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NDC brings Phocal to U.S. market

July 23, 2013
Disks provide a breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of interproximal caries.

LONDON, United Kingdom--National Distribution & Contracting, representing a network of independent medical and dental distributors in the United States, has reached a distribution agreement with Colldent to distribute the new Phocal fluoride disks in the United States.

NDC represents 56 independent dealers focused on the dental market. Collectively, these dealers have an estimated 11% of the North American dental retail market.

Phocal disks provide a breakthrough in the treatment and prevention of interproximal caries. Phocal’s thin, round disks are designed to fit between the teeth and deliver a concentrated dose of fluoride to previously inaccessible areas.

The product helps dentists combat the growing concern over interproximal caries by effectively breaking the isocap barrier between the teeth and directly depositing fluoride. The action prevents dental caries on intact surfaces, arrests the progress of incipient caries and enhances remineralization.

“The Phocal disk is an innovative product that significantly changes the landscape in the battle against interproximal decay, a rising concern for dentists,” said Lori Paulson, vice president dental & specialty markets for NDC.

“We think there is a real need in the market for a product like this and look forward to working with Colldent.”

The product will be available in two options, both of which prevent and repair early decay at the microscopic, nanoscopic, and molecular levels.

The Phocal Apf (acidulated phosphate fluoride disks) induce an optimized low pH environment that cleans and etches tooth surfaces while the Phocal pHn (non-acidic sodium fluoride disks) is less acidic and is geared toward patients with ceramic crowns or tooth-colored restorations.

Both options induce fluoridation and remineralization.

For more information, visit www.phocaltherapy.com.

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