Emmy nominees get door-to-door sparkle

Sept. 19, 2002
Rembrandt, cosmetic dentist John Ivey and Ona Spa partner up to offer the ultimate teeth-bleaching experience

This year's Emmy nominees will have a chance to shine up their Red Carpet smiles in the most exclusive way possible. Debuting for the Emmy's 2002, REMBRANDT'S SMILE UTILITY VEHICLE (SUV) delivers renowned cosmetic dentist Dr. John Ivey, one of the country's top cosmetic dentists, (who cares for some of the most famous Hollywood smiles), and a massage therapist from L.A.'s celebrated Ona Spa, straight to the homes (or hotel rooms) of several Emmy nominees. Together, they will perform an elite, private one-hour teeth bleaching procedure with a soothing hand/foot massage that is guaranteed to inspire a relaxed and gorgeous smile for the big event.

The Rembrandt SUV, a beautiful white Cadillac Escalade, will pull up to home or hotel doorstep with Dr. Ivey ready to perform a Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening procedure in the comfort of these stars' own environment, complimented with gorgeous flowers and calming scented candles provided by the Rembrandt SUV. Known for his sense of humor and love of entertainment, Dr. Ivey will have each "bleaching nominee" don a pair of DVD glasses playing the comedy feature of choice during the treatment. While teeth are being bleached to healthy, naturally white perfection, the Ona Spa massage therapist will administer a blissful reflexology massage for hands and feet.

Rembrandt One-Hour Whitening is the safest, fastest, most comfortable power light bleaching procedure available today. The unique power light can bleach all teeth at once or one tooth at a time, concentrating on super stained teeth. This flexibility provides superior, uniformly white results that last. No messy mouth trays or repeat appointments are necessary for maintenance.

"The Rembrandt SUV is intended to be the most unforgettable, luxurious 'smile' experience," states Dr. Ivey. "We're taking teeth bleaching to next level in terms of service and want these nominees to relax and enjoy the procedure in the most comfortable, convenient and pampering way possible."

All of the Rembrandt SUV "pamperees" will receive a generous assortment of Rembrandt Oral Care Products for continued good oral health.

For more information on the Rembrandt SUV's Emmy 2002 debut, please call Bette Light at (323) 650-2201.