Zenith DMG announces Vitique

March 15, 2005
Company calls Vitique "the most esthetically complete cementation kit on the market."

Zenith Dental and DMG announce the introduction of Vitique; the most esthetically complete cementation kit on the market. The flexibility and shade variety of the system offers the clinician a pallet of options with Vitique's cement and matching tryin pastes. Vitique takes the guesswork out of esthetic restorations with its Color Command Technology.

Thanks to its unique proprietary formulation, Vitique's 8 try-in and permanent cement shades are perfectly matched. So the shade that you see during the try-in stage is exactly what you see after permanently cementing the restoration.

Vitique's application for light cure use is unique and precise...featuring a specially designed "ribbon" tip for fast, precise, and complete placement on veneers. Vitique's dual cure version for inlays/onlays and full coverage can be applied with our innovative Cata-Lock syringe. The Cata-Lock syringe (contains the catalyst), available in high and low viscosities, attaches to any of the light cure cement pastes and creates an automix syringe allowing for ultimate control and placement.

Vitique's try-in pastes share the same advantages and is the only try-in paste on the market to account for a catalyst in the dual cure version, which ensures shade matching stability.

Vitique is available in the Complete Introductory Kit, which includes 8 cement shades, 8 matching try-in pastes, a high & low viscosity Cata-Lock? Syringe, and 2 Cata-Lock try-in syringes. A Starter Kit with 2 base shades and a low viscosity Cata-Lock syringe is also available as well as individual refills.

Zenith Dental is the exclusive U.S. and Canadian distributor of Vitique and other quality DMG products. For additional information contact Zenith Dental at 1-800-662-6383, or www.zenithdental.com