Fourth-generation rotary endo file system

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Brasseler USA is proud to introduce the Sequence™ precision endodontic system, designed to bring increased precision and simplicity to endodontic therapy. The Sequence file is the first fourth-generation rotary file, using patented Alternating Contact Point (ACP) architecture instead of radial lands to maintain file centering. The ACP design maximizes cutting efficiency, flexibility, debris removal, and tactile feedback.

The result of thorough research and development, the ultra-efficient file system allows rapid canal enlargement with minimal pressure on the instrument. In addition, the innovative ACP design provides unprecedented control, resisting "over-engagement" into the canal. The Sequence file system is complemented by Sequence gutta percha and paper points, which are highly accurate and matched to the Sequence file sizes.

For more information, contact Brasseler USA at (800) 841-4522.

Embrace™ WetBond™ restoration & PFM kit

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Pulpdent Corporation's Embrace™ WetBond™ restoration & PFM repair kit provides materials for preparing, priming, opaquing, and protecting surfaces, and for sealing, finishing, and polishing the final repair or restoration. The multi-functional kit works on all surfaces with fewer steps, saving time and money.

The kit contains the first moist-bonding resins specifically designed for bonding to all restorative, metal, and ceramic surfaces. It eliminates metal primers and silane, and provides superior bonds to metal and ceramic surfaces.

The kit contains five products: Embrace First-Coat™, Embrace Opaquer, and Embrace Seal-n-Shine™, each formulated with R.A.I.N. technology; Kool-Dam, and Porcelain etch gel. Embrace First-Coat, which contains no solvents, bonds chemically and mechanically to prepared ceramic and metal. Seal-n-Shine penetrates and seals, leaving a glaze-like finish. Embrace Opaquer spreads easily with a brush and light cures in 20 seconds. These three products chemically bond to metal, ceramic, and tooth surfaces and can do so in a slightly moist field.

Kool-Dam™ is the first heatless, flexible liquid dam. Porcelain etch gel is a 9.6% hydrofluoric acid that is thixotropic and etches ceramic in two minutes without discoloration.

Embrace WetBond restoration & PFM repair kit is available from dental dealers. A $5 manufacturer's rebate is in effect through March 31, 2004 with proof of purchase.

For more information, call (800) 343-4342 or visit

F.I.R.S.T. single-visit dental implants

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The F.I.R.S.T. (Fabricated Implant Restoration Surgical Technique) method was conceived by Dr. Todd E. Shatkin after several years of placing IMTEC Sendax mini dental implants for denture retention, single crown restorations, and crown and bridge reconstruction. He found that the F.I.R.S.T. technique greatly simplifies routine procedures, assists treatment planning, and provides both implant and crown in a single visit, saving time and money.

The simple procedure employs a surgically guided template for implant placement, and fabricated implant crown restoration(s) to be placed at the time of the MDI insertion. If performed according to Dr. Shatkin's patented protocol, any licensed dentist can master the procedure. Basic training in MDI placement is a prerequisite.

For additional information, call (888) MDI-FIRST (634-3477) or visit or For assistance in case planning or to speak to an MDI/FIRST consulting dentist, call (716) 839-2959.

New Calset™ dispenser tray for composite heater

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AdDent introduces a new heated dispenser tray for its already popular Calset. The new dispenser tray makes it even easier to heat composite. By heating composite to 130°F, it increases composite flow by 68 percent, shortens composite curing time by 80 percent, and provides greater depth of cure. The new heated dispenser tray for the Calset fits the Caulk, Centrix, Kerr (original model), Kuraray, SDI, 3M ESPE, and Vident dispenser guns.

For more information, contact your dental dealer or AdDent at (203) 778-0200.

FLEXI-TIPS no-stick composite instruments

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AMERICAN DENTAL SUPPLY, Inc. introduces its new, autoclavable FLEXI-TIPS. FLEXI-TIPS are a unique hand instrument for applying and contouring difficult composites and cements. The instruments are essentially non-sticking — no need to coat them with modeling liquids to keep composites from pulling away. They are used directly for precise application and shaping of light-cured composite resins and cements. Even hardened materials peel off the silicone tips.

