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GC Saliva-Check

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GC Saliva-Check allows screening of medium- and high-caries-risk patients to help plan preventive treatment strategies. The test performs several measurements in less than 10 minutes.
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GC Saliva-Check launches at Orlando ADA meeting

GC America introduces Saliva-Check, an examination tool to educate patients, assist in preventive treatment-planning, and use to initiate changes in patients' oral hygiene. Saliva-Check allows screening of patients with medium and high risk factors to help plan preventive treatment strategies that will bring the saliva back into balance to maintain its vital role in protecting teeth.

With Saliva-Check, you can identify, measure, and assess possible caries risk based on saliva condition. The test allows measurements for hydration, salivary condition, resting and stimulated saliva pH, saliva buffering capacity, and stimulated saliva flow.

Once saliva problems are identified, the practitioner can recommend a course of preventive care which may include introducing supplements (fluoride, CPP-ACP, chlorhexidine), lifestyle changes (increase water intake, decrease diuretic intake — caffeine, alcohol, etc.), increase saliva stimulation (chewing gum and low-acid foods), altering oral hygiene regimen (increase brushing, and flossing methods). The complete Saliva-Check procedure takes less than 10 minutes per patient.

Saliva-Check is available with 10 single-patient kits per box. For more information, visit

Breakthrough in oral pain management

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The John O. Butler Company distributes Gelclair™, a bioadherent gel for the management and relief of oral pain. A concentrated lubricating gel available by prescription, Gelclair provides immediate and long-lasting pain relief from a variety of oral lesions and ulcers, as well as postsurgical irritations, abrasions, soft-tissue trauma, and chemotherapy-related mucositis. By minimizing oral pain, positive patient response increases, and recovery times may be reduced and clinical results improved.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that Gelclair is safe and effective for controlling pain, allowing patients to eat and drink more comfortably. Its pleasant taste and protective barrier action, combined with its ease of use, results in high patient compliance with no reported adverse effects.

Gelclair is available in a convenient dose pack, containing 21 single-dose packets of 15 ml each.
For additional details, call (800) JBUTLER (528-8537) or visit

Be prepared for emergencies with CritiKit

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Prepare your office for a medical emergency with Banyan's all-new Criti-Kit. This comprehensive medical emergency kit is specifically designed for the dental office setting, and adheres to the same organizational standards as the original Banyan Stat Kit.

Concerned about keeping your kit up to date? It's easy! Just sign up for the Criti-Kit Automatic Update Program and you will automatically receive an annual replacement of all items with expiration dates for a low annual fee. There's no better way to be prepared for a medical emergency.

The Banyan Criti-Kit, item CK100 is $245; Criti-Kit AutoUpdate is $70 annually. To order or for more information, call (800) 351-4530 or visit

BreathRx gives breath an

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Discus Dental, Inc., announces that its BreathRx Starter Kits have undergone an "extreme makeover" and have been re-designed to enhance both patient acceptance and compliance. The all-in-one take-home kit introduces patients to the essential elements of the BreathRx "Total Breath Management" system, including Purifying Toothpaste (4 oz tube), Gentle Tongue Scraper (two pack), Anti-Bacterial Tongue Spray (2 oz bottle), and Anti-Bacterial Mouth Rinse (8 fl. oz). When you prescribe BreathRx to patients, you are prescribing an effective hygiene program that ensures fresh breath by neutralizing odor-causing VSCs (Volatile Sulfur Compounds) while preventing plaque that leads to gingivitis.

The new BreathRx Starter Kit is also value-priced, making it more affordable for dental offices and patients alike. For more information, call (800) 422-9448 or visit

BetaCell® Oral Rinse

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BetaCell oral rinse is for the temporary relief of minor discomfort, and protection of irritated areas in a sore mouth. Patients can use it daily for gum irritations, oral lesions, irritations due to dentures, braces and other orthodontic appliances, canker sores, cuts and burns, pre- or post-dental procedures, and for people who smoke or use tobacco products. BetaCell oral rinse contains Micellized Vitamin A, E, and Beta Carotene. Micellization allows for improved absorption. BetaCell is alcohol-free and sugar-free — a non-burning formula.

