Q&A with Dr. Joe Blaes

May 24, 2010

Question: When doing cosmetic dentistry, which would be better to use — e.max, Lava, or BruxZir crowns?

First of all, I feel that everything we do is cosmetic or esthetic. Now, let's split into anterior and posterior. I will run quickly through posterior. If you have patients who break the porcelain off of everything you put in their mouths, if it is a second molar, I suggest a full cast gold crown. If it is a first molar, I use porcelain fused to metal with an all metal occlusal, or you could try Glidewell's new BruxZir crown, which is an all zirconium crown.

For all-around esthetic dentistry, I use the 3M ESPE Lava crowns and bridges. Always use the correct cement for zirconium core crowns, and always use Bisco's new Z-Prime as a primer on the zirconium, metal, or porcelain before applying the cement. Use Ivoclar's e.max for molars, bicuspids, and anteriors. Be sure you know how to cement the e.max crown. Last, but certainly not least, consider using veneers for great anterior esthetics.

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