Heraeus introduces new iBOND Total Etch

May 28, 2009
Product is a fifth-generation solution for bonding.

SOUTH BEND, Indiana--Heraeus Kulzer, LLC., a leader in dental esthetics, has announced the release of a new fifth generation iBOND Total Etch.

iBOND Total Etch is designed to exceed expectations previously placed on fifth generation bonding systems with its strength, handling and desensitization.

The product's adhesive strength and desensitizing effect can be attributed to the nanofiller composition developed by Heraeus specifically for this system. The nanofiller system aims for optimum bond strength on the enamel and dentin, as well as providing marginal adaptation.

The iBOND Total Etch two-step (etch and rinse) bonding system is reliable and requires minimal effortless. Unlike many competitors' products, after etching and rinsing, only a single layer of iBOND Total Etch needs to be applied without agitation.

Simple air drying achieves the cross-linking effect between the adhesive and tooth surface, and because of iBOND Total Etch's thicker consistency, it is not blown away. The outcome is a homogenous layer of adhesive on the dentin and enamel that forms the basis for a long-lasting restoration. Due to its stability, iBOND Total Etch can be stored at room temperature.

The iBOND Total Etch single-dose packaging has also been redesigned as a free-standing component to enable easier access and one-handed application.

iBOND Total Etch has undergone numerous studies that involve testing with dental practitioners in Germany, Great Britain and Italy. Ninety-five percent of dentists considered iBOND Total Etch easy to use and 93% would recommend iBOND Total Etch to their colleagues.

"Our products must continually evolve to meet the demands of our customers. iBOND Total Etch offers the reliability of a fifth-generation bonding system combined with the technology of today," stated Christopher Holden, president of Heraeus Kulzer.

iBOND Total Etch is indicated for:

* Bonding of direct composite restorations
* Bonding of indirect restorations
* Sealing of hypersensitive areas of teeth

Doctors who purchase two iBOND Total Etch Bottles, single-dose refills, or value packs will receive one of the same for free until Sept. 30, 2009 (Promo code: 1000802460).

For more information on iBOND Total Etch, contact Heraeus Kulzer at (800) 431-1785 or visit Heraeus Kulzer.

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