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Quick Mix Capsule 3M ESPE

May 14, 2010
3M ESPE announces debut of Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative delivery system.
ST. PAUL, Minnesota-- 3M ESPE has announces the debut of Ketac Nano Light-Curing Glass Ionomer Restorative in a delivery system--the Quick Mix capsule. As a paste-paste nano-ionomer in an auto-mixing, unit dose capsule, this delivery system allows dental professionals to prepare Ketac Nano restorative in fewer steps. This makes the process three times faster than triturated capsules. With only three steps needed to prepare the material for delivery and without the need for a triturator, the new Quick Mix Capsule offers time savings as compared to competitive glass ionomer products on the market.Each Quick Mix capsule contains a convenient unit dose of Ketac Nano restorative’s two pastes. To prepare, dental professionals simply lift the nozzle on the capsule, insert it into an applier, and slowly syringe the product. The Quick Mix Capsule mixes the two pastes inside the tip, and the material can be dispensed directly into the preparation. The need for hand mixing or triturating is eliminated, thus there is less mess and cleanup, as well as fewer voids. The formula for the Ketac Nano restorative remains unchanged, maintaining its wear resistance, esthetics, and polish while offering high fluoride release similar to conventional and resin-modified glass ionomer restoratives. The product’s bonded nanofillers and nanocluster fillers, along with fluoraluminosilicate glass, give it better esthetics than traditional glass ionomers but still provide glass ionomer benefits like fluoride release. “Ketac Nano restorative was the first nano-ionomer when it was originally introduced, and it is now the first paste-paste nano-ionomer in a revolutionary Quick Mix capsule,” said Rob Gochoel, marketing manager. “3M ESPE is proud to continue its pioneering development of products that simplify procedures for dental professionals and perform exceptionally for patients.”For more information, visit or call (800) 634-2249.To read more about 3M ESPE, go to

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