Director's Message:

Aug. 4, 2006
Goldilocks and Her UOR Coffee Talk

Hygienist Goldilocks awoke in a Rio suite with her head spinning.

"Great," she thought, realizing she still had some blue tickets from the "Club Discus" Farewell Reception clasped in her hands. "I hope what happens in Vegas does not stay in Vegas. I want to share it with all my friends over coffee."

First, Goldilocks ordered room service, then recalled the last three days. She remembered how proud she was hearing that the American Academy of Dental Hygiene had elected Tricia Osuna as its new president-elect. Tricia is a long-time friend of Goldilocks and a mentor among hygienists. The continuing education program, "From the Forsyth Project to the ADHP: Restorative Dentistry," presented by Christel (Koppel) Autuori, was very good, and Ann-Marie DePalma received the fellowship distinction.

Then Goldilocks' recalled the accomplishments of the Sunstar Butler/RDH Award of Distinction recipients. The recipients were:

• Tracy Lynn Collins, RDH

• Carol Dahlke, RDH

• Lisa A Doyle, RDH, BS

• Lisa Klockenteger, RDHAP

• Caron Shipley, RDH, BS

• Elaine Rose Tierney, RDH

• Maureen Titus, RDHAP, BS

• Jane Weiner, RDH

When Dennis Roy from Sunstar Butler spoke about each recipient, he said, "Wow! They have achieved such greatness for oral health, and hygienists have every reason to support each other. All these accomplished professionals probably have a magnificent network of peers that include hygienist's Listers and the ADHA."

Goldie thought about how gracious it was of PennWell to again generously provide the ADHA's membership table. This year it was "wo-manned" by Sharon Zastrow, District XI ADHA Trustee, and Michelle Hurlbutt, Past President of the California DHA and Past Trustee to ADHA.

Goldilocks decided to go to the casino floor to purchase some coffee from the kiosk near the elevator. As she pushed the button and waited for the elevator, she thought of the Cleaning Lady, Dianne Glasscoe's over-the-top keynote presentation. Dianne did impressions, sang and read poetry, and her words and messages were right on target.

While standing in line at the Starbucks kiosk, Goldilocks realized that all of the conference speakers, from general sessions to power hours, workshops to focus groups, deserved standing ovations for their commitment and effort. Then realizing that she would have to wait quite a while for a freshly brewed pot of coffee, Goldilocks decided to clear her head and walk the 20 minutes to the other coffee house.

As she walked and dodged the "poker people," she smiled thinking of all the sponsors who had brought tons of hygiene goodies, enough to fill a second suitcase. Those who went above and beyond sponsored lecture sessions, registration, and T-shirts. They deserve many thanks!

Finally, Goldie arrived at the larger Starbucks closer to the convention area and found no line. She ordered coffee, and after stirring in sweetener, took a sip. The brew was not too hot or too cold, not bitter or acidic. As she enjoyed the perfect cup of java, she thought about the three bears.

The three bears are more properly identified as the PennWell folks, Lyle Hoyt, Craig Dickson, and Mark Hartley. Without their collective innovation, support, and vision that brought such a wonderful Under One Roof together, none of this could have been possible. Goldie's heart was warmed thinking of Mr. Hartley's luncheon celebration. Many thanks to Anne, Cheryl, Andy, Lynne and Cathy for organizing such a respectful, yet hysterical presentation. And who could forget the hygiene cheerleaders, Patti, Jane, Jodie, Sandra, Millie, and Lori? Here is a short version of the Mark Hartley cheer:

Mark! Mark!
He's the one!
Showing us all
A side that's fun.

Mark! Mark!
He's the one!

Goldilocks remembered the three days as overflowing with new faces, new ideas, friendships, support, and new opportunities. UOR 2006 was just right.

Kristine A. Hodsdon, RDH, BS
Director, RDH eVillage