New masking agent prevents removal of sensitive tooth structure

June 12, 2006
Supplemental product simplifies the placing of thin veneers over teeth of different shades and prevents extra steps to achieve color uniformity.

Traditionally, to mask tetracycline and other dark stains meant the painful removal of sensitive tooth structure.

Now, Den-Mat Corporation has developed Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus, a new supplemental product to Ultra Bond Plus, so that dentists can bond and mask severe stains on all veneers in the most minimally invasive, painless, and permanent way.

This new masking agent simplifies the placing of thin veneers over teeth of different shades and does away with extra steps to achieve color uniformity.
Two systems in one, Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus eliminates the need to apply special opaquers or worry about premixing with catalysts.

By merely syringing the product into the LUMINEERS, the process is faster, easier and better than ever. LUMINEERS contact lens-thin veneers can be placed over teeth without the loss of tooth structure.

Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus is an ADA Type II restorative as well as a cement that is proven to prevent cracking and pop-offs. Water insoluble, radiopaque with low polymerization shrinkage, Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus creates a wear resistant, non-microleaking highly esthetic restoration. Providing a 3+ shade shift, the wide range of available shades includes those most popular among dentists and patients.

With all the same advantages of Ultra Bond, Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus is the only cement proven to last more than 20 years. No mixing is necessary with the only dual barrel auto-mixing system available today. It demonstrates exceptionally low microleakage, high stress resistance and low-film thickness.

"Now, there's finally a noninvasive way to treat my tetracycline patients," Dr. Michael Schneider of Los Angeles said. "With only 15 minutes of work time, Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus makes exceptional veneer placement a snap."

The Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus system includes 4 (6g) Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus syringes of A1, B1, B0 and Supreme White; 4 (1g) Block-Out by Ultra-Bond Plus Try-In syringes in A1, B1, B0 and Supreme White; 30 dual barrel mixing tips; 18 pink single barrel tips; mixing pad; and instructions. The system is available for $389.

Offered by thousands of dentists nationwide, LUMINEERS is the most minimally invasive alternative to traditional veneers. Without the need to remove original tooth structure, LUMINEERS is painless and permanent, with astoundingly beautiful results.

The pain-free aspect of LUMINEERS is just one of the reasons that currently over hundreds of thousands of patients nationwide ask for dentists who can place them.

LUMINEERS evolved from Den-Mat's successful Cerinate Design Studios.

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