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May 23, 2001
About for DE.

Established in 1911, Dental Economics assists dentists in combining their clinical skills and product knowledge with sound management decisions for a more rewarding dental practice. Articles focus on determining how treatment options -- as well as dental materials and equipment -- facilitate optimal dental care, based on the individual practice's staff, facility, and patient demographics. An independent publication edited by a dentist, Dental Economics enables business efficiency and career satisfaction.

Dental Economics also publishes Dental Graduate magazine, and hosts the nationally acclaimed Cosmetic Dentistry conference. Scheduled for February in Las Vegas, the Cosmetic Dentistry conference combines the talents of the magazine's authors with the expertise of the nation's leading practitioners in aesthetic dentistry.

Dental Economics is part of the PennWell dental division, which also publishes Dental Equipment & Materials, RDH, and Proofs magazines, and can be accessed through the links below.

Dental Equipment & Materials & Proofs
Dental Catalog

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