Less is more ... as it should be! with references

Jan. 25, 2012
Dr. Douglas Lambert says the use of direct composite resin offers an excellent tool by melding improved dental materials and technology with innovative delivery techniques to help solve esthetic dilemmas.

By Douglas L. Lambert, DDS, FACD, FASDA, ABAD

The past few years have likely presented challenges for all of us in some form due to the changing economic parameters throughout the world, and more specifically, within our dental practices. Whether it has translated into delaying office upgrades or equipment purchases, refining our business model, or the unfortunate necessity of modifying staffing levels, the impact of global monetary policies have most certainly been felt in every facet of society. Yet it appears that the virtual myriad of esthetic and cosmetic procedures available to patients continues to grow due to rising demand for these services by a healthconscious society that seeks to maintain or recapture its youthful appearance. In dentistry, this can translate into a multitude of options, such as whitening, tooth repositioning, composite bonding and ceramic veneers, and anterior/posterior restorative needs. We continue to see that dental consumers are no longer satisfied with simply having “white” fillings, but look for restorative options that produce nearly invisible restorations that meet their esthetic goals.

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