BetaCell oral rinse is now available over-the-counter and wherever dental products are sold. It is packaged in a 16 fl. oz. bottle with a pour cap.
For more information, call (800) 444-0173 ext. 2004 or visit

Commit™ � to stop smoking

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GlaxoSmithKline, marketers of Nicorette® gum and NicoDerm® CQ® patch, has introduced the Commit lozenge. It is available in 2 mg and 4 mg doses, has been shown to be effective in helping people quit smoking, including smokers who have tried quitting before. Its groundbreaking new dosage-selection tool, Time To First Cigarette (TTFC), enables smokers to get the right strength of nicotine based on how quickly they need to smoke after waking. Commit lozenge provides an alternative to smokers who prefer an oral dosage form, but do not want to chew gum. For more information, visit,,,, or call (800) 652-5625.

Medical emergency training DVD

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Medical emergencies — are you ready? Answers to that question are now expertly compiled in one easily referenced Medical Emergency Training DVD. Newly released by HealthFirst Corp., the set contains two DVDs and quiz booklet with questions and answers to most probable scenarios. Seven CE credits are available for doctors. HealthFirst has a 30-year history providing Emergency Medical Kits to the dental profession. Materials are written and narrated by renowned lecturer Dr. Stanley F. Malamed. Using the booklet as a guide for staff study on a refreshing schedule will assure their appropriate and rapid response to any medical emergency.
For more information or to order, call (800) 331-1984.

Low cost, little time, new patients!

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Save-A-Tooth, the emergency avulsed-tooth preserving system, can be used in a low-cost, easy practice-building program for any dental office. This program attracts new patients, optimizes practice image, and distinguishes the dentist as cutting-edge and community-oriented.

In this program, Save-A-Tooth, featuring the name and number of the practice on the container, can be donated to local community groups, promoting publicity and increased awareness. Save-A-Tooth systems also can be sold to patients, creating a new profit center for the practice. Save-A-Tooth is not available in stores, so parents, coaches, teachers, and athletes would purchase Save-A-Tooth systems from the dentist to assist children and adults who experience dental trauma.
For information about the Save-A-Tooth practice-building program, call (888) 788-6684 or visit

TheraGum™ 100 percent Xylitol gum

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TheraGum 100 percent Xylitol dietary carbohydrate gum, the first 100 percent Xylitol-sweetened gum available to consumers through dental professionals, stimulates saliva flow which supports the mouth's natural ability to strengthen teeth. Over-the-counter gums containing Xylitol also include other sugars or sugar substitutes. Studies show that patients who chew 100 percent Xylitol-sweetened gum have a greater reduction in caries than patients who chew gums containing other sugar substitutes.

TheraGum is indicated for patients with a moderate-to-high risk for caries, xerostomia, or high sugar/starch diets. It is available in Refreshing Mint and Cool Fruit Flavors. TheraGum also is a good source of calcium when used at least five times per day.
For more information, call OMNII Oral Pharmaceuticals at (800) 445-3386.

Stand out from the crowd

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Stand out from the crowd when you send Halloween recall or reminder cards, or a colorful Thanksgiving greeting. Postcards, folding cards, magnets, and toothbrushes with dental-themed images are sure to delight patients and referring colleagues. Plan ahead for the holiday season and get early-bird savings from SmartPractice. Select from hundreds of new products to communicate with patients throughout the holiday season. When you send special holiday greetings, you invite patients into your dental practice family, encouraging loyalty and referrals at the same time. If you have not received your Dental Holiday catalog from SmartPractice, call (800) 522-0800.

Salivart® relieves dry mouth

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Dry mouth (xerostomia) is a common condition for those afflicted with HIV/AIDS and other autoimmune diseases. HIV can cause dry mouth as can some anti-HIV drugs and other medications such as antihistamines and anti-depressants. Symptoms can include dry mouth, dry lips, sense of burning in the mouth, tough tongue, and mouth sores or infection.

