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June 13, 2011
CDK is a caries detection dye solution for restorative dentistry.
ALLENTOWN, Pennsylvania--American Dental Supply has introduced CDK.To read more about ADS, go to ADS.CDK is a caries detection solution that comes in two vivid colors for the restorative dentist. Caries in dentin is the most common cause of dental hard-tissue effects. Removal of the caries is the first step to provide a sound base for restoration, both functional and esthetic.CDK is formulated in two high-visibility colors. CDK Red is pink and stained tissue can be easily seen. CDK Green provides contrast if the field contains blood. One drop is all that is needed.CDK provides a visible clue by staining infected dentin. This enables the clinician to distinguish which dentin to remove. Minimally invasive techniques stress the maximum retention of sound tooth structure. CDK has been clinically proven to detect outer and inner carious dentin and differentiate them from noninfected tissues.Use of CDK helps prevent over-reduction of healthy dentin, but also avoids under-reduction in chronic caries cases. CDK is formulated in a nontoxic medium with viscosity for intraoral placement. Application takes 10 seconds from a dropper-tipped bottle.CDK is available through an ADS dealer. Wholesale bulk orders are encouraged and private label manufacture is available.For more information, call (800) 558-5925 or visit comment on this product, go to