New CEREC 3D Software Extends System's Capabilities

Dec. 2, 2003
Latest advancements provide users with a full 360-degree perspective of the treatment area.

The high-impact launch of CEREC 3D in March 2003 marked a significant moment in the history of chairside CAD/CAM technology. The latest advancements provided users with a full 360-degree perspective, putting dentists virtually in the patient's mouth, allowing them to fully capitalize on their training and expertise. Today, the technology continues to evolve with product enhancements added across the board to optimize the software's potential.

The new features, available in January 2004, continue to make the CEREC 3D System as user-friendly as possible while enhancing the restoration's esthetic appeal. The software update, R1500, incorporates a multitude of accuracy-related features that help create a perfect-fitting restoration. Some enhanced features include: easier adjustments of thin areas in the milling preview, improved accuracy in cases where the margin is not ideal, enhanced initial proposals for most cases, and an inlay-pre-positioning function to improve initial proposals. While the CEREC 3D System created an efficient platform to practice on quadrants, the new software upgrade further streamlines quadrant dentistry. Additionally, a more intuitive rotation tool as well as an optimized wax-on tool significantly simplifies the production process.

CEREC 3D continues to make great strides in the industry and this software upgrade raises the bar yet again. The CEREC System enables the dentist to design restorations with such accuracy that it practically eliminates the need for time-consuming and difficult adjustments after placement. The dentist can design custom-milled inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers with complete confidence by making precise edits to all facets of the restoration�before it's milled.

With a proven track record, backed by over 100 clinical studies, the CEREC System has allowed dental professionals to provide single-visit, all-ceramic restorations for over fifteen years�with more than 6 million restorations placed worldwide. CEREC 3D builds on this proven technology with a new user interface that is most familiar to the way dentists already practice, allowing dentists to design restorations with confidence.

For more information about CEREC 3D, please contact your Patterson representative, local Patterson Branch or call 1-800-873-7683.