Patients suffering with dry mouth can now find relief with Gebauer's Salivart Oral Moisturizer, an over-the-counter spray that has many of the same properties as saliva. It is an aqueous solution containing a viscosity agent and an emulsifier. One spray temporarily coats and moisturizes the oral cavity. It can be used as often as needed. Salivart contains no irritants, no flavor, and has no side effects.

Salivart comes in a 75-g spray can. It is nitrogen propelled, making it ozone friendly. Approved by the ADA, Salivart has been recommended No. 1 for dry mouth relief by pharmacists for eight consecutive years, according to the Pharmacy Times OTC Survey. For more information, call (800) 321-9348.

The best-tasting fluoride varnish

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Medical Products Laboratories, Inc. (MPL) introduces VarnishAmerica™, a 5% sodium fluoride varnish that doesn't discolor teeth, never separates, completely blends with the natural color of dentition, immediately dries on contact with saliva, has a superior bubblegum taste, and is less expensive than other single-application fluoride varnishes on the market. VarnishAmerica's formulation virtually requires no pre-mixing — the material doesn't separate. Each cup contains .4 ml of varnish. The practitioner uses the amount necessary and discards the rest. By packaging only the .4 ml size, MPL saves in manufacturing and packaging costs enabling the savings to be passed on to the customer. It is available in boxes of 32 and 200 single-unit applications, complete with take-home patient instructions. Made in the USA.
For more information or to order, call (800) 523-0191.

BisBlock™ Dentin Desensitizer

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BISCO announces a safe, tissue-friendly, dentin desensitizer with a patented technique designed to stop sensitivity deep within the dentinal tubule. BisBlock™ Oxalate Dentin Desensitizer is specifically formulated to prevent intratubular, hydroscopic, or hydrodynamic fluid movement within the dentinal tubules. BisBlock's oxalate crystals penetrate deep down the tubules, interacting with calcium ions to form calcium oxalate crystals. Once sealed with ONE-STEP® PLUS adhesive and coated with BisCover™ esthetic polish, BisBlock cannot be dislodged by toothbrush abrasion. BisBlock does not interfere with adhesive bond strength when used with low-pH adhesives for indirect and direct restorations. Its viscous solution and yellow hue aids in placement on the dentin. BisBlock is indicated for indirect or direct restorations, temporary restoration, and exposed root surfaces on superficial dentin.
To order or find out more, call (800) 247-3368 or visit

Now in unit-dose package

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Advantage Dental Products announces that Hemaseal & Cide desensitizer is now available in Unidose package for convenience and ease of use. Evaluated as the best desensitizer by some of the world's top evaluation groups and by leading clinicians, Hemaseal & Cide has a patented formula of 4% chlorhexidine, hema, and water. Tests show this formula to be effective in eliminating sensitivity, maintaining bond strength, and increasing bond strengths with self-etch products. Hemaseal & Cide is used under all bonding and cementation procedures.
For more information, call (800) 388-6319.

Brasseler USA introduces Varios 350

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The Varios 350 has been developed as a compact, portable ultrasonic system, with the capability to mount to any dental unit. At the turn of a dial, any one of the three power modes can be selected, corresponding to the type of procedure and tip required. The choices are "G" (General), "E" (Endo), and "P" (Perio), which make it adaptable to a variety of clinical procedures.
For more information, call (800) 841-4522 or visit

New Impregum™ Penta™ Soft Quick Step

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In response to market demand for a polyether impression material especially suited for one- and two-unit cases, 3M ESPE introduces Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step impression material.

Impregum Penta Soft Quick Step can be used for inlay, onlay, veneer, crown, fixation, and implant impressions. Suitable for use with all standard tray types in both metal and plastic, the material offers a maximum working time of one minute and an intraoral setting time of three minutes. Compared to conventional polyether materials, it reduces the overall working time by at least one-third.

