Dentist offers safe alternative remedies for teeth whitening in new book

Sept. 15, 2010
"The Teeth Whitening Cure" by Lester Sawicki, DDS, is designed to be an inventive book that offers readers a safe, simple way to brighten smiles and boost health.

AUSTIN, Texas -- "The Teeth Whitening Cure: A Holistic Guide to Bright Smiles and Better Health in a Toxic World" by Lester Sawicki, DDS, exposes the potentially toxic effects of teeth bleaching gels.

Teeth whitening gels may generate a brighter, whiter smile, but according to Sawicki in "The Teeth Whitening Cure," these so-called magic bullets are filled with potentially toxic chemicals that could harm health and teeth. "There is no safe way to whiten teeth with these kinds of products," says Sawicki. "They can cause extreme tooth sensitivity
and mouth sores."

He feels that health-care professionals, dentists, and physicians should first and foremost look at the health benefits teeth whitening promotes ,and secondarily consider the cosmetic enhancement to the person's smile. "The two should always go hand-in-hand. If there is potential harm, then we should discover and prescribe preventive measures with the same importance and intensity as the American Dental Association's battle against tooth decay with fluoride," says Sawicki.

The author believes these products can even overly whiten teeth, leaving the user with a "ghost" smile. Sawicki proposes what he believes to be safer, simpler, and more effective alternatives to the teeth whitening products on the market, as all ingredients can be found and made in most kitchens.

The Teeth Whitening Cure reveals how to use hydrogen peroxide, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and exercise to detox the body, create a whiter smile, improve health and fitness, and boost energy levels. With over 10,000 hours of research, "The Teeth Whitening Cure" gives readers information which he thinks they need to know for a more natural looking smile and an improvement in health and vitality. "The Teeth Whitening Cure: A Holistic Guide to Bright Smiles and Better Health in a Toxic World" is available online at and other channels.

Lester Sawicki, DDS, is a graduate of Loyola Dental School and has been practicing dentistry for over 33 years in Texas, Nevada, New Jersey, Alabama, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and Puerto Rico. Since 2004, he has been devoted to research between whole-body detoxification and longevity. A practicing student of tai chi, he currently lives in Austin.

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