Kerr releases portfolio of scientific research featuring SonicFill composite system

Sept. 30, 2011

Kerr Corporation has published its portfolio of scientific research featuring its SonicFill composite system. This collection of research comes on the heels of the recent global launch of SonicFill, a first-of-its-kind, time-saving composite system that enables clinicians to perform posterior restorations with a fast, easy and reliable bulk fill technology using a sonic-activated handpiece. The SonicFill technology has quickly been embraced by the dental community, who can now go from placement to a polished restoration in less than 3 minutes on cavities up to 5mm.

The compendium of research collects thirteen scientific papers by dentists and researchers from various centers of excellence around the United States and in Europe. Topics researched and reviewed in the portfolio include a 6 month recall clinical evaluation of restorations using SonicFill and comparisons with traditional composite material and placement techniques; study data on the viscosity change of SonicFill when subjected to sonic vibration; and analysis data on SonicFill’s depth of cure, mechanical properties, flexural strength, volumetric shrinkage and compressive strength, among others.

“We’re very excited to share this impressive collection of data showcasing the many benefits of our SonicFill technology,” said Leo Pranitis, Kerr’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Innovation. “These supporting third party clinical studies highlight the advantages of bulk placement using this technology. The studies further validate that dentists can expect equal or better results when using SonicFill compared to bulk fill flowables or traditional composites placed in layers. The great scientific results on evidence here match the terrific response we’ve been getting from the global dental community regarding SonicFill. We are pleased to be able to offer new technology that is literally changing the way composites are done and ultimately setting a new standard in restorative dentistry.”

The full portfolio is available for review at the “Kerr University” section of Kerr’s website,, along with technology animation and video presentations of SonicFill in action.