FLEXI-TIPS prevent demarcation lines in composite. The secret is in the resilience of the tip, which is similar to that of uncured composite. This allows materials to be modeled at their natural flow rate preventing flaws and air inclusions, and there are no brush hairs to get stuck.

The five tip shapes provide versatility, allowing layers of composite to be compacted, blended, and shaped into beautiful, dense, porosity-free restorations. The kit features two steel handles and two of each tip shape.

For more information, call (610) 252-1464.

3M ESPE introduces Directed Flow trays

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3M ESPE announces its innovative Directed Flow impression tray. The new, single-use tray eliminates the need for a tray adhesive, simplifying both preliminary and final impressions while delivering outstanding quality, accurate results, and easy handling.

The new tray is rigid, offering excellent stability and accurate results when making preliminary impressions of temporary restorations, study models, opposing dentition, fabrication of trays (e.g. bleaching, mouthguards) and full-arch final impressions for most crown and bridge procedures. The revolutionary self-retentive fleece strip holds the impression material securely in the tray, eliminating the need for an adhesive — no more unpleasant odor or mess. This results in fewer steps, saving an estimated five minutes per procedure. In addition, the retentive fleece features striations that act as a barrier to avoid tooth-to-tray contact and occlusal flat spots. The directed-flow design minimizes flow defects and distal voids for more accurate impressions.

For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.

The right information puts you in control

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Dental Strategies Group introduces a collection of need-to-know information not taught through traditional school courses, but only by life experience.

The book, titled, "What You Need to Know," has been designed to address the needs of unique and functional applications in dentistry. It also is a tool for both the experienced dentist and the new graduate, providing the critical information required to build upon the successful practice or build the foundation of a new practice.

Learn how to fund your projects with you in control and well-informed of hidden profit structures. Unleash the secrets of manipulating your funds for your benefit. Also included is a collection of facility designs, projections, purchasing strategies, financing strategies, inventory control strategies, information on technology, the Internet, and your practice.

Attend one of Dental Strategies Group seminars and receive a thorough understanding of the information provided in the book. For more information, visit

CAESY Enterprise single-user license debuts

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The creators of CAESY Enterprise are announcing the next patient education solution — CAESY Enterprise Single-User License. With this new option, you don't need a computer network to enjoy the advanced features of CAESY Enterprise. Single-user license customers can import digital images, print presentations, and burn patient education CDs all at one dedicated workstation. The patient-education system includes more than 200 multimedia presentations, with 3-D animation and full-motion video, which cover an extensive range of dental topics. It comes with the reception area program and Smile Channel, designed to promote discretionary services. For more information, call (800) 444-6035.

FDA 510K clearance for C-Graft™

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The Clinician's Preference announces that C-Graft™ has been granted 510K clearance by the FDA and is now available for sale in the United States.

Derived from calcified marine algae, C-Graft is a natural, non-animal choice for bone grafting, featuring the key building blocks for successful bone regeneration — porosity, absorption, and resorption.

The Clinician's Preference currently carries C-Graft, OrthoBlast™II — an allograft featuring cancellous bone and demineralized bone matrix (DBM) in the same carrier — and REGUARDE™— a Type I collagen, resorbable membrane.

For more information, visit

Software boost for CERCON® Zirconia

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Ceramco has recently implemented innovative software upgrades for all Cercon Brain Units in North America. The upgrade is free of charge, and includes automatic verification of the wax model for proper mounting and size so it can be successfully scanned and milled in Cercon's zirconia "base" material.

Also, the Cercon Brain Unit will now fine-mill the cementation surface of restorations twice. The second pass mills the zirconia at an offset to create a smoother inner contour, increasing the accuracy of the restoration's final fit. Additional software improvements will prevent milling outside a 3-mm area beyond the scan of the wax model, reducing stress on base materials and milling abrasives during processing.

The new software also allows the lab to mill the 47-mm base material, providing the opportunity for longer-span bridges up to a full quadrant.

For more information, visit www.ceramco. com or contact Mike White at (800) 487-0100, ext. 6022.

Neytech™ Pressable ceramic material

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DENTSPLY Neytech™ has introduced a pressable ceramic restorative material called Neytech Pressable™ All-Ceramic, available exclusively through Neytech distributors worldwide. It is a reinforced pressed ceramic material that can be used in a wide range of restorative applications. It is suitable for single and multi-surface inlays, onlays, laminate veneers, and single all-ceramic crowns.

