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Zimmer Sinus Lateral, Crestal kits

Dec. 6, 2010
Approach kits are latest additions to company’s expanding sinus lift instrumentation portfolio.
Zimmer Dental, a provider of dental oral rehabilitation products and a subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings, has announced availability of the Sinus Crestal Approach Kit and Sinus Lateral Approach Kit for minimally invasive and streamlined sinus lift procedures. To read more about Zimmer Dental, go to Zimmer Dental.Stemming from an exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with Neobiotech, the two kits are the latest additions to Zimmer Dental’s expanding sinus lift instrumentation portfolio.The Sinus Lateral Approach Kit offers a solution for accessing the sinus via opening the lateral wall. The result is minimal flap size and a smaller window than conventional techniques. The Sinus Lateral Approach Kit’s reamers can be used with a standard surgical motor handpiece (2,000 rpm) for an expedient osteotomy. The tapered trunk on the kit’s LS-reamer is designed to control drilling depth up to 3.5 mm without the use of drill stops, and the special blade design creates a thin bone disc that protects the Schneiderian membrane. In addition, the C-reamer can be used to cut through the lateral wall and save a piece of circular bone that can be used to close the opening after the procedure.Like the Sinus Lateral Approach Kit, the Sinus Crestal Approach Kit offers a minimally invasive option for sinus lift procedures. The drill design of the Sinus Crestal Approach Kit’s S-reamer head (800 to 1,200 rpm) also leaves a thin bone disk between the Schneiderian membrane and the reamer for optimum protection. It can be used in misaligned and septum cases. Furthermore, an assortment of stoppers control the drilling depth of the S-reamer from 2 to 11 mm, and the stoppers can be mounted on the bone spreader and inserter. This makes the kit a solution for performing a crestal sinus lift. For more information, call (800) 854-7019 or visit comment on this product, go to