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Oral Arts introduces flexible partial adjustment kit for dental offices

Jan. 31, 2013
Oral Arts Flexible Partial Adjustment Kit is an excellent chair-side tool to aid in seating your next DuraFlex or TCS Flexible Partial. They pride themselves on continuing to research new and more effective ways to work and succeed with thermoplastic materials and what tools it takes to do so.

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Their flexible adjustment kit includes five useful stones and rubber points in a variety of sizes that are used on a daily basis to fabricate flexible partials. Oral Arts brings dentists a complete and simple solution that makes adjustment easier, more effective, and more efficient. This collection allows dentists to manipulate the material easily, and it can be used in the smallest abutment areas as well as to make large reductions quickly without compromising the sine of the partials delivered.

They recommend using the kit along with the following technique. Prior to the initial insertion, soak the partial in hot water (not boiling) for one to three minutes to soften the material and ease the insertion process. To keep the partial surface smooth, they recommend adjusting at a low speed with even strokes in one direction. Almost all adjustments necessary can be done with one of the two rubber points included in the kit. (Choose appropriate size for area to be adjusted.)

In some cases large reductions are needed, and they can be made with the courser coral stone. After a larger adjustment like this, follow with a rubber point to smooth and shine the partial. Any leftover threads can be removed with a sharp blade. Contact Oral Arts at 800-354-2075 or [email protected] to place your order. It is economically priced at $59. Also, replacement stones and rubber points can be ordered to restock your kit.