Reader's Comments

Aug. 23, 2006
Reader uses RDH eVillage gift card; another reader issues plea for son-in-law injured during Missouri storms.

Hi, Kristine,

I was the March winner. The $50 Target gift certificate came in very handy since I needed a new blouse to wear to RDH Under One Roof in Las Vegas in July. I want to thank you for such a nice gift from RDH eVillage. I have enclosed a picture of the blouse.

Shirley Cross

Dear RDH eVillage

Hi, my name is Ricka and I am a hygienist in Eureka, MO. I would like to submit a message to It's My Life. My husband and my daughter's husband were caught in the recent storm in St. Louis a few weeks ago. My son-in-law tried to get to safety from the storm by going into a bar with some members of his softball team. Shortly after entering the building it collapsed on him, broke his back, and severed his spinal cord.

After five hours of surgery the next day, he was told on his 26th birthday that he was paralyzed from his waist down. In a matter of seconds, his life changed from being a young man married for one year and honorably discharged from the Marine Corps to being paralyzed and now needing to change his dreams for his future.

I don't usually ask for help but I am asking for them — and not me — anything you can give to his rehabilitation and/or the refurbishing of their home (to make it wheelchair compatible). Any Bank of America branch can help you donate to: Jeremiah DeGuire Trust Fund.

Thank you and God bless you.

Editor's note If you "Google" DeGuire's name, you can read various news reports about his tragic injury.