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June 1, 2006

TurboTemp 2 Cement

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TurboTemp 2 Cement is ideal for cementing both provisional and permanent crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. Automix syringe delivery allows fast, direct application. TurboTemp 2 Cement is zinc oxide-based and eugenol-free. Cement removal is fast and easy. Kit includes a 10ml automix syringe with six waste-saver mix tips. No gun is needed. Working time is one minute; setting time is 4.5 minutes.

For more information, contact Danville at (800) 827-7940 or visit

Premier® Enamel Pro™ prophy paste

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Premier introduces Enamel Pro, the only prophy paste with ACP (Amorphous Calcium Phosphate). Enamel Pro creates ACP when it contacts the patient’s teeth and saliva. As ACP forms, it is incorporated within the enamel surface where it remains after rinsing. The available ACP helps prevent future damage by stimulating re-mineralization. Scientific data supports that Enamel Pro actually gives greater luster for whiter, brighter teeth.

Patients and dental professionals appreciate the unique presentation, pleasant aroma, flavors, and taste of Enamel Pro, as it removes stains and polishes quickly without splatter. Available in multiple grits and four flavors - mint, grape, strawberry and cinnamon.

For more information, contact Premier at (888) 670-6100 or visit

Delton® Seal-N-Glo™ Pit & Fissure Sealant

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Delton - the most trusted name in pit and fissure sealants - now offers a product which eliminates the guesswork involved with placing sealants and confirming placement during recall appointments. Delton Seal-N-Glo Illuminating Pit & Fissure Sealant is a 38 percent filled, syringe-delivered, opaque sealant with fluoride. Through the use of a UV pen light, Seal-N-Glo fluoresces a blue/white color. The fluorescent glow provides clinicians with a visual verification of the sealant margins at the time of placement and offers the easiest way to verify retention and inspect margins during patient recall appointments. Unlike other products on the market, Seal-N-Glo’s fluorescent technology is valuable throughout the lifetime of the sealant.

For more information, call your DENTSPLY dealer, or call (800) 989-8825 (east) or (800) 800-2888 (west).

Crest launches ADA-accepted next generation toothpaste

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Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste marks a significant new advance in at-home oral health care. The breakthrough dentrifice contains an exclusive proprietary Crest technology called the Polyfluorite System™, making it the first and only toothpaste with the ADA seal that protects against a number of areas dentists routinely check for good oral health.

Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste’s exclusive Polyfluorite System is a combination of stabilized Stannous Fluoride (0.454%) and Sodium Hexametaphosphate, an advanced whitening agent. Together, the ingredients work to provide unique all-in-one oral care benefits.

New Crest Pro-Health Toothpaste will be available nationwide at drug, grocery, and mass stores in August.

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Vident introduces V13 alloy for PFM porcelain

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Vident has introduced a special high noble alloy that exhibits exceptional strength properties, low oxide levels, is silver free, and is compatible with VITAVM®13 porcelain. Its composition of 45% gold and 44.5% palladium means that V13 is suitable for most porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations ranging from single units to long-span bridgework. Though ideal for VITAVM®13, V13 alloy is compatible with a wide-range of porcelains.

Vident has been a provider of innovative dental products since 1985 and is the North American representative of VITA, manufacturer of the internationally recognized Vitapan Classical Shade Guide, 3D-Master® Shade System and quality VITA materials.

For more information, call (800) 828-3839 or visit

Colgate® Visible White™ Professional Whitening System

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Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, Inc. announces the introduction of the new Colgate® Visible White™ Professional Whitening System - providing visibly whiter teeth in three days with only 30 minutes of wear time per day.

Colgate Visible White is the latest dentist-dispensed take-home tray whitening system from Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals. The system is clinically proven to deliver fast, safe, and effective whitening results while removing both surface and embedded teeth stains. It is scientifically formulated to prevent dehydration of the teeth and it has a neutral pH for safe whitening. Colgate Visible White is formulated with potassium nitrate and fluoride and is available in 5%, 7%, and 9% hydrogen peroxide (comparable to 17%, 23% and 30% carbamide peroxide respectively).

The choice of two great tasting flavors, mint and melon, makes this product ideal for patients. The full kit provides patients with a sleek, portable, reusable white carrying case allowing them to make use of the kit long after the treatment is done.

Full Kits are available for $26.99. The Full Kit has enough product for 12 days of whitening. Touch-Up Kits are also available and have enough product for six days.

Orders can be placed via Colgate’s exclusive distributor, Sullivan-Schein, at 1-800-372-4346 or via their Web site at

Pulpdent’s Embrace First-Coat Primer now offered as a refill item

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Pulpdent Corporation, manufacturer of Embrace™ WetBond™ products, is now offering Embrace First-Coat™ Primer individually as a refill item. First-Coat is a key component of the Embrace Restoration & PFM Repair Kit. The repair kit, which is used to repair fractured porcelain restorations and can be used intra-orally, has received extremely high ratings from the world’s most respected independent testing organizations.

Embrace First-Coat is a unique, light-cure resin primer that replaces Silane and metal adhesives and is placed on both the porcelain and metal surfaces. It contains no solvents and represents the first significant improvement in porcelain repair materials in two decades. It can be cured with any curing light.

