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SDI launches new shades for Riva Self Cure range

Jan. 8, 2014
Translucent and highly esthetic shades introduced.
CHICAGO, Illinois--The established conventional glass ionomer restorative Riva Self Cure from SDI Limited has been complimented with three new shades: T-A2, T-A3, and T-A3.5.

These new highly esthetic shades provide higher translucency and better optical properties that blend in well with tooth surroundings, better resembling the natural dentition.

Riva Self Cure is a strong glass ionomer restorative, tough enough to resist surface indentation and strong enough to withstand substantial mechanical loads. Riva Self Cure replicates the strength of natural dentition.

As proven from a recent study conducted by Tokyo Medical and Dental University, Riva Self Cure has high fluoride release level that results in increased anti cariogenic properties and improved longevity of the restoration.

Riva Self Cure resists disintegration and wear caused by static aqueous effects, similar to an extreme oral environment. The result is improved long- term wear resistance, increased longevity and improved esthetics of the restoration.

The new T shades combine the features of Riva Self Cure with improved esthetics, and are available in capsules and powder/liquid kits.

For more information, contact SDI Limited at www.sdi.com.au.

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