E-trial smile now available

May 13, 2003
New York cosmetic dentist offers patients a chance to see their possible future smile online

Internationally renowned cosmetic designer, Dr. Jeff Golub-Evans who developed many of the techniques which have become standards in the industry today, pioneered the growth of "Dental Spas" in the field and whom New York Magazine named the #1 cosmetic dentist in New York, now introduces another revolutionary first: "E-TRIAL SMILE."

Now women who can't afford a pricey makeover and/or don't have ready access to a cosmetic dentist, can at least see how a dental re-design can change their looks without committing to the procedure in a matter of minutes for a modest fee. By simply providing a scanned close up of their smile and a full face photo to Dr. Golub-Evans by e-mail, and by filling out an esthetic evaluation form with "style" preferences, he will evaluate the quality of the materials sent for no money. Given the proper photos, Dr. Golub-Evans will then design two trial "e-smiles" for $20. For each additional style, there is a nominal charge of $4.99. The "e-patient" can then decide whether he or she wants to make an appointment with Dr. Golub-Evans or visit a local dentist. Dr. Golub-Evans will provide a list of Accredited Members of the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. Armed with their new photos, the e-patients will be better equipped to discuss their needs and expectations with their local cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Golub-Evans not only creates dental re-designs that can immeasurably improve a person's appearance, but he can also tailor the smile to suit their individual personalities or needs. E-patients can decide whether they want a sexy smile, a sporty smile, or even a power smile (the design of choice for business execs!), and they have an opportunity to "try different smiles on for size" before finalizing a specific look. Cosmetic dentistry not only improves the appearance of one's teeth, but enhances one's style and can even improve the proportions of the face. With all these permutations to choose from, the e-smile trial eliminates any guess work!