Nano hybrid composite fetaures duo shades

June 2, 2006
Six dentin and two enamel shades create durable, undetectable restorations.

CUYAHOGA FALLS, Ohio--Synergy D6 is an ultra esthetic, nano hybrid composite featuring self-blending duo shades.

Six dentin and two enamel shades are all that are needed to create durable, undetectable restorations. The Synergy D6 Duo Shade concept combines two Vita Classic shades to equal one self-blending Duo shade. The need for a large, multi-shade composite inventory is eliminated.

The Synergy D6 White Opalescent Enamel recreates an effect that adds a youthful vitality to any restoration. SynergyD6 Universal Enamel restores life to mature, thinning enamel. All shade guide tabs are manufactured of actual Synergy D6 composite.

As a result, your restoration is guaranteed to match the shade guide.
Formulated with a balanced distribution of fillers and resin particles, the product is non-sticky, non-slumping and highly polishable. Synergy D6 is the right choice for simplified esthetics.

Synergy D6 is available from dental dealers. Visit to learn more about this and the company's many other dental products.