Ask Dr. Christensen: Should membranes always be placed after socket grafting?

May 21, 2015
Dr. Gordon Christensen discusses membranes after socket grafting, how it has come in and out of popularity, and a technique dentists can use instead.

Dr. Gordon Christensen shares his experiences of many years of clinical practice with his peers through his series of videos. This week's video asks whether membranes should always be placed after socket grafting.

Dr. Christensen acknowledges that membranes placed over grafting material were very popular for a long time, but they’re not so popular now. Should they always be placed after socket grafting? His answer is a candid … no. He displays an example.

Then he displays a simple collagen plug brand. Dentists cut off a piece, place it over the top of the socket graft, and suture it over. Doing that contains enough stability that it will stay in place for a significant period of time, and it costs only a few dollars.

To conclude, Dr. Christensen says these are worth checking out in order to avoid having to use the more expensive membrane, which has come in and out of popularity.

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