The material offers excellent precision with superb reproduction of detail — even in moist conditions — with better initial hydrophilicity than VPS and displaces moisture right from the start of the mix for void-free impressions. For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.

Schick offers self-diagnosing system

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Schick Technologies offers dentists an easy-to-run computer product that automatically troubleshoots digital radiography systems. This innovative product, called the USB Sensor Emulator, is available only from Schick and allows a dentist to check the system — even if he or she is a novice at computer technology.

Tests automatically diagnose the whole system — driver, connections, cables, etc. — and provide important information about the capability of the USB Remote and the CDR Sensor to acquire and display images.

The USB Sensor Emulator, which comes with complete instructions, is available in the United States and Canada only through Patterson Dental Supply. Call your local Patterson technology representative.

New Trollbyte™ and Trollbag™

Trollbyte simplifies intraoral digital sensor positioning. Instead of a series of components that have to be assembled, Trollbyte comes in three different pre-assembled formats, which collectively cater to all types of radiographs — apical molar region, horizontal bitewing, vertical bitewing/apical front.

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Trollbyte fits Suni, Schick, Visualux, Cygnus, and other sensors, and can be autoclaved. A Trollbyte starter kit is available from TrollDental for $40. Call (800) 537-8765 for more information.

Intraoral digital X-ray sensors should never be used without some form of protective sheath. Trollbag has been engineered by TrollDental with efficiency and patient comfort in mind. They are made of a special non-latex elastic material that is soft and tasteless, and easy to apply and remove, Trollbag is safe, strong, and hygienic.

Trollbag is available in standard size ($65 per box of 500) and XL size ($69 per box of 500). For free samples, call (800) 537-8765.

Veneer Styx ensures successful results

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Veneer Styx by Cosmetic Innovations, Inc. are easy to use and ideal for positioning and cementation of porcelain veneers. Only Veneer Styx can ensure predictable results while enhancing the dentist's vision during veneer placement. The tip design maintains clear visibility and accessibility, allowing easy access for light-curing and flossing.

The Veneer Styx handle is autoclavable, and the disposable tips are made of a semi-soft, flexible, and slightly tacky material that is ideal for positioning and holding veneers. Each tip has an internal hex, allowing rotation for anterior and posterior, maxillary, and mandibular teeth. Its slender design is contoured for cervical and incisal widths, and follows the convex nature of the veneer.
For more information, call 877-3-VENEER (383-6337) or visit

2004 Art of Smile products

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Even with the substantial increases in demand for cosmetic services by patients, some dental patients perceive cosmetic dentistry as a "specialty," rather than something their family or general dentist can provide. New products from SmartPractice include 15 families of products that offer six or more items with the same cosmetic design to create a complete marketing makeover. Professionally designed mailers alert current and prospective patients that you provide cosmetic treatment. For information or an Art of Smile catalog, call (800) 522-0800.

Optra® Accessories by Ivoclar Vivadent

Ivoclar Vivadent, Inc., introduces Optra Accessories, a specially designed line of contact point instruments, selectively thinned matrix bands, composite sculpting and modeling instruments, and lip and cheek retractors. Optra Accessories facilitate precise composite placement, creation of properly contoured contacts, and quick and easy access to the working area.

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OptraGate® provides latex-free, single-patient retraction of lips and cheeks during a variety of dental applications, offering increased visibility and accessibility to a much larger working space. With high flexibility and elasticity in all directions while simultaneously enabling the patient to fully occlude, OptraGate is ideal for use in a broad range of procedures, promotes quick and easy placement, and is available in both small and medium sizes.

Other innovative accessories include OptraSculpt® composite sculpting and modeling instruments, OptraMatrix® selectively thinned matrix bands, and OptraContact® instruments with patented bifurcated ends that assist in achieving tight and properly contoured proximal contacts during the placement of Class II composite restorations.
For more information, call (800) 533-6825 or send e-mail to [email protected].