Clinically, Neytech Pressable restorations offer unparalleled esthetics and precise marginal integrity. Patients will benefit from the material's wear compatibility with opposing natural dentition, as well as its resistance to plaque development. Dentists will appreciate the ease with which it polishes at chairside.

Neytech Pressable offers esthetic results with the full contour staining or the enamel cutback technique. It is available in a mini kit form that contains eight of the most popular dentin shades, two staining ingots, investment, and directions (order number 5365090002).

For more information, call (800) 487-0100 or visit

RegalCast gold crowns — enduring quality

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Gold has been valued for its use in dentistry since the time of the ancient Egyptians. Safe, durable, and pliable, no other material can offer all of the outstanding qualities that gold combines. Internationally, it the undisputed material of choice for long-term, quality dental restorations.

Now dentists can offer this time-honored and popular restoration without the guesswork normally encountered when trying to estimate the amount of gold that will be required for the case and what the lab fee will be. RegalCast gold crowns are fabricated from a high-quality noble alloy and are guaranteed for the life of the patient.

For more information, contact Precision Ceramics at (800) 223-6322, or e-mail to [email protected].

Gonon master post extractor

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Dent Corp.™ now offers an improved, stainless steel Gonon master post extractor in a kit, specially designed for removing whole or broken posts inside the root canal in three easy steps. The extractor may be used on posts made of steel, gold, and stainless steel.

The new kit now combines a screw post remover. By using one of the four special counter-clockwise mandrels, screw post removal is easy and successful. The kit contains a Pointer drill, four trephine burs sized 1.15 mm to 1.60 mm (ID), four tubular taps (RH), four CCW taps, set of washers, and pliers with screw knob.

To order or for more information, call your dental dealer, (800) 454-9244, or visit

New crown remover

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The WAMkey® crown remover is designed to separate cemented crowns rapidly and painlessly without risk of fracture or ligament injury. It removes the crown from the vertical axis of the supporting tooth and reduces unwanted stress on the tooth and prosthesis. This results in quick and pain-free crown removal, avoiding lateral movements to adjacent teeth ordinarily generated while splitting the crown with other types of instruments.

Since the crown is not split and the margins are unaltered, the dentist may choose to use it again, either permanently or temporarily. And, in most cases, a simple repair is enough, and can be performed directly with a composite after removal.

WAMkey is a three-instrument set, which allows you to begin with the smallest instrument to keep preparation to a minimum. The technique is quick and easy to perform, with most crown removals performed in under three minutes.

For more information or to order, call Edge Dental at (800) 873-6070, or visit for an animated instructional video.

New CoreX light-cured buildup material

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Temrex now offers CoreX for easily and quickly building up missing tooth structure for crown-and-bridge procedures.

CoreX comes in a 4.5 g syringe or a box of 25 unidose corpules, each with .35 g of material. The specially formulated core buildup material has perfect consistency for easy application. It will not slump, and is easy to mold, carve, and contour. CoreX, which has excellent biocompatibility, cures to a depth of 10 mm in 40 seconds.

For more information, call (800) 645-1226 or visit

CLING² resin-optimized cement

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New from CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™, CLING² is a non-eugenol, automix temporary cement designed for cementing provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays. CLING² provides advanced adhesion technology with the addition of a small amount of resin, yet still allows for easy removal of the provisional from the tooth preparations, when required.

Versatile and easy to use, it has an ultra-quick set time of 1.5 minutes, easy clean up (excess CLING² effortlessly peels off the prep site), and is dispensed in a convenient dual-syringe delivery system. CLING² is the ideal choice for cementing provisional crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays.

For more information or to order direct, call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444.

Osteo Taper and SuperConnector

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The Osteo Premounted Taper and SuperConnector implants now feature a premount with a dual use. Initially, the premount serves as a driver during surgical placement. After the implant is placed in the osteotomy, the premount can be saved and used as an impression indexed transfer coping. The impression can be taken at the time of surgery or at a later time, after healing has occurred.

