Bisco Duo-Link Kit

Sept. 1, 2010
Kit if a cementation system for indirect restorative needs.

SCHAUMBURG, Illinois--The DUO-LINK SE Kit is a comprehensive universal adhesive cementation system that provides clinicians with the components to address adhesion to the tooth structure and indirect substrates.

DUO-LINK SE helps optimize adhesive performance to zirconia, ceramics/lithium disilicate, slumina, metals, endodontic posts, and composites.

The DUO-LINK SE Kit provides a simple step-by-step system that allows clinicians to effectively build a solid foundation for their indirect restorations. The kit includes DUO-LINK Universal Dual-Cure Luting Cement, ALL-BOND SE Self-Etching Adhesive, Z-PRIME Plus Zirconia-Alumina-Metal Primer and Porcelain Primer Silane Coupling Agent.

This combination of clinically proven materials creates a linked cohesive/hydrophilic seal between the tooth and the indirect substrate resulting in strong, durable restorations. The DUO-LINK SE system offers excellent bond strengths making it particularly beneficial for non-retentive short tapered crowns.

In addition to the convenient value-priced universal cementation Kit, the DUO-LINK SE components are also available separately.

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