Zimmer Dental debuts CopiOs Pericardium Membrane

Sept. 10, 2008
Membrane offers tissue compatibility.

Zimmer Dental Inc., a provider of dental oral rehabilitation products and a subsidiary of Zimmer Holdings, Inc., has announced the U.S. release of the CopiOs Pericardium Membrane.

Sourced from bovine pericardial tissue, CopiOs Pericardium Membrane provides the characteristics of natural tissue, coupled with the ease-of-manipulation, conformability, and strength required for clinical expectations and facilitate successful surgical outcomes.

As the latest addition to Zimmer Dental's range of complementary regenerative membranes, the CopiOs Pericardium Membrane offers tissue compatibility, and works for Guided Bone Regeneration procedures such as block graft coverage and large ridge augmentation where a malleable, drapeable, and long-lasting barrier is desired.

Product quality is preserved with the unique Tutoplast process, which y removes unwanted impurities while maintaining the tissues' natural qualities and biomechanical stability.

Customers who have been unable to obtain the Puros Pericardium Allogaft Membrane due to limited quantity and high demand will have access to the CopiOs Pericardium Membrane to meet their clinical needs.

Both products undergo the Tutoplast preservation process and consist of pericardial tissue; however, the Puros membrane is sourced from human donor tissue while the CopiOs one is derived from bovine (i.e., cattle) tissue.

CopiOs Pericardium Membrane is designed to work with Zimmer Dental's Puros family of bone grafting products. Under the brand name Tutodent, more than 50,000 of these bovine pericardial membranes have been implanted in patients in Europe and Asia since 2000.

Contact a Zimmer Dental sales consultant or customer service at (800) 854-7019, (760) 929-4300 (outside the U.S.), or visit Zimmer Dental for more information.

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