Next-generation glass ionomer restorative products available

March 7, 2006
Fuji Filling Restorative Paste Pak and Self Conditioner unveiled by GC America.

GC America has announced two next-generation glass ionomer restorative products.

Based on the highly regarded and successful Fuji II LC, Fuji Filling takes resin reinforced glass ionomer technology to the next level. Fuji Filling uses the highly acclaimed Paste Pak Delivery System also found in FujiCEM and Fuji Lining LC.

Improvements include higher translucency, high radiopacity, and higher fluoride release. Fuji Filling is available in six shades (A1, A2, A3, A3.5, CV, and Blue). Now you have all the benefits of glass ionomer and resin based restoratives without sacrificing aesthetics.

Fuji Filling is indicated as a liner, base for the sandwich technique, small core buildup, or as a full restorative in Classes I, II, III and V. It's high fluoride release makes it ideal for all patients including those found to have a high caries risk.

To improve bond strength and simplify technique GC also is introducing Self-Conditioner. Self Conditioner is a no rinse conditioner specially formulated to work with resin reinforced glass ionomers such as Fuji Filling and Fuji II LC. The required conditioner for Fuji Filling LC more than doubles its bond strength to dentin and enamel.

GC Corporation is celebrating 85 years and is the company to trust for exciting new biocompatible and environmentally friendly products with unequaled levels of quality and a total commitment to service to the professional community.

GC has a fully dedicated research and development team globally committed to bringing new and innovative materials to the dental profession.

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