A quarter million and counting: Cadent CAD/CAM

Aug. 11, 2010
Cadent announces that Dr. Larry C. Young recently submitted the 250,000th case utilizing Cadent’s iTero digital impression technology.

CARLSTADT, N.J. — Cadent, the leading provider of 3-D digital and CAD/CAM solutions for orthodontics and dentistry, announced that Dr. Larry C. Young in Jacksonville, Fla., recently submitted the 250,000th case utilizing Cadent’s iTero digital impression technology.

iTero is the world’s leading digital impression system and the only digital impression technology that does not require powdering or coating of teeth. More than 1,700 dentists in 21 countries use iTero to capture 3-D images for all types of dental restorations, including crowns, bridges, and cosmetic veneers.

The milestone case included preparations on teeth Nos. 19 and 20 and was sent to PDR Laboratory, LLC, in Jacksonville for fabrication of the restorations. “This is a wonderful milestone for us, as well as for Cadent,” Dr. Young said. “I believe I was the first dentist in Florida to purchase the iTero system back in June 2007, and I am just thrilled with the technology. The outstanding accuracy of iTero enables us to provide patients with far better crowns and bridges than ever, with fewer adjustments and virtually no remakes.”

Dr. Young takes between 20 and 25 iTero impressions per month, for a wide range of clinical indications. “It’s a real ‘wow’ factor when our patients receive an iTero impression for the first time,” he said. “They’re impressed at how easy the procedure is compared to having to sit with impression material in their mouths for some time. Overall, it conveys an image of our practice as being very cutting edge.”

“Having the opportunity to fabricate Cadent’s 250,000th case is awesome,” said Ken Braiman, owner of PDR Laboratory, which processes from 200 to 250 iTero cases per month. “We’ve worked as partners with Cadent for about three years and we enjoy the relationship. When it comes to occlusion, marginal integrity, and general fit, iTero digital impressions are the most accurate, predictable, and consistent method we’ve found to date.”

“Both Dr. Young and PDR Laboratory were among the earliest adopters of our technology, so we couldn’t be more pleased that they are able to share in this remarkable milestone,” said Timothy Mack, president and chief executive officer of Cadent. “Both have also been on the forefront of educating the Florida dental community about the superior clinical results produced by iTero. Thanks to them, many more patients in their area are benefiting from better fitting restorations and a better overall dental experience.”

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