3M ESPE presents troubleshooting guide for impression materials

April 27, 2007
Free resource available to help dental professionals make better impressions.

3M ESPE announces the availability of the latest Espertise Making Better Impressions Troubleshooting Guide, an educational resource designed to help dental professionals improve their technique, solve problems, and make more informed decisions when making impressions. With this problem-solving guide, dental professionals can avoid costly and time-consuming remakes or adjustments to crown and bridge restorations. 3M ESPE produces the guide as part of ongoing efforts to add value to the products and materials dental practices use on a daily basis.

Based on 3M ESPE's long history of developing and testing impression materials, the guide identifies common impression problems faced by dental professionals. Additionally, it offers solutions for issues such as lack of impression detail, delamination, inadequate capture of margins, improper tray seating, and stone model discrepancies in an easy-to-follow cause/solution format. One of the techniques, "Tray-Tooth Contact," is shown in the attached image.

To receive a free copy of the Espertise Making Better Impressions Troubleshooting Guide, call the 3M ESPE Customer Care Center at (800) 634-2249 or visit www.3MESPE.com.