Testing indicates that the adhesive bond strength between First-Coat and porcelain is stronger than the cohesive strength of porcelain itself. First-Coat obsoletes the use of Silane as a porcelain primer. It solves the difficult chemistry problem created by bonding an organic resin to an inorganic ceramic surface.

First-Coat is available in a 1.2 mL syringe and includes 10 flocked applicator tips.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

New crown prep product offered

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Common Sense Dental’s PrepCheck tabs are equipped with a special coating that marks the tooth in areas that need to be reduced. PrepCheck promotes adequate reduction allowing for the ideal thickness of the final restoration, and it ensures superior strength and esthetics. This prep-marking system can increase accuracy and promote better fit for all types of crown preps.

PrepCheck tabs come in three sizes - 1 mm for gold crown, 1.5 mm for PFM, and 2 mm for nonmetal.

Use PrepCheck in three simple steps - 1) Prepare crown prep as usual and select size; 2) ask patient to bite on the PrepCheck tab. Do not pull or tug on the tab. A properly prepared tooth will resist tug even if occlusal reduction is adequate; 3) look at the occlusal contacts on adjacent teeth. These should appear to occlude when the tab is in place.

If the occlusal contacts do not meet, adequate reduction has not been achieved. Remove the tab and reduce areas that are marked by the special coating on PrepCheck tabs.

For more information, call (888) 853-5773 or visit

New IPS Empress® SMILE Patient Marketing Kit

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Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc. introduces the IPS Empress SMILE Patient Marketing Kit, an effective way of providing you with the marketing support you need, while communicating the life-changing effects an Empress SMILE can achieve for your patients. The SMILE kit includes 25 patient information brochures, including seven SMILE stories that patients must read! In addition, the kit includes a SMILE poster that is sure to be an attention-grabber leaving an impact on the patients. Place the three included SMILE counter cards in ideal locations to generate awareness of IPS Empress. The SMILE patient testimonial DVD provides a convenient method for you and your patients to hear about the life-altering SMILE makeovers firsthand from actual patients. Their stories tell how their SMILE experience touched their lives in profound and unique ways, inspiring your patients to learn more about today’s all-ceramic treatment options with IPS Empress.

For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or e-mail to [email protected].

FibreKleer™ post system

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The clear FibreKleer post system is the latest in esthetic, high-strength fiber post technology from Pentron Clinical Technologies, LLC, one of the first manufacturers to introduce esthetic fiber posts. The FibreKleer post is ideal for all post applications, especially under all-ceramic crowns where final esthetics are critical. The post takes on the shade of the restoration, preventing the grey shadow effect that can occur with metal posts. This ability ensures more natural-looking restorations. Its high light transmission enables light initiation of dual-cure cements to speed the placement procedure.

Because of its unidirectional arrangement of glass fibers, the FibreKleer post has an impressive flexural strength of 1577 MPa and a flexural modulus of 26 GPa. So it’s not only strong, it may minimize root fractures. The posts are available in two body designs and a variety of sizes - parallel with a retentive head for increased mechanical core retention, and tapered for conservative dentistry and minimal tooth reduction.

For more information, call (800) 551-0283 or visit

New Zirconia Procera® Esthetic Abutment Selection Kit

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Nobel Biocare introduces a revolutionary new concept for restorative implant dentistry - the Procera Esthetic Abutment Selection Kit. First of their kind in the industry, this new concept offers individual, pre-determined abutment designs in zirconia that optimize biocompatibility and soft-tissue response, while virtually eliminating the need for a fixture-level impression. The abutments come in a variety of pre-determined sizes and shapes derived from analyses of thousands of clinical cases. The kit offers a variety of pre-made zirconia abutments, allowing the doctor to choose the one that best matches the patient’s tissue contours. Because the emergence profiles are already built-in, minimal or no chairside adjustment is required. Approximately 80 percent of a doctor’s restorative requirements can be handled directly out of the selection kit with minimal adjustments on the same day of surgery.

For more details, call (800) 322-5001 or visit

Zoom-Rax™ new Telescopic Expansor®

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LeoneAmerica introduces the telescopic rapid palatal expander. The innovative telescopic guide pins ensure a constant friction throughout the expansion process with perfect stability. Acting like a telescope, the arms extend out in the expansion process and lock into place.

Once the Expansor has reached its maximum expansion, it will self-deactivate, preventing any chance of the appliance turning back or coming apart in the mouth. The Zoom-Rax Telescopic Expansor is available in two sizes - 7 mm for treating narrow palates, and 12 mm.

For more information, call LeoneAmerica at (800) 242-9986 or visit

CLING2 resin-optimized temporary cement

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Now available in a larger and more economical 10 ml syringe, CLING2 is a versatile and easy-to-use temporary cement featuring an ultra-quick set time of 90 seconds and easy clean up (CLING2 effortlessly peels off the prep site). Dispensed in a convenient automix delivery system, noneugenol CLING2 is a zinc-oxide/carboxylate hybrid temporary cement that includes a small amount of polycarboxylate resin that helps to optimize adhesion, soothe the tooth, and provide an excellent seal, while allowing the material to be easily removed from the tooth preparations when desired. CLING2 is the ideal choice for cementing provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

For more information or to order direct, call CLINICIAN’S CHOICE® at (800) 265-3444 or visit