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Dec. 11, 2001
DENTSPLY Ceramco acquires Degussa AG's Dental Group


Integration of Degussa-Ney Dental with Ceramco has been Completed

BURLINGTON, NJ (December 10, 2001) �DENTSPLY Ceramco, the crown and bridge division of DENTSPLY International, is now the industry's largest and most comprehensive resource for products and services as a result of DENTSPLY's recent acquisition of Degussa AG's Dental Group.

The new division has retained the DENTSPLY Ceramco name and has consolidated its headquarters in Ceramco's Burlington, NJ location.

In commenting on the acquisition, Tim Mack, Vice President and General Manager of DENTSPLY Ceramco, said "Degussa-Ney brings a century of industry leadership and has long been recognized and respected for its standards in quality, research, safety and continuing education. As a result, we believe that the 'new' Ceramco offers dental laboratories and dentists a product and service resource of unparalleled breadth and depth."

DENTSPLY Ceramco's line of crown and bridge products and services now includes Degussa-Ney's full line of precious metal dental alloys and ceramics, a complete lab equipment line and new technology-based products. The initial technology offering to be introduced is Cercon, a lab-based CAM system for fabricating high strength zirconia crowns and bridges. Dental laboratories can now simplify and streamline their business by focusing on DENTSPLY Ceramco as a single source for all products.

In addition, DENTSPLY Ceramco offers enhanced customer support services, including extended business hours to 8:00 PM EST (5:00 PST), expanded clinical training and education programs, technical support and the largest direct sales force, servicing dental laboratories.

"Our combined background in science and technology, the wide range of products we now offer, plus the very best customer support available firmly establishes our brands as the best choice for dentists and dental laboratory technicians," emphasized Mack.

"Now that the acquisition is completed, our mission is to communicate the tremendous benefits of one source for every product and service that a dental lab needs to provide a comprehensive offering of fixed restoratives to dentists," Mack said.

Moving forward, DENTSPLY Ceramco will increase its support of the Dental Practice with "Direct to Patient" marketing programs to help dentists promote the latest advances in restorative technologies to their patients.

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