports ensures comfort during short and long procedures, and facilitates placement of the saliva ejector.

The autoclavable ComfortView allows for visual and instrument access in diagnostic, therapeutic, and preventive dental applications such as photography, prophylaxis, tooth preparation, bleaching, occlusal analysis, and other dental procedures.

For more information, visit or call (888) 773-6872.

Pulpdent Embrace Class V restorative now in syringes

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Pulpdent Embrace WetBond Class V restorative is now available in syringes for fast and easy dispensing and placement. Embrace Class V is the first wet-bonding restorative resin specially designed for Class V restorations. It bonds, seals, and desensitizes, with or without adhesives or bonding agents. Embrace Class V restorative is a self-adhesive resin formulated with an advanced, hydrophilic, Resin Acid-Integrating Network (R.A.I.N.) that is unique to Pulpdent’s Embrace technology. It bonds to moist tooth surfaces and is designed to withstand the stresses that are present in the cervical area. It also treats and desensitizes abfractions and exposed roots. It is self-etching to dentin, tough, resilient, durable, and available in four popular shades.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

New book offers unique insights on pulp treatment

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A new book, published by Pulpdent Corporation, describes evidence-based, research-supported techniques for treating the vital pulp and the pulpless tooth, and offers insights gained through the author’s six decades of experience in dentistry. The book, “Save That Tooth,” is authored by Harold Berk, DDS, DSc, FACD, FICD, FAAPD, Clinical Professor Emeritus at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, and founder of Pulpdent Corporation. It includes a broad range of clinical information, philosophical approaches, case studies, technical tips, and resources relating to saving teeth.

“Save That Tooth” is a hardcover book of more than 250 pages and is richly illustrated with full-color clinical photographs, medical illustrations, radiographs, and original artwork. There are also extensive references and suggestions for additional reading, as well as sections with helpful hints and frequently asked questions. The book is a valuable resource but also an enjoyable read for dental students and practicing clinicians alike. “Save That Tooth” is available for $80, including shipping. Order by calling (800) 343-4342.

Zimmer Dental launches Hex Lock™ Contour Abutment

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Zimmer Dental Inc. announces the new Hex Lock Contour Abutment. Designed to work with Tapered Screw-Vent® implants, this new abutment helps to simplify the restoration process and minimize preparation time for clinicians and technicians while allowing for optimum esthetics.

The product is a stock titanium abutment with a prepared margin for the Tapered Screw-Vent prosthetic line that mimics the profile of soft tissue, needing minimal modification. The abutment collar is contoured below the margin to create space for soft tissue without compromising strength or esthetics. This “prepared” abutment is well-suited for cement-retained restorations. It engages the internal hex of the implant, forming a friction-fit connection with the Tapered Screw-Vent implant, thereby virtually eliminating micromovement between implant and abutment. In addition to offering a variety of cuff heights and emergence profiles, it also offers the ability to be used in both one- and two-stage surgical protocols and can be removed for modification at a later date if changes to the prosthesis are desired.

For more information, call (800) 854-7019.

New Atlantis all-ceramic abutments from Americus

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Americus Dental Labs now offers the new all-ceramic, patient-specific Zirconia Abutment from Atlantis Components, Inc., as part of its esthetic implant laboratory services. The new all-ceramic Atlantis Zirconia Abutment eliminates metal interfaces and the esthetic drawbacks of metal abutments, such as the potential for metal to show at the gum line. The all-ceramic design blends seamlessly with the outstanding esthetics of custom-characterized All-Ceramic Implant Crowns from Americus, so patients can count on exceptional results.

Unlike stock abutments, Atlantis Zirconia patient-specific abutments are precision milled using a patented Atlantis design process assuring that abutments are delivered ready to seat, and require no field adjustments. This eliminates the need for changes that might alter its geometry or fit. For more information, visit or call any one of the regional laboratories directly.

Free CD featuring Linda Miles

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CareCredit® is offering free to practices, a new educational audio CD titled, “12 Necessities of an Exceptional Practice,” featuring Linda Miles, CSP, CMC. This informative and entertaining audio program teaches the “necessities” she has identified that are common to all exceptional practices, including attitude, leadership, clinical skills, technology, and case acceptance. Drawing upon her extensive in-practice experience, Miles discusses each of these necessities and how they affect the three areas impacting practice success - the patient experience, case acceptance, and operational excellence. Miles also provides insight into integrating these necessities into your practice, resulting in exceptional performance.