New 2005 drug reference now available

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The top-selling drug reference for all dental professionals is now available in its 10th Anniversary Edition. Written by Drs. Wynn, Meiller, and Crossley, this "must have" reference will replace your P.D.R. This new edition is enhanced with more than 25 new FDA-approved drugs, updated herbal medicines, and O.T.C. products. LexiComp has updated and revised the Drug Interactions, and Effects on Dental Treatment information for every drug as well as added Dosage Forms, Warnings /Precautions, and contraindications. Also added are pregnancy/lactation information to all dental drugs, and updated oral medicine topics. Reduce liability with this easy-to-use reference. Price is $43.95.
Call LexiComp at (800) 837-5394 or visit for more information.

Zest Locator Bar Attachment

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A choice of three types of Locator Bar Attachments can be placed on an implant-retained bar by a dental laboratory using popular fabrication methods. A threaded titanium locator Bar Female is available for the technique of drilling and tapping into an implant bar allowing for future retrieval. The Locator Laser Bar Female is another choice manufactured in both titanium and stainless steel to permit the selection of laser welding to a titanium bar or onto a cast-gold alloy bar. The third fabrication alternative is using the stainless steel Locator Cast-to Bar Female that can be positioned into a bar pattern and cast-to with a gold alloy.

All three styles of the Locator Bar Attachment feature a self-locating design, low vertical height, and long-lasting retention.
For more information, call Zest Anchors, Inc., at (800) 262-2310.

Dr. Berland's

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A new Web site,, provides assistance and information for millions of dental patients with growing denture needs. The latest research indicates that 25 percent of the U.S. adult population is over age 50, and, someone turns 50 every seven seconds! This segment also is the fastest-growing online audience most likely to make an online purchase.

Furthermore, one-third of all Americans over 65 have no teeth and another one-third have less than half their natural teeth. The site's "Find a Denture Doctor" section is a referral feature that will give the dentally challenged an easy way to get in contact with denture doctors. For more information, visit or call (214) 999-0110 to find out about participation.

American Eagle XP curettes stay sharp

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American Eagle's XP technology creates a razor-sharp edge, designed to start sharp and stay sharp for months without the need to resharpen. This extreme sharpness provides superior tactile sensitivity, requiring only a slight amount of pressure to lightly "plane" away calculus and tartar. The Gracey XP curettes are designed with a thinner blade, allowing for superb access of periodontal pockets and interproximal areas. When used properly, an XP curette will outlast any standard curette. XP curettes are available in 3/8" Eaglelite stainless steel and 3/8" Eaglelite resin handles.
For ordering information, call (800) 551-5172 or visit

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HUG Video announces the availability of "A DAY AT THE ZOO" on both DVD and VHS. "A DAY AT THE ZOO" features dozens of animals from around the world. See gorillas, orangutans, lemurs, and other primates in playful activity, along with tigers chasing each other over rock piles and splashing through their water pools. Lions, rhinos, hippos, bears, giraffes, sables, exotic birds, and most other animals are the stars of this video safari.

"A DAY AT THE ZOO" is sure to help patients of all ages have a more pleasant visit by providing a calming and interesting visual focus along with soothing music. Cost is $34.95, or create your own combo — choose any four titles from the HUG Video catalogue for only $99.95. Call for details.
For more information or to order, call or fax to (856) 228-6233.

The tip makes the difference!

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Dentsply Rinn offers the Max-i-Probe® for the safest and most effective irrigation of root canals and periodontal pockets.

Unlike open-end needles, which may have sharp edges and force pressure directly onto the apex, the Max-i-Probe has a patented side window dispersal port for safer and more effective cleansing without the risk of tissue damage. The small diameter and flexibility of the unique 30-gauge probe facilitates the navigation of small, curved canals to ensure complete irrigation. The probes are available in 30, 28, 25, 24, 23, and 21 gauges. New packaging includes a convenient, easy-to-use dispenser.
For more information, call Dentsply Rinn at (800) 323-0970.