Dux Zonefree400

New ZONEfree temporary dental cement uses reflective color blending nanofillers

June 13, 2012
DUX Dental itntroduces translucent zinc oxide noneugenol cosmetic dental cement.
OXNARD, California--DUX Dental has introduced a new temporary dental cement containing prismatic color blending nanofillers that act like tiny beads of glass to reflect the color of an adjacent surface. The new product, called ZONEfree, is a zinc oxide noneugenol cosmetic cement that is translucent. Its formulation combines the esthetic benefits of reflective nanofillers and translucency to create a natural look that blends with the color of a patient’s teeth, crowns, or other surfaces around it. ZONEfree is scheduled to be available for order through major dental dealers starting July 1, 2012. To view a video on the product, please click here. “The desire for a superior esthetic result now overshadows the simple need to replace a broken tooth,” said Michael Durda, vice president of clinical affairs of DUX Dental in Oxnard. "Television, print media, and the successful esthetic results seen among friends and coworkers have raised the public’s expectation about what they will get from their health-care provider. Because ZONEfree combines both reflective and translucent proprieties in one formula, the dental team can easily achieve a beautiful, natural-looking result.” ZONEfree has the hallmarks of a zinc oxide noneugenol cement in that it is easy to apply, easy to clean up and remove, and provides retention strength. When ZONEfree is dispensed and applied, the cement has a pearly white appearance, giving it enough color to allow the dentist or assistant to place it and see excess cement during clean-up and removal. Yet, when ZONEfree is spread thin, the cement blends with the adjacent surfaces creating a “chameleon effect” that results in a natural esthetic look. As a translucent zinc oxide noneugenol temporary cement, dentists can use ZONEfree without the worry of resin on resin build up and other issues common to resin-based temporary cements. “From my perspective, the most important feature of ZONEfree is the reflective nanofillers that get an excellent result with temporaries. That to me is very unique about ZONEfree,” said Dr. Gary Radz, DDS, of Cosmetic Dentistry of Colorado. “In our office, we are focused on patient satisfaction and providing beautiful esthetic dentistry. I can be confident that we achieve both when using ZONEfree.” Other benefits and specifications of ZONEfree temporary cement include: • It is free of the additive Triclosan, which is under review by the FDA for safety concerns • It has a working time of 1.5 minutes; the cement self-cures in two minutes with no need for a curing light • ZONEfree comes in a 4 gm automix syringe that provides accurate placement and minimal waste; includes eight application tips • The manufacturer’s product number is 27041, and the MSRP is $45 For more information, visit www.duxdental.com. To comment on this product, go to http://community.pennwelldentalgroup.com/.