For more information or to request your complimentary copy of this CD, call CareCredit at (800) 300-3046, ext. 4519 (if new to CareCredit), or (800) 859-9975 (if already enrolled), or visit

Hu-Friedy® announces perio and ultrasonic promotion

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Hu-Friedy announces its “Better By Design” Periodontal and Ultrasonic Insert Promotion, which runs March 1 to May 31. The promotion features all dental hygiene products, including the new EverEdge™ Technology scalers and curettes, Swivel Direct Flow™ ultrasonic inserts, and the Sidekick™ Sharpener. EverEdge Technology scalers and curettes feature a revolutionary new steel alloy that stays sharper 50 percent longer. This means less-frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day. The exclusive Swivel Direct Flow ultrasonic insert rotates easily at your fingertips for single-handed adjustment and more efficient scaling. Through-tip water delivery focuses the water flow directly to the tip - reducing excess spray for improved visibility and enhanced patient comfort. The compact, cordless Sidekick Sharpener makes routine sharpening of scalers and curettes fast and easy. This straightforward device guides you and your scaler to sharp, consistent results every time.

Also, find out about Hu-Friedy’s Environdent™ recycling program. Call (800) HU-FRIEDY or contact your authorized Hu-Friedy dealer for details.

Release your creativity with NobelRondo™ Zirconia porcelain

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Experience creative freedom with the dynamic color system of NobelRondo Zirconia porcelain and fulfill your patient’s dreams for beautiful teeth. Now, Nobel Biocare offers dental ceramists a professional, yet easy-to-use system to create beautiful restorations that mimic the natural florescence of real teeth. For use on Zirconia restorations, this unique porcelain includes six harmonic color segments, logically arranged in an ergonomic tray. Combined with the innovative layering technique, NobelRondo Zirconia provides the highest esthetic results. Tests performed during five years in accordance to ISO 7941 show that NobelRondo dentin has no distinguishable color change.

NobelRondo Zirconia porcelain has a flexural strength of 120MPa - that’s 20 to 70 percent greater flexural strength than other comparable ceramics! To order, call (800) 322-5001, or visit For technical questions, call (800) 322-500, or visit

GUM® brand Chlorhexidine Gluconate mouth rinse, USP 0.12%

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Sunstar Butler introduces its GUM brand of Chlorhexidine Gluconate mouth rinse - the first and only FDA-approved CHX rinse in the United States which contains no alcohol. All other CHX rinses sold in the U.S. contain 11.6% alcohol by volume. With its lack of alcohol, all your patients can use the new 0.12% CHX rinse. This includes those susceptible to dry mouth conditions, irritation of soft tissues, mucositis, or patients who are sensitive to alcohol. The efficacy of non-alcohol CHX rinses is supported by a number of clinical and in vitro studies (available upon request).

The new CHX rinse will be exclusively available from dental professionals, who have the opportunity to counsel patients on how and why to use it. This also allows patients to obtain the product without time-consuming prescription filling.

For more details, call (800) 528-8537 or visit

“How to Assemble a Winning Team”

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The Practice Source, a consulting company that provides practical resources for successful practices, has introduced Book 2 in its The Doctor as CEO series: “How to Assemble a Winning Team,” a resource guide for finding and retaining a top office team. The 52-page manual provides a complete set of forms, templates, and sample materials in addition to clear instructions for implementation. It covers the entire hiring process from job description through training of the hired employee. It takes the “hit and miss” out of recruiting, screening, interviewing, hiring, and retaining outstanding employees. The step-by-step process is designed to be as stress-free and predictable as possible.

“How to Assemble a Winning Team” is available individually or as part of The Doctor as CEO boxed set, which also includes “Take Control of Your Overhead” and “The Solution Forms Kit.” For more information or to purchase, go to or call (415) 924-5213.

Ivoclar Vivadent introduces Variolink® Veneer esthetic resin cements

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. announces the release of Variolink Veneer, a microfilled esthetic resin cement previously marketed under the overwhelmingly accepted brand name, Appeal®. Variolink Veneer has been developed specifically for anterior restorations to provide the shade flexibility, easy clean-up, superior high-gloss polishability, and low wear that today’s esthetic cases demand. Available in seven light-cured, amine-free “value” shades, the Variolink Veneer esthetic cement features a light-cure Initiator System that ensures long-term color stability, polymerization on demand, and immediate high bond strengths for predictable long-term clinical success.

The logical “value” shading sequence simplifies cement selection because shades are based on the true influences of the cement (i.e., the “value” or relative brightness) on the esthetics of final restoration, rather than on the “color” of the cement. The new system also includes try-in pastes that are perfectly matched to the cement for accurate previews of the final result. Variolink Veneer is ideal for use with all-ceramic restorations (e.g., IPS Empress®, IPS Empress® Esthetic) where light-curing is indicated. For more details, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail [email protected].

Expasyl™ - new ergonomic applicator by Kerr

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Expasyl, the fast, painless alternative to packing retraction cord, now features a new applicator that fits smaller hands, improves intraoral access, and delivers smooth extrusion with minimal effort. A packaging upgrade (foil pouch for the capsules) maintains the consistency of the paste. Expasyl provides excellent gingival retraction to facilitate marginal access, and can be rinsed from the sulcus in less than two minutes after application. Aluminum chloride controls bleeding and leaves a dry field. Expasyl can also be used in cosmetic procedures such as veneers and crowns.

For more information, visit or call (800) KERR.123.