Ask Dr. Christensen: When are custom trays better for crowns than stock impression trays?

June 5, 2015
Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his years of clinical experience with readers through a series of videos that address the tough questions from everyday practice.

Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his experiences of many years of clinical practice with his peers through his series of videos. This week's video asks when custom trays are better for crowns than stock impression trays.

Eighty percent of dentists use a stock impression tray for crowns and fixed prostheses. The other 20% have been converted to custom trays. Are they really any better? Research shows varied results, but the custom tray is more predictable.

Dr. Christensen notes that stock trays use twice the impression material as custom trays, and that custom trays are not that expensive. He shows examples of both custom and stock trays.

Cost of a typical impression with a stock tray is $40, whereas a custom tray is about half that. Find out more in this week’s video.

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