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Assistant's Product News

Jan. 1, 2001
Radix Corporation announces the release of Quik Assist, a newly designed cotton-roll holder that has a compact design which provides excellent access and visibility in the oral cavity while providing superior fluid control for hygienists and doctor's procedures.

Quik Assist cotton-roll holder

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Radix Corporation announces the release of Quik Assist, a newly designed cotton-roll holder that has a compact design which provides excellent access and visibility in the oral cavity while providing superior fluid control for hygienists and doctor's procedures.

Quik Assist's high quality stainless-steel design is autoclavable and durable for years of repeated use. It is easy to place and remove with standard spreading forceps, which are part of every dentist's armamentarium. It accommodates standard cotton rolls. Quik Assist's design provides a high level of stability in the mouth and it is designed to accommodate most anatomical variations of molar teeth. Its symmetrical design allows it to be used on both the left and right sides of the mandible and it also has some uses in the maxillary posterior quadrants.

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DENTSPLY Preventive Care introduces a revolutionary combination - IlluminéTM In-Office Tooth Whitening System and NUPRO GoldTM Take-Home System.The process is simple: no heat, no light, and no gingival isolation. Using an application tray, begin with a 30- to 60-minute treatment of IlluminéTM and finish by offering patients NUPRO GoldTM Take-Home for up to three at-home applications - if additional brightening is desired. For additional information, call the DENTSPLY Preventive Care IlluminéTM hotline at (800) 347-7412; contact your local DENTSPLY Preventive Care distributor or visit

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Centric Tray

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Complicated, time-consuming materials and techniques have been used often to determine a patient's final bite registration. Centric Tray from Ivoclar provides an easy and effective solution for taking a preliminary bite registration which will enhance this process.

The patient simply bites down into a putty-loaded Centric Tray to form an inter-arch relationship. This is then sent to the laboratory to accurately fabricate occlusal rims. Chairside adjustment time is greatly reduced due to the accuracy of the wax rims, when tried intraorally.

Centric Tray is used to produce removable partial and complete dental prosthetics. It also can be used in dental implantology where the masticatory parameters must be observed particularly close.

For more information, contact Ivoclar North America or circle the number below.

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On a roll ...

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Defend Health-care Products, Inc. has added cotton rolls to its extensive line of infection-control products. The product is 100-percent, high-absorbent cotton, nonsterile No. 2 medium, and comes 2,000 rolls to the package. DEFEND offers a wide selection of gloves, masks, sterilization accessories, barrier products, cotton rolls, and gauze.

For additional information, visit DEFEND Healthcare Products, Inc. at

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Interval II temporary filling

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Temrex Corporation has created Interval II, a premixed, ready-to-use temporary-filling material that promises reliability for the dentist and comfort for patients.

Packaged in an economical 38 gm jar, Interval II is an easy, convenient, and reliable material for restoring vital and nonvital teeth. It sets quickly in the mouth, even when wet with saliva; adheres well to dentinal walls, and creates a restoration that does not disintegrate.

Interval II can quickly temporize teeth, saving the clinician precious operating time. Dentists also appreciate the off-white color, which blends in with dentition much more attractively than pink materials do.

Patient satisfaction and comfort are important factors of Interval II. The material is designed to keep your patients comfortable between appointments. A careful combination of zinc oxide, calcium sulfate, plasticizers, and potassium sulfate assure that the product is gentle to vital tooth tissue.

For more details, circle the reader service number below.

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Universal Barrier

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Steri-Shield Products introduces an infection-control/equipment-protection barrier that fits all sizes and makes of radiological sensors on the market today. Barriers are made of a latex-free, elastomeric polymer, proprietary to Steri-Shield Products. Easy-to-use, sensors simply slide into the tapering sleeve until a snug fit is achieved. The proprietary elastomer is highly resilient, ideal for use with or without RIN devices and as a protective sleeve against damage to the delicate radiological sensor from dropping or cold sterilization.

For additional information, visit Steri-Shield Products at

(800) 699-7220

Emergency Monitor Alert System

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The FM-Series handheld Paging Transmitter can increase any operation's efficiency and provide a level of security previously unavailable. The transmitters are small enough to be handheld and light enough to be wall- or chair-mounted. Each button on the transmitter can be programmed with individual messages. Uses include having the hygienist page the doctor when she's ready for a patient check. A patient or an assistant could page the doctor if the patient is not feeling well. The messages are sent directly to the pocket pager. The pager displays which panic button was activated and what service is required.

There is no monthly service fee; no installation; EMAS is delivered ready to work.

For additional information, contact Fox Medical LLC, 605 East Main St., Cuba, MO 65453, or visit

(888) 533-5200

New teaching aids available

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"Zoo Animal Teaching Aids" just released two new characters, along with a special introductory offer. A redesigned bear and an all-new, brightly colored bug round out the line of 10 different characters, designed to assist you with your oral-hygiene discussions.

Patients of all ages love these plush teaching aids. They help foster a happy, relaxed atmosphere, offering the perfect opportunity to communicate oral-health issues easily and effectively.

Energize your presentations and create a teaching environment that is fun, effective, and memorable for the patient as well as the professional.

Come see why our innovative dental teaching tools are used in offices around the world, improving patient interactions for over 10 years. Visit Paragon International, Inc. at and receive a free gift with every order. Call (940) 691-0424 or ask your favorite dental supplier for pricing and availability.

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Free audio cassette

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Oxyfresh Worldwide offers a free audio-cassette tape that tells hygienists how to:

  • Support your patients' health with the most effective nontoxic, alcohol-free periodontal-management program.
  • Give your patients the confidence of fresh breath and a clean, healthy mouth.
  • Add $2,000 monthly to your practice's bottom line and earn extra take-home pay through a "reward the hygienist" program.

For your free cassette tape and full details without obligation, contact Oxyfresh Worldwide (888) 558-6989.