3M ESPE adds dimension to Lava Restorations

March 7, 2006
Complementary overlay porcelain delivers highly esthetic, easy to attain results.

ST. PAUL, Minn.--Further enhancing its Lava Crowns and Bridges offering, 3M ESPE has introduced the latest product advancement designed to meet the high standards of today's dental technicians--3M ESPE Lava Ceram Zirconia Overlay Porcelain.

This newly optimized porcelain makes it easier for dental technicians to achieve phenomenal esthetics using a simple technique.

Recreating natural esthetic results with the new porcelain is even easier now utilizing 23 new effect porcelains that are more translucent, opalescent and fluorescent, extending the capabilities of the dental technician to match virtually any tooth coloring.

Lava Ceram was designed for the Lava crowns and bridges system and provides proven bond strength to Lava Copings. When used in combination, a Lava Substructure veneered with Lava Ceram is a true Lava Restoration-- a highly esthetic restoration that delivers the natural-looking, long-lasting results that patients require.

Hands-on courses for Lava Ceram layering techniques will be conducted by 3M ESPE in collaboration with Authorized Lava Milling Centers located throughout the United States.

"3M ESPE is in a unique position to help dentists and their labs throughout the entire crown and bridge procedure," said Jim Buchanan, 3M ESPE Sales and Marketing Manager. "From the first impression, through fabrication and veneering of the Lava copings to the final cementation of the restoration, we offer a complete solution."

Lava Ceram is available in kits designed to fit the way dental technicians work, including the Popular Set--for those looking for the basic porcelain shades; the Performer Set--featuring all 23 new effect porcelains; and the Pop Art Set--for high-end esthetics. A trial kit also is available.

Lava crowns and bridges are available to all dentists and their labs through Authorized Lava Milling Centers throughout the United States. The unique-colored Lava Framework is produced by Authorized Lava Milling Centers.

Final veneering is done by the dentist's preferred lab using Lava Ceram. 3M ESPE warrants for five years from the date of placement that copings or substructures made out of Lava Frame Zirconia will not break if fabricated by an Authorized Lava Milling Center on Lava Equipment in strict compliance with approved indications and instructions for use for Lava Crowns and Bridges.

To order, call 3M ESPE at (800) 344-9170. For more information, call your Authorized Lava Milling Center or visit the company's Web Site at www.3MESPE.com/lava.