This innovative design eliminates the additional cost of an impression coping, which is necessary for tooth restoration. This feature demonstrates Osteo Implant Corporation's commitment to simplifying the implant procedure for the dental practitioner while eliminating the cost of unnecessary components.

For more information, call OIC at (800) 654-5560 or visit

New absorbent dental shield

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The unique "dog bone" shape that gives Dry Bones its name allows this new absorbent dental shield to provide superior adaptation to the lingual vestibule. Dry Bones' size and shape provide a one-size-fits-all simple solution for retraction and moisture control. When used for lingual applications, the reflective laminated cellulose material will prevent the tongue from interfering with procedures and protect it from cutting or abrading. The cellulose side provides excellent moisture control while the reflective side directs light onto the work area.

For more information or to order, call Garrison Dental Solutions at (888) 437-0032 or visit

New and improved temporary cement

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GC America is proud to announce the new and improved temporary cement, GC TEMP ADVANTAGE, for temporary crowns, inlays, and onlays.

GC TEMP ADVANTAGE is available in syringes with automix tips or it may be hand-mixed. The original package contains one syringe with 15 mixing tips instead of 10. The bulk pack contains four syringes (no tips). The tips will be available in refills of 15.

It is the only temporary cement to successfully incorporate all of the critical additives that offer the best in temporary cements — fluoride, cholorhexidine, and potassium nitrate. It also offers easy dispensing, minimum two-minute working time and quick set time (two minutes post-insertion), and easy clean up.

For more information, visit

New ProSystem GT® endo file organizer

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DENTSPLY Tulsa Dental introduces the new ProSystem GT Organizer, a convenient method for organizing GT rotary and hand files.

Designed in conjunction with one of the world's leading endodontists, Dr. L. Stephen Buchanan, the organizer was developed in response to endodontists and dentists who sought an easier way to organize their instruments for patient set-up.

The ProSystem GT Organizer allows convenient staging and sterilizing of the various sizes of GT rotary files and hand instruments used for access, apical gauging, cleaning, and shaping of root canals. The organizer is constructed of high heat-resistant, autoclavable plastic and includes a snap-down lid.

The system incorporates ProFile® GT nickel titanium files and matching GT obturators — plus all the equipment, accessories, and supplies needed — for seamless root canal therapy.

For more information, contact your Dentsply Tulsa Dental representative, call (800) 662-1202, or visit

INTRO temporary veneer composite

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INTRO, by CLINICIAN'S CHOICE™, is an esthetic temporary veneer composite that gives your patient the perfect "intro" to what the impending restoration will actually look and feel like. A medium viscosity, light-cured material, INTRO exhibits exceptional esthetics, strength, and durability, making it the ideal provisional material for veneers. Formulated to smoothly dispense from the syringe (and packaged with easy-placement, pre-curved "elephant" tips), INTRO's excellent thixotropic properties ensure it won't move in the matrix. And, with excellent color stability and a selection of the most popular esthetic shades for veneers (A1, A2, B1, plus medium incisal), INTRO enables you to deliver natural-looking, natural-feeling, and accurate temporary veneers every time.

For more information or to buy direct, call CLINICIAN'S CHOICE at (800) 265-3444.

New PST scaling tips and more

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Obtura/Spartan, manufacturer of the Spartan piezoelectric MTS ultrasonic system, introduces its new line of Perio Scaling Tips (PST). The innovative design removes calculus and biofilm with unsurpassed speed and efficiency. While using a high-powered handpiece on lower intensity, even the most tenacious calculus is pulverized in seconds without sacrificing patient comfort. The angles make it easier to work into tight contacts and furcations.

The eight precision tips are housed in its own autoclavable "Tip Taxi." All tips have adjustable water spray for lavage in the sulcus or pocket. Be sure to inquire about Obtura/ Spartan's complete line of ultrasonic tips for endodontics and restorative dentistry. For more information, contact Obtura/Spartan at (800) 325-9027 or visit

Discus introduces Protégé ultrasonics

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Discus Dental, Inc. introduces Protégé, its comprehensive new system of ultrasonic inserts and equipment. Designed in consultation with leading hygienists and dentists, clinical tests show Protégé tips experience less wear over time than other, uncoated insert tips. A proprietary tip coating strengthens the insert, extending its useful life. In addition, Protégé inserts feature an exclusive, built-in wear indicator that lets users know when it's time for a new insert, ensuring maximum clinical efficiency as well as patient comfort. Protégé inserts are available in 25kHz and 30kHz operating frequencies and an assortment of tip configurations to meet the unique needs of hygienists.

Its ultra-thin tip, in conjunction with an ergonomic grip designed for excellent handling, offers clinicians superior subgingival access.

For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

New dental air force® raises the bar

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air force inc announces and improved dental air force®. This unprecedented homecare system leapfrogs over toothbrushing, flossing, and bleaching trays. The new design is easier to use and allows local subgingival drug delivery. The device uses compressed air, water, and dental cleaner to remove plaque, and oxygenates teeth and periodontal tissue.

The dental air force is recommended for esthetic, prosthetic, and orthodontic patients as well as the clinicians who treat them. Professional pricing is available.

For more information, call air force inc at (616) 399-8511 or visit

New dental fee estimate form

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Stepping Stones to Success introduces its new Fee Estimate C-212L form. This simple form is designed to organize fees and financial arrangements for patients. Discussion and documentation of treatment and fees prior to treatment is reported to be one of the most neglected areas of patient care. Moreover, confusion over fees is said to be the number-one patient complaint with state dental boards.

The Fee Estimate C-212L form documents fees and also supplements the informed-consent process. Keep one in the patient's chart, and give a copy to the patient. The form may be used alone or with the First Encounter™ chart.

The price is $15 for 200 forms. Quantity discounts are available. The form may be viewed at, or call (800) 548-2164 for a free catalog.

New titanium frame colors

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Orascoptic® announces new standard frame colors for its high-performance visualization systems. The proprietary standard titanium frame is now available in blue and wine, in sizes X-small and small. It continues to be offered in the current colors — slate, black, gold, and silver — and four custom-fit sizes.

The frame is available for Orascoptic Through-the-Lens and Flip-Up style Galilean and Prismatic loupes, including the Dimension-3®, EyeLites™, EyeMax™, and Pearls systems. Upgrades are also available for current Orascoptic customers.

Call (800) 369-3698 for more information.

Be prepared for emergencies!

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Prepare your office for a medical emergency with Banyan's all-new Criti-Kit. This comprehensive medical emergency kit is specifically designed for the dental office setting, and adheres to the same organizational standards as the original Banyan Stat Kit.

Concerned about keeping your kit up to date? It's easy! Just sign up for the Criti-Kit Automatic Update Program and you will automatically receive an annual replacement of all items with expiration dates for a low annual fee. There's no better way to be prepared for a medical emergency.

The Banyan Criti-Kit, item CK100, is $245; Criti-Kit AutoUpdate is $70 annually. To order or for more information, call (800) 351-4530 or visit

Revolutionary new toothbrush design

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The new Curvex toothbrush was designed by Dr. Stephen Harada of San Francisco, Calif. Unlike traditional toothbrushes that have a concave or flat bristle surface, the new Curvex toothbrush has a patented convex head and tapered bristle array that is designed to contact the surfaces of teeth better, front and back.

The new design also reduces splaying of bristles, thus enhancing the tooth-cleaning process. The effectiveness of the Curvex toothbrush has prompted accolades from leaders in the dental profession because it is designed with a total understanding of patient needs, ability, and dental anatomy.

Developed by Ergonomic Dental Technologies, Inc., the Curvex toothbrush comes in sizes for adults and children. The comprehensive line also includes the innovative Curvex II toothbrush with its specially designed head and handle for patients in different states of dental care, such as periodontal treatment, braces, etc. The company also plans to introduce a toothbrush for special-needs users that offers better mobility and for use by caregivers.

For more information or to order directly, call Ergonomic Dental Technologies at (800) 563-6788.

ADSTRA introduces "Auto Take" option

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ADSTRA Imaging™, a unique software solution for dental-image management, launches version 3.7 that includes an auto-take mode for capturing X-rays with Planmeca sensors in user-defined series. ADSTRA Imaging is fully integrated with all Planmeca digital intraoral, panoramic, and cephalometric X-ray devices (Dixi, Dixi®2, Dimax, Proline, and ProMax).

ADSTRA Imaging provides the practitioner with the ability to capture, manipulate, and store images from various digital devices including Air Techniques, Dentsply Gendex, Planmeca, Schick, Sirona, and Soredex; any intraoral or digital camera, and flat-bed scanners. The direct integration of these devices eliminates the need for any bridges with manufacturer software, giving dental offices real flexibility and choices in using the digital devices that are best for them. A unique indexing technique permits the user to quickly create presentations for patients using images of "before" and "after" treatment.

American Dental Cooperative — ADC — is the exclusive United States distributor for ADSTRA SYSTEMS, the developer of a complete suite of dental software — ADSTRA Imaging™, ADSTRA Charting™, and Practice Made Perfect®, a comprehensive practice-management system with available practice specialty modules.

For more information, please call ADC at (800) 929-4232 or visit

Dovgan MTA carriers

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Quality Aspirators is presenting its newest modification to the popular Dovgan MTA carriers. The carriers, used for the placement of MTA in all of its clinical applications, have in the past come as a single unit. Now, they feature a Luer lock construction allowing for the easy change of applicator size while performing a procedure. An added benefit of the instrument is that a damaged end can now be replaced at lower expense to the practitioner. The new MTA carriers are color-coded and are sold in specially priced sets. For questions or further information, visit or call (800) 858-2121.

New eBackUp — on-line data backup

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Dentrix Dental Systems, Inc. announces the immediate release of DENTRIX® eBackUp, an on-line data backup solution. With DENTRIX eBackUp, dentists can back up their data files to a remote site through an Internet connection, providing a great benefit for dentists.

Off-site, redundant, and automated data backup is a service critical to every computerized practice's business contingency plan. eBackUp assures dentists a cost-effective data backup method and instills confidence that their database is secure and can be restored within minutes. Although most dentists currently backup their files, the security of most manual backup systems is compromised by human error, faulty hardware, computer viruses, and physical disasters. DENTRIX eBackUp is automated, guaranteeing a safe method for securing data. Data files are compressed, encrypted with the most complicated algorithm available, and transferred electronically to an off-site location where they are safe-guarded in three separate locations. eBackUp is fully compliant with HIPAA data contingency regulations.

For more information, visit

Patients prefer Sof Stop Tips™

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Bosworth Company's Sof Stop Tips™ are preferred by patients and dental professionals because they lessen tissue grab. For use with all brands of saliva ejectors and evacuator tips, patented Sof Stop Tips are made of high-quality, medical-grade, non-latex sponge for maximum comfort. In addition, the open-cell design reduces backsplash and splatter to protect the dental team from increased exposure to airborne blood pathogens.

Sof Stop Tips are available in packages of 100 units and available from all Bosworth approved distributors.

For more information, call (800) 323-4352 or e-mail to [email protected].

Introducing the Alleviate™ support system

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The Alleviate™ support system is an advanced ergonomic seating product made to relieve and reduce the occurrence of musculoskeletal injuries. After performing research in the dental market for more than three years, The Brewer Company developed the Alleviate Support System specifically to reduce musculoskeletal injuries and stress to the shoulder and neck muscles. Alleviate's patented ball-and-socket system combined with its comfortable mobile gel pad allows freedom of movement and additional support to dentists and hygienists while performing procedures.

The Alleviate Support System, when combined with Brewer's EG-9000B stool, provides complete support of the back, neck, and shoulder muscles which reduces pain and increases productivity.

For information, call Brewer customer service at (800) 558-8777.

Reduce problems with stray fibers

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Garrison Dental Solutions introduces all-new Dry Rolls™ absorbent rolls. Dry Rolls are made with a smooth non-fibrous outer casing surrounding a cellulous core that prevents stray fibers in the area around a procedure. Crown seating, cosmetic and orthodontic bonding, impressions, and sealants can be contaminated by stray fibers, which can lead to procedure failure.

With absorbency equivalent to traditional cotton rolls, Dry Rolls are specifically designed to replace cotton rolls for all procedures. As an added benefit, the smooth cellulose material prevents Dry Rolls from snagging on rotary instruments.

For more information or to order, call Garrison Dental Solutions at (888) 437-0032 or visit