Dentistry gets a facelift

April 18, 2008
Facial Fitness has impact on dental industry.

MIAMI, Florida--LPG America, exclusive U.S. distributor of Facial Fitness Technology, has announced that dentists are its fastest growing market segment.

Nationwide dentists are using Facial Fitness, which provides antiaging facial treatments, to transform their practices into dental spas in order to meet the demand for a pleasant experience and esthetic improvement.

The affluent baby boomer market is driving the dental spa trend. Comprised of more than 30% of the population, baby boomers want to look good and feel great--and they're willing to pay the price.

Having fueled a multi-million dollar market for antiaging treatments, dentists are catering to them. Citing a survey at a recent annual session, the American Dental Association reported that more than 50% of dentists surveyed said they are offering some kind of spa treatment in their practice.

Today, cosmetic dentistry is capable of creating beautiful white smiles. With Facial Fitness treatments, a dentist can rebuild the frame of aging faces and uplift smiles.

Facial Fitness beauty treatments revitalize aging skin to help create a naturally youthful appearance by stimulating fibroblasts (the cells responsible for collagen and elastin production) to combat fine lines, wrinkles, slackening facial contours and aging skin.

The treatments are also FDA-cleared to relax muscle tensions like TMJ and relieve aches and pains.

Joe Willardsen, DDS of True Dentistry Dental Spa, has introduced Facial Fitness services to his patients as the "Smile Lift."

"Facial Fitness technology has dramatically changed my practice. Since my dental assistants perform the Smile Lift treatments, they don't require my consultation or involvement at all," he said.

Dr Willardsen added: "My patients are so excited, they're visiting my practice on a consistent basis, which is great for relationship building. Since the services are really distinctive, they've created quite a buzz. It's really a dental spa treatment designed for a dentist."

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