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July 11, 2011
HygieneFusion is a practice-management consulting program that focues on hygiene-related components of the dental practice.

HygieneFusion, an industry practice management and consulting company, has announced the release of the HygieneFusion integrated dental management module.

A year in development, and the result of a collaborative project with Beth Thompson, Shirley Gutkowski, Fran Pangakis, and Tim Twigg, HygieneFusion is a practice-management consulting program that focuses on hygiene- related components of the dental practice.

“The reality is that many dental practices could benefit from a better understanding of the business side of hygiene, particularly the powerful impact of strong relationships, patient retention, restorative production, and additional revenue that all stem fromthose connections," said Thompson. “Even for those dentists who “get it,” the path to achieving both optimal care and effective communications is challenging.”

Recipient of 2011 Crest-Oral B/ADHA Clinical Dental Hygienist Award announced

HygieneFusion fuses the science, technology, business and people/relationship/communication aspects of hygiene. HygieneFusion’s consultants coach peer-to-peer chairside with a practice’s existing hygienists to help create a positive and supportive mentoring experience.

Results can include:

* More effective, efficient care delivery
* Increased patient acceptance of proposed hygiene and restorative treatment
* Greater patient retention
* High return on investment for the doctor
* Energized and motivated dental hygiene clinicians

A cost-justified program with an implementation schedule that spans approximately four months, HygieneFusion combines in office coaching for doctor, hygienist(s), and team with ongoing telephone coaching.

Specific coaching components include:

* Verbal skills development
* Relationship building
* Effective business and financial management
* Efficient administration and front-back organizational flow
* Skill set development for clinical hygiene delivery

Supported with practice accountability monitors, statistical tracking, and analysis, HygieneFusion is a success, goals, and results-oriented program.

“In addition to individual practitioners directly benefiting from HygieneFusion, we see great utilization of HygieneFusion by practice management consultants who have long looked for a strong, complementary hygiene component to add to their consulting success,” said Pangakis.

For more information, call (541) 685-9010 or send an email to [email protected]. More information can also be obtained by visiting after the website's scheduled Aug. 1, 2